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When the car door opened, several middle-aged women came out all dressed in uniform, like professional service personnel.

The couple also came out at the same time. Kang Weizhen said with a smile, “I was busy making preparations the past two days, Granny Liu. These are the maids I prepared for you; they will take care of your food, clothing, housing, and transportation. I’ve also bought the village chief’s five-story house. Now it’s yours. You raised Yangyang for us, and we ought to repay you. No matter how much we do, we can’t repay your great kindness. From now on, you don’t have to worry about anything and all you need to do is enjoy your life.”

The onlookers watched dumbfounded, jealous, and sour.

Alas, why weren’t they the ones who performed this good deed?


So Sheng Yang returned to her new home in Yan City.

A year ago, the real Sheng Yang got into a car accident and died. Then she inexplicably transmigrated into this body and acquired a special ability. But just some time ago, the real Sheng Yang’s parents suddenly came to this village and asked her to go back home with them. She didn’t want to leave, but Grandma Liu didn’t want her to stay in the countryside, thinking it bad for her future and insisted on her going with her parents. Grandma Liu wasn’t in good health, and Sheng Yang didn’t dare to agitate her. Besides, the Sheng Family had made such extensive preparations for Grandma Liu’s future life, so she had no worries anymore.

She was lying in bed staring at the ceiling decorated like a starry sky, reminiscing.

It had been three days since she arrived at this home.

There was a light knock on the door. “Come in.”

Kang Weizhen, her biological mother who had been separated from her for 17 years, walked in lightly carrying something. She walked straight to her bed and slowly sat down.

“Yangyang.” She spoke and smiled gently. “Your father went on a business trip. He bought you bird’s nest, shark fin, and fish maw. I made a soup with each of the ingredients. Which one would you like to eat?”

Sheng Yang looked at the small tray that was handed to her and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly. This small tray seemed to be specifically prepared for a paralyzed patient.

Seeing Sheng Yang’s deadpan expression, Kang Weizhen couldn’t help but cautiously and tentatively ask, “Or do you want to eat them all?”

She thought for a moment. “Although you can, give me a minute to ask our family doctor, Yangyang.”

“No need.” Sheng Yang looked at her eager eyes and picked up the bowl of bird’s nest, saying casually, “I’ll take this.”

Kang Weizhen stared at her closely and made a mental note.

It turned out that Yangyang liked to eat bird’s nest…

Kang Weizhen was working hard to cultivate a mother-daughter bond with Sheng Yang, but it seemed to be one-sided. Most of the time, when she asked the girl something, she just answered simply and indifferently, but this didn’t affect Kang Weizhen’s enthusiasm. She always felt that by trying, their mother-daughter relations were quietly warming up.

At this time, Kang Weizhen’s cell phone rang. Angry that this sweet moment was interrupted, she frowned and glanced crossly.

Then she quickly turned around, picked the phone up, and shouted angrily, “What’s the matter?”

Sheng Yang’s white slender fingers holding the spoon paused.

Realizing that she was a bit grumpy, Kang Weizhen quickly turned her head and smiled at Sheng Yang. “Yangyang, take your time to drink the soup. I’ll take this call.”

Sheng Yang nodded and Kang Weizhen ran to the bookcase to answer the call, and her face changed again.

After a while, Kang Weizhen came back, fiddling with her hair a bit uneasily. “Yangyang, your third brother is back. He’s downstairs right now. Do you want to see him?”

Not two seconds later, she smiled as gently as she could. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to see him.”

She would see her brother sooner or later, so Sheng Yang nodded. “Okay.”

Kang Weizhen was overjoyed. Yangyang didn’t resist seeing her family, which meant that she was also working very hard to fit into the family.


Sheng Yang’s room was very large—more than 100 square meters large. It was a duplex room with a living room, cloakroom, game room, and so on. It was a fully-furnished little world prepared for her by Kang Weizhen.

Then in her room, she saw her third brother, Sheng Yuxi. She quietly looked at him. He should be the same age as her, but in front of her, he looked a little shy and nervous.

However, when Sheng Yuxi boldly raised his eyes to look at this sister, he held his breath.

Earlier on the phone, his mother refused to let him see his sister, saying ferociously, “You’re ugly. What if you scare Yangyang?” He touched his face, feeling resentful. Before graduating, he was the most popular boy at his school. How could his mother reduce him like this?

But when he saw his sister… he suddenly felt that in terms of attractiveness, he was the odd one out in his family!

He had always heard that Mom was an out-and-out beauty when she was young. He had seen pictures of his mother when she was young, but now he had to admit this girl in front of him was even more beautiful. Her unearthly temperament, slightly raised eyes, and exquisite face were all mesmerizing.

“Hi… hello.” Sheng Yuxi’s fair face seemed to be dyed with a thin layer of scarlet rouge.

In contrast to him, Sheng Yang was quite indifferent. She smiled. “Hello.”

“Call her Sister!” Kang Weizhen became grumpy when she turned to Sheng Yuxi. In the blink of an eye, however, she looked gently at Sheng Yang and said softly, “Look at your sister, she’s much more polite than you.”

At this time, a sweet voice rang out at the door. “Third Brother, may I come in?”

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