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The vice-principal almost trembled. The principal was really angry, but the vice-principal still said timidly, “I’ve talked to Mrs. Sheng, and the library building has already begun construction.”

“Then demolish it!” The principal was so angry that blue veins protruded on his forehead, and his hand smacked the table so hard that his palm turned red.

The situation was deadlocked and Sheng Yue suddenly said, “Principal, my cousin Sheng Yang is really a poor girl. She grew up in the countryside, and the person who adopted her can’t speak. She’s suffered a lot.”

She spoke and almost burst into tears as if she felt really sorry for her cousin.

But the principal remained unmoved. What he hated most were back-door dealings. “But this has nothing to do with the rules. If we enrolled everybody, how could we be called the best high school in the city?”

Hearing the principal’s words, Kang Weizhen knew that there was no hope. She didn’t bother to try to persuade the principal, because she didn’t want to listen to the principal saying something demeaning about her daughter.

If Yangyang hadn’t gone missing, she definitely wouldn’t be like this today. She would never be looked down upon, and she would definitely be the best girl!

Now that her daughter wanted to go to a good school, she didn’t mind paying for the best one for her. It was no big deal!

Kang Weizhen’s eyes turned resolute. She turned around only to face Sheng Yang who was standing at the door. She didn’t know when the door opened and Yangyang was looking at her with her clear, beautiful eyes. She felt a bit guilty, wondering how much of the conversation Yangyang had heard.

Kang Weizhen suddenly choked and strode forward. “Yangyang, let’s go.”

Sheng Yang avoided her hand and still looked at the principal sitting on the chair with her clear eyes. “Can I talk to you alone?”

The principal was a bit surprised. It seemed what Sheng Yue said was true. Being raised by a dumb grandma, Sheng Yang knew little about the ways of the world.

But it didn’t matter. He wouldn’t change his mind.

Kang Weizhen wanted to stop Sheng Yang, but seeing Sheng Yang insisting, she could only give the principal a warning look before leaving, warning him not to say anything nasty to hurt her daughter.

Otherwise, she would even raze the teaching building let alone the new library building.

Even the principal, who had never lost his cool, couldn’t help but shiver slightly under her stare.

No wonder Mrs. Sheng was a nationally renowned female entrepreneur. How scary her stare was…

However, if only this outstanding lady’s only daughter was brought up by her, she would’ve also been equally as powerful. What a pity.

Although the principal felt sorry for Sheng Yang, he wouldn’t change his mind, so he just looked at her expressionlessly.

Kang Weizhen paced back and forth outside the door, every second feeling like a year.

Sheng Yue waited with her, feeling a little boastful, but she still comforted Kang Weizhen. “Auntie, don’t worry. My mother is a trustee at Stark High School. Yangyang can go to Stark High School.”

Stark High School was full of rich kids who had no interest in learning. But in Sheng Yue’s opinion, this school was already too good for Sheng Yang.

“Thank you for your kindness, but no need.”

“Auntie, do you have other plans?”

“Yes.” Kang Weizhen’s eyes were firm, “I am going to buy the Second Middle School and allow Yangyang to study there.”

“…” The Second Middle School ranked only second to Yan City High School!

Sheng Yue’s heart was aching. What was the point of Kang Weizheng spending so much energy on this daughter who already had no worth? In the end, she would only find all her efforts had gone naught. She couldn’t understand why a savvy and capable woman like Kang Weizhen would act this way.

At this time, the door was suddenly opened, and Sheng Yang was the first to walk out. Today, she was wearing a white dress. Standing in the sun, she was dazzlingly beautiful.

Kang Weizhen hurriedly walked up to her and subconsciously comforted her: “Yangyang, don’t be sad. You win some, you lose some. You can still go to the Second Middle School.”

“She isn’t going anywhere. She can only study at Yan City High School!”

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