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Kang Weizhen frowned. Before she had time to say anything, she saw her stupid son beckoning happily, “Yueyue, come on in!”

Then a girl in a white dress breezed in.

Since she had entered, Kang Weizhen could only cough and make introductions. “Yangyang, this is your second uncle’s daughter, Sheng Yue.”

After Sheng Yang arrived, Kang Weizhen had briefly told her about the members of the Sheng Family. Although Kang Weizhen had only told her once because she was afraid it would be difficult for Sheng Yang to remember, Sheng Yang had already memorized all the family members.

Sheng Yang’s grandfather had two sons. The elder son was her father, and the younger son was Sheng Yue’s father.

This was the first time Sheng Yue had been in this room, so she couldn’t help but look around.

She and Sheng Yuxi were close in age and the two families were close, so she often came to play here and stayed overnight.

There were many guest rooms in this house and Aunt usually let her choose any room she liked, but only this room was locked all the time, so she had never been in this room before or seen what it looked like.

She had heard from her third cousin brother, Sheng Yuxi, that this was the princess room that her aunt prepared for Sheng Yang before the latter was born and Sheng Yang had lived here right after she was born. Although Sheng Yang had been gone for so many years, Aunt still reserved this room for her and kept it tidy and clean. As Sheng Yang grew older, the clothes and stationery in it were changed out every now and then, all of which were of top-notch brands.

When she heard this, she thought Sheng Yuxi was exaggerating. After all, no one even knew if Sheng Yang was still alive, but now it seemed that what he said was true. The decorations as well as the clothes and jewelry contained within were all many times better than hers.

Sheng Yue retracted her gaze and turned her eyes to Sheng Yang then felt shocked.

She had thought that Sheng Yang, who had lived in the countryside, should be yellow-haired and rough-skinned, but to her surprise, Sheng Yang was tall and slender with tender skin and looked like a beautiful little fairy. It was easy to tell that she was Aunt’s daughter although she was even more beautiful than Aunt who was famous for her beauty.

Sheng Yue gaped in surprise and forgot what she was going to say for a long time.

When she came back to reality, she rolled her eyes. “Auntie, Third Brother, is this Yangyang? She’s so beautiful. She looks just like the younger version of Auntie.”

She stood in front of Sheng Yang, looking Sheng Yang up and down with interest.

Although her gaze wasn’t malicious, no one would feel comfortable being stared at like this the first time they met.

Kang Weizhen looked at Sheng Yang sensitively and worriedly, only to see that her eyes were clear and calm and she didn’t seem angry at all.

Kang Weizhen still pulled Sheng Yang away a little, although she thought Sheng Yue was acting this way merely out of a little girl’s interest in beauty. She felt a little proud. Her Yangyang was indeed the most beautiful girl she had ever seen.

Sheng Yue lowered her eyes. Watching her aunt’s petty actions, she curled her lips imperceptibly but still said warmly, “Auntie, Third Brother brought me here to play. I was in the guest room. I didn’t know Yangyang was back today; my bad.”

Kang Weizhen nodded and looked at Sheng Yue. It suddenly occurred to her that perhaps her daughter had been lukewarm to her the past few days due to their generational gap. Maybe her daughter would feel more at ease while chatting with a peer. After all, peers had more to discuss.

Kang Weizhen gazed at Sheng Yang and said tentatively, “Yangyang, you guys should chat. I’m going to make scented tea and cookies for you.”

Sheng Yang just grunted in response, showing no emotion.

She had a gorgeous appearance but her personality was just the opposite, as plain as cold water.

Kang Weizhen thought this was because Sheng Yang had endured a lot of hardship in her previous living conditions, which made her feel even guiltier about her daughter.

After telling Sheng Yuxi to take good care of his sister, Kang Weizhen left.

Only the three youngsters were left in the room. Sheng Yang just ignored the other two, sitting at the desk and flipping through a book.

The other two were a bit embarrassed. Sheng Yuxi, who always thought he was popular, felt a little frustrated in front of this blood-related sister. She looked so aloof and even unapproachable.

His parents had three sons and finally gave birth to this only girl after a long wait. After she was born, his parents treated her literally like the apple of their eye.

However… his sister went missing when he was two years old, and because of that, his mother was ill for almost a year.

He was too young to remember what happened back then, so he didn’t have any memory of this sister.

At this time, Sheng Yue put her hands behind her back and took a step forward, asking as if she knew her well: “Yangyang, what are you reading?”

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