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Then she glanced and discovered it was a book in English.

Sheng Yue curled her lips. Can she understand English?

She had heard that this girl was nothing but a country bumpkin. Brought up by an old mute woman, she was ill-fed and stunted. She couldn’t speak until she was four years old and narrowly got into a lousy township high school.

This book must’ve been given to her by Aunt. What a waste! She wondered why Auntie bothered.

Covering up her inner contempt for Sheng Yang, Sheng Yue put on a smile. “Don’t hesitate to ask me if there’s anything you don’t understand. I’d love to help you.”

Sheng Yuxi echoed, “Yes, Yueyue has good grades, especially in English. I’m not even as good as her in English.”

Although Sheng Yang didn’t respond, Sheng Yue didn’t care. She took another step forward, bending slightly, thinking that if Sheng Yang paused at an English word, she would immediately teach her. Yes, everyone knew how considerate she was.

However… she only saw Sheng Yang flipping through the book very quickly—so quickly that there were even afterimages.

She couldn’t even see the words clearly, let alone understand the text. As she was thinking, Sheng Yang had turned over a page.

Having no chance to show off, Sheng Yue said acidly, “You shouldn’t read books like this. It’s a waste of time.”

“Do you have a problem with this?” Sheng Yang turned. Her stunningly beautiful face was indifferent, but her amber-like pupils were terrifyingly cold.

Sheng Yuxi stared at her blankly, his pupils constricting slightly.

Cool and arrogant, his sister was different from what he had imagined, and she reminded him of his eldest brother whom he admired the most.

He enjoyed being reprimanded by his eldest brother, so he suddenly felt much closer to this sister!

“No, not at all. Sister, this is your book. You can read it in whichever way you’d like,” Sheng Yuxi said hurriedly.

The embarrassment melted away as he couldn’t help calling her “Sister”.

Sheng Yue looked at Sheng Yuxi bitterly. You just met her for the first time. How can you be partial to her so soon?

Was their brother-sister relationship over the years not worth mentioning?

At a glance, she saw the pitch-black yet dazzling piano in the room and came up with another plan. She walked to the piano. “This piano is so beautiful. Was it bought by Eldest Brother? I have an identical Yamaha piano at home, the Radius series. It was given to me by Eldest Brother. He always brings me gifts every time he goes abroad. The shipping fees alone are enough to buy a new piano. I told him many times not to buy it, but he just didn’t listen.”

She deliberately paused. “By the way, Yangyang, I guess you don’t know what Yamaha is, right? Eldest Brother is really nice to me. Yamaha is a top-notch piano brand, and as far as I know, that one in my house is worth nearly one million yuan.”

As she spoke, she looked at Sheng Yang a bit provocatively.

But Sheng Yang just glanced casually at the piano. “This one is different from yours. Your piano isn’t very good.”

The best line of pianos at Yamaha was YC, and the cheapest was the YS series. As for the Radius series, it was meant for rich people who knew little about the piano. Although it used the YC series shell, its configuration was actually of the YS series. Although Sheng Yue thought her piano looked identical to this one, their configurations were different, and configurations made up the bulk of the cost.

The piano in front of her was obviously of the YC series. The person who bought it had good taste.

Sheng Yue blushed. She begged her Eldest Cousin to bring her the piano from abroad, the most expensive and rare model, as it wasn’t available in China. How could Sheng Yang say it’s no good?

And what does she mean by the two pianos are different? They look exactly the same.

So Sheng Yang must know nothing about piano, yet she’s pretending to be a piano expert.

Sheng Yue was annoyed. She lifted the lid of the piano and sat down gracefully. Like a proud white swan, she straightened her slender and white neck and put her fingers on the piano keys.

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