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Qin Shu strode into the walk-in wardrobe. She picked out an army-green dress, tried it on, and discovered that the measurements were just right.

The army green dress on her unbelievably fair skin only accentuated its paleness and translucence.

The collar of the dress was able to conceal the marks on her collarbones perfectly.

The waistline’s design showed off her curves perfectly.

The dress ended at her knees, making her legs appear long and slender.

She then picked out a pair of white sneakers to wear and realized that they fitted nicely as well.

The shoulder-bag that she chose was also white in color.

Qin Shu brushed her hair into a high ponytail.

She walked up to the massive fitting-room mirror and twirled before it. Her reflection in the mirror was vibrant, filled with vitality, and was very beautiful.

Her only flaws included being too skinny and the scar near her eyes, which greatly affected her overall appearance. Hence, before heading out, she put on a pair of black-framed glasses to conceal the scar near her eyes.

Qin Shu walked down the stairs and out of the living room. When her figure disappeared into the background beyond the door, the housekeeper and maids gathered in a circle.

“It’s so unusual for Madam to suddenly dress up so beautifully.”

“Is she thinking of alternative solutions because hunger-strikes aren’t working?”

“Sir dotes on her so much, why can’t Madam learn to be contented with what she has? Sigh!”

Qin Shu sat in the car, watching the rapidly retreating greenery outside the window. She felt like she was dreaming—everything felt somewhat unreal.

She had been given the chance to live again.

Stupidity, weakness, being easily bullied… These were traits that would no longer exist within her.

From this moment on, she would be a brand-new person.

It happened right after Qin Shu entered the vehicle.

Qin Ya appeared from behind a tree, watching Qin Shu’s car drive off. She could not believe that Fu Tingyu had relaxed his surveillance of her and wondered if this meant that his interest in Qin Shu was gradually waning.

She thought that Qin Shu was not worthy of a man whom she could not get.

She got into another car and trailed after Qin Shu’s car at a neutral pace.

Qin Ya watched Qin Shu’s car come to a stop at the parking lot along the street and saw her emerge from the vehicle. It was only then that Qin Ya slowly parked her car by the roadside as well.

She did not leave her car hurriedly. Instead, she whipped out her phone and dropped Shen Yaohui a text message.

After sending the text message, Qin Ya opened the car door and followed Qin Shu.

At the same time, within a private room of a five-star hotel.

“Yu, how can you be certain enough to let her go out alone?” The person speaking was Mo Chengxu, a man who was one year younger than Fu Tingyu.

He was sitting in a chair, his body leaning against it with one elbow resting on the back of the chair. With one leg cocked atop the other, his charming eyes gazed at Fu Tingyu. There was a devilish smile playing on his lips as though he was awaiting Fu Tingyu’s response.

“Has Yu decided to let her go?” Yun Qichen first glanced at Mo Chengxu and then at Fu Tingyu. His deep eyes were filled with disbelief.

Fu Tingyu raised the glass to his lips. He turned a deaf ear to the duo’s conversation. His mind was reminiscing about that night, his head filled with the image of the girl taking the initiative to kiss him.

Observing Fu Tingyu’s silence, Mo Chengxu raised his hand and waved it before his face. “Yu, we’re asking you a question.”

Fu Tingyu lifted his eyes. His gaze was very cold. “I’m happy.”

Mo Chengxu sighed on behalf of his good friend. “Hey, your marriage with her only exists in name. What if she runs away with another man?”

Fu Tingyu felt triggered by Mo Chengxu’s description of their relationship. His tall and straight frame rose, kicking away the obstructive chair with his slender legs.

He walked to the couch and sat down, crossing his legs. He then lit a cigarette and took a drag, exhaling white smoke.

Yun Qichen glared at Mo Chengxu. “You know very well that Qin Shu is Yu’s kryptonite, why would you agitate him like this?”

Compared to Mo Chengxu’s insensitivity, Yun Qichen’s personality was calmer and more reserved.

“I’m just speaking the truth, it’s not like she hasn’t tried running away before,” Mo Chengxu said, continuing to speak brazenly.

Mo Chengxu had just uttered those words when Fu Tingyu’s movements halted amid smoking. His eyes grew deep and dark as intense feelings of possessiveness and desire that had initially been buried deep within his blood started calling out to him incessantly.

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