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The man’s deep eyes were brimming with extreme possessiveness. His hands were curled tightly into fists and the knuckles of his slender fingers had turned white from his excessive strength to create such a strong grip.

Qin Shu stared dazedly at the familiar face before her for a long time. She was afraid that the man would suddenly disappear if she blinked and that she would discover this was all just a dream.

After mulling over the idea of it, she leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek.

The kiss felt so real, he felt real.

Shortly after that moment, she could not help but bite down on her tongue. She realized this was not a dream when her tongue started to hurt. She realized that this was not a dream at all.

Fu Tingyu’s body stiffened. He gazed at her incredulously, unable to believe that she had taken the initiative to kiss him.

He remained in a daze for some time before abruptly standing up and leaving, shutting the door behind him.

Qin Shu looked at the date and time on her phone, only to realize that she had been revived and transported back to three years ago.

Fu Tingyu was not dead, he had not died yet. This was such a wonderful thing…

Qin Shu smiled happily, but she could not help the tears that flowed down her face as there was a dull ache in her heart.

After some time she recovered from her joy, got out of bed, and entered the bathroom.

When she saw her reflection in the mirror, she mentally cursed.

Her appearance was rather sicky and disheveled. Her hair was messy, her face was dirty, and her eyes were sunken in and bloodshot… all because of her hunger strike, insomnia, and depression. It becomes impossible to take care of yourself when you feel weak, tired, and mentally unwell.

Near her eye on her right cheek was a very dark and hideous scar that was the result of having misused Qin Ya’s face cream when she first entered high school.

She was clueless about that moment in the past, but now she knew that Qin Ya had deliberately planted the face cream on her dressing table to disfigure her.

Qin Shu’s frequent hunger strikes had left her malnourished, causing her to become weak, thin, and out of shape.

If not for Fu Tingyu who had forcefully put her on IV fluids, Qin Shu would have taken her last breath by now.

Qin Shu brushed her hair and washed up quickly, covering her face with the various skincare products she needed to use.

When she lifted her head to look into the mirror again, her small oval-shaped face with delicate features and light eyebrows greeted her. She looked lovely.

Even she was surprised at how her once dirty and sickly face transformed into her natural beauty simply by washing her face, applying facial skincare, and brushing her hair.

Her nose was straight and sharp, the corners of her mouth were slightly curled, giving her lips the impression of being exceptionally three-dimensional. Such lips did not require make-up to look beautiful.

The only imperfection in her beauty was that scar near her eyes.

It seemed she would have to think of a way to get rid of the dark scar on her face.

“Madam, it’s time for your meal.” Ning Meng turned around towards the bathroom door after setting the tableware just in time to see her emerging from the bathroom and was stunned by what he saw.

“Did Madam start cleaning up after herself?” Ning Meng wondered to himself, still stunned by how much better Qin Shu looked now than the last he saw her.

Qin Shu had been famished for a long time. When she saw the dishes of food on the table, she could not wait to walk over and sit down to eat. She then quickly walked over, sat down, picked up her chopsticks, and started eating her breakfast without saying a word.

After some time, Ning Meng snapped back to reality as he watched her eat. “Was Madam no longer on a hunger strike?”

After Qin Shu consumed the meal, Ning Meng gathered the plates. Before leaving, Ning Meng looked back to give Qin Shu an incredulous glance, wondering if she was up to something again.

Qin Shu spent some time sorting out the memories from her previous life. They could only be described as exceedingly stupid.

Ever since Qin Ya and her mother, Mu Lan, married into the Qin family, they had been plotting against her every step of the way and killing her with flattery while actively sabotaging her life.

Qin Ya was an extremely jealous person, she was especially jealous of Qin Shu’s superior looks and better academic achievements. Hence, she devised ways to make Qin Shu uglier and to cause her grades to deteriorate.

If it wasn’t for Qin Ya’s extreme jealousy, Qin Shu’s naturally beautiful face wouldn’t be tarnished with this dark scar.

When their father suddenly died, Qin Ya told her that it was Fu Tingyu who had caused their father to have a heart attack that led to his death.

This not only caused Qin Shu’s hatred for Fu Tingyu to deepen, but it also made her more fearful of him, making her want to flee all the time.

However, the truth was that it was Qin Ya who had caused their father’s sudden heart attack, resulting in his demise.

Subsequently, they discovered that 35% of the company’s equity shares were under Qin Shu’s name, which led to Qin Ya to start staging a “suicide” for Qin Shu.

First, Qin Ya tricked Qin Shu into consuming cartilage scattering powdered medicine, weakening Qin Shu and forcing her to sign a contract transferring her equity shares over to her. Then, Qin Ya slit Qin Shu’s wrists and placed her in a bathtub filled with water to make it look like a suicide scene to other people, hiding her actions and allowing her to get away with stealing from Qin Shu and killing her.

This vengeance was something that Qin Shu would repay ten-fold.

As for her marriage with Fu Tingyu, her father had facilitated the entire matter due to the equity shares that she possessed as a means of protecting her.

Fu Tingyu only forced her to stay by his side so that he could continue to protect her after her father passed away.

When the villa suddenly caught fire, causing Fu Tingyu to rescue her, a chandelier fell upon him and caused him to lose his life.

At this recollection, Qin Shu felt like a piece of her heart had been ruthlessly cut off by a sharp blade. It was so painful she found herself unable to breathe.

However, what she was most puzzled about was how the villa suddenly caught fire.

Why did it happen so coincidentally right after Fu Tingyu entered?

Could it be that there was someone intentionally after Fu Tingyu’s life?

She had to find out who this person was to change their future and prevent this from happening.

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