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“She isn’t going anywhere. She’ll only go to Yan City High School!”

The principal walked out quickly, looking eager. Realizing that his words seemed a bit out of line, he hurriedly added with a smile, “I mean, Yan City High School is more suitable for Miss Sheng Yang than any other school.”

Kang Weizhen was suspicious. “Didn’t you just say that my daughter isn’t suitable for Yan City High School?”

“That was my one-sided opinion.” The principal cleared his throat and clasped his hand on the vice principal’s shoulder who looked stunned. “I realize I should listen to the vice-principal from time to time. Everyone should have a say. Otherwise, I may make stupid mistakes.”

The most stunned one was Sheng Yue. What the hell happened just now?

Unable to suppress herself, she stepped forward, her voice trembling. “But my cousin just came from the countryside. I’m worried it will take her a long time to adjust.”

What’s she talking about? Kang Weizhen immediately glanced at her crossly.

The Iron Lady’s stare was cold and sharp, quite overwhelming.

Sheng Yue realized that she had said something improper, but a clumsy denial would only expose her true thoughts, so she just pursed her lips and acted as if she was so worried about Sheng Yang that she accidentally blurted out the truth.

After a while, however, she couldn’t help but cast a meaningful glance at Sheng Yang.

Only she and the principal were in the office earlier. What made the principal change his mind?

Staring at Sheng Yang’s gorgeous face, Sheng Yue couldn’t guess the reason. She lowered her head, and when nobody could see her face, she quietly snorted and curled her lips scornfully.

After walking the Sheng Family out, the vice-principal looked at the principal, licked his lips, and ventured, “Principal, didn’t you just say that if you bent the rules for Sheng Yang, you would no longer be qualified to be the principal… then why…”

The principal turned around leisurely. “Alas, my ear infection is coming on again. Why can’t I hear anything…?”


That night, a cool breeze was blowing.

Sheng Yang couldn’t fall asleep, so she went out for a walk. Unlike most people, she only needed three or four hours of sleep to recharge.

Although she was passionate about learning and keen to increase her skills, she would also get tired after studying for a long time.

At this time, she smelled a mysterious, refreshing scent. Unlike most scents, it had a wonderful calming effect which even seemed to relax the soul.

Before she knew it, she had come to–

She looked at the heavy tan door in front of her, which was carved with exquisite relief, looking simple and elegant.

This seemed to be her neighbor’s house.

Sheng Yang gently turned around only to come face to face with a person.

“Long time no see.” The man sat casually on the marble platform with his long legs crossed leisurely. The wind blew the dark hair on his forehead. Behind him was the bright moon, but his low, sexy voice was even more intoxicating than the moonlight.

Normally, no one could incite any emotion from Sheng Yang, but even she had to admit that the man in front of her was stunningly handsome. Every girl in the world would dream of having a boyfriend as handsome as him.

“It’s you,” Sheng Yang said, deadpan.

Since waking up in Sheng Yang’s body a year ago, she had unexpectedly acquired a skill. Whenever people were in trouble or crisis, she would show up and help them.

In short, it was like a friend recommendation system, but the people she helped weren’t ordinary—they were bigwigs from all walks of life.

Yi Juncheng, this breathtakingly handsome man in front of her, was one of them.

However, he was a bit different.

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