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It was nighttime and the light in the study room was still lit.

Qin Shu stood before the study door hesitantly with a cup of chrysanthemum tea in her hands.

She had just taken a shower and was wearing a lace nightdress. Her long, seaweed-like hair was loose and scattered across her back and there were still water droplets clinging to the tips of her hair.

Her hesitation lasted a few mere seconds. She raised her hand to knock twice on the door before pushing it open and entering the study.

Fu Tingyu’s slender figure was seated at the desk.

Upon hearing the knocks, he lifted his eyes and caught sight of the girl who had abruptly entered the study. His gaze then fell on the celadon teacup in her hands and promptly darkened.

Qin Shu walked up to the desk. She placed the cup of chrysanthemum tea on Fu Tingyu’s right side and glanced up at him. Nothing made her happier than knowing he was alive and well.

Fu Tingyu set aside the pen he was holding. His dark eyes looked the girl up and down in a wanton manner, asking, “Is something the matter?”

“I wish to go out tomorrow,” she replied with a nod.

Her heart was suspended when she said these words as she had been afraid that he would not agree.

Fu Tingyu recalled the kiss from this morning and suddenly reached out. One second later, she was sitting on his lap.

The girl was very light, and when he pulled her close, he could distinctly feel her bones pressing painfully against him.

Qin Shu’s heart immediately leaped to her throat and her body stiffened slightly. When she lifted her head, she found herself looking into a pair of very dark and mysterious eyes, rendering her unable to look away.

The man stared at her without saying a word. His gaze seemed to be telling her that he would grant her permission to go out if she pleased him.

Qin Shu swallowed. She thought about the previous night and figured that the man’s anger had simmered because…

She blinked and stretched out her left hand hesitantly, encircling the man’s neck, making Fu Tingyu’s expression tense up as well. As the girl approached him, he held his breath in anticipation.

Qin Shu lowered her eyes after kissing him.

After a long time, Fu Tingyu’s rich and magnetic voice was heard overhead. “You have my permission to go out.”

Qin Shu was startled, unable to believe that he had agreed to her request just like that.

It was only then that Fu Tingyu added, “However, I still have a request.”

“What request?” Qin Shu’s heart was immediately stirred.

“No more going on hunger strikes.”

“No problem.”

Her swift and straightforward answer made Fu Tingyu take a careful look at her. He hoped that she was not lying to him.

Knowing that she could go out today, Qin Shu woke up very early.

She stood before the basin with a toothbrush in her hand and gazed at her reflection in the mirror.

Vaguely, she could still hear a man whispering into her ear, “You are mine, and you can never run away from that.”

Qin Shu quirked the corners of her lips, saying to her reflection, “I won’t run away, I’ll stay by your side forever.”

Before her demise, she discovered that it was not that she did not simply love Fu Tingyu. In fact, she loved him very, very much.

It was just that her love toward him had been drowned out by the illusion of hatred, rendering her unable to detect it.

The walk-in wardrobe was located right beside her bedroom, separated by a sliding door.

Qin Shu walked to the door, sliding it open with a whoosh. Inside, the amount of branded clothes, bags, and shoes was enough to dazzle someone into blindness.

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