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For so many years, she was the only girl in the renowned Sheng Family. Her cousins treated her like their biological sister, and she viewed them as her own brothers too. Everyone envied her, and she had never been so embarrassed like today.

Now she was no longer the only girl in the family. That really sucked!

In the future, her position in this family would only be lower.

She couldn’t understand how Aunt and Sheng Yuxi could be so cold-hearted!

“What are you fuming about? You can act like this in front of me, but don’t let other people see you like this, especially your grandma.” Jiang Xinyi’s eyes were cold, but a smile still hovered over her lips. Slowly smoothing Sheng Yue’s collar, she said, “Remember that you are the only daughter in the Sheng Family.”

When Sheng Yue saw Jiang Xinyi’s weird smile, she couldn’t help but feel scared. For some reason, she felt a chill down her spine.

After a long while, Sheng Yue said in a small voice, “Sheng Yang is back.”

“Who?” Jiang Xinyi suddenly tightened her grip on Sheng Yue’s shoulder blades and didn’t relax her grip until she saw Sheng Yue’s face puckering with pain, but her hand was dangerously close to Sheng Yue’s neck. “What did you say?”

Seeing her ever-graceful mother losing her cool, Sheng Yue suddenly became excited. “Aunt’s daughter who’s been missing for more than ten years is back! Mom, you also think she’s a fake, right? She was missing for so many years. How could they have found her?”

If this Sheng Yang was a fake, she would still be the only daughter of the Sheng family.

And the three brothers would still be hers!

Jiang Xinyi’s fingers were clenched so tightly that they turned white, and she didn’t respond to Sheng Yue for a long time.


Three days later, it was time for Kang Weizhen to take Sheng Yang to the Yan City High School.

Kang Weizhen hadn’t planned to bring her daughter here so early, but she insisted on it. Kang Weizhen somehow had a feeling that her daughter looked excited when she heard words like “go to school” and “exams”, which ordinary students feared.

She just hoped that the reality wouldn’t frustrate Sheng Yang too much.

When they were walking to the principal’s office, they ran into the vice-principal. The vice-principal hurriedly walked up and said to Kang Weizhen, “Mrs. Sheng, didn’t I tell you to bring your daughter over in a few days? Why didn’t you listen? It was for your good.”

He looked sincerely anxious.

The Sheng Family, so rich and powerful, was not a family they could mess around with. They even donated a library to the school. He had planned to secretly complete the enrollment procedures for this transferred student while the principal was on a business trip. However, he didn’t anticipate that the principal would return early. When the principal discovered what he planned to do, he was furious. Now he certainly didn’t dare to add fuel to the fire.

“Is the Sheng Family outside? Let them in.” The principal heard him. The vice-principal covered his face in despair. The Sheng Family was really unlucky. He could’ve worked out a way to enroll this transferred student after the principal forgot about this matter in a few days, but it just so happened that they came today.

Kang Weizhen could guess what the principal would say, so she said gently to Sheng Yang at the door, “Yangyang, wait here for me for a while. I will come out soon.”

“OK.” Sheng Yang responded indifferently. Kai Weizhen wondered whether it was because she knew too little about the world to understand how embarrassing this situation was, or was it because she had been hurt so much that her heart was already numb and she didn’t care anymore?

Kang Weizhen’s eyes turned red, but she still walked into the office with the vice-principal.

Sheng Yue was also in the office. As a student representative, she was discussing the upcoming school celebration with the principal.

Upon seeing Kang Weizhen and the vice-principal, Sheng Yue wasn’t surprised at all. As she expected, Auntie was desperate to enroll Sheng Yang into the Yan City High School.

When the principal saw Kang Weizhen and the vice-principal, he drew a long face. “Mrs. Sheng, I understand your feelings, but what kind of a place do you think our school is? We’re the top high school in the city! As the principal, I certainly can’t bend the rules for your daughter! What would happen if others found out?”

He turned to stare at the vice-principal, scolding him ruthlessly, “If I bent the rules for Miss Sheng, I’d no longer be qualified to be the principal. You’d be the principal, OK?”

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