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She said that last sentence lightly, as if just commenting, “Nice weather we are having today.”

Chen Miao Yi’s expression became livid.

Their high school was the best in the capital. If she were to drop out from here and transfer to another school, that would be too embarrassing.

Jiang Wan said anxiously, “Sister, those stakes are too high. You have to think about it carefully. There are only two weeks left, you…”

That’s right, there were only two weeks left until the next monthly test. How could someone like Jiang Yu, who was at the bottom of the grade, hope to beat someone in the top 20 within that time?

What a fool, Chen Miao Yi was almost tricked by Jiang Yu.

Thinking that Jiang Yu was just trying to scare her, Chen Miao Yi felt more confident. She raised her chin and said, “I will accept your terms. What’s there to be afraid of?”

“Alright, it’s a deal.”

“Of course, I am just afraid you will not keep your word. Don’t you dare go back on your words once the results are out…”

Before Chen Miao Yi could finish her sentence, Jiang Yu had already turned around and left.

The news that Jiang Yu was going to compete with Chen Miao Yi spread like wildfire. The entire Grade 3 knew about it within what seemed like minutes.

In Class 7, Song Bi nugged the person sitting on the table. “Brother Yu, your sister is going to compete with the student holding the 20th position in our grade. What do you think?”

Jiang Ze Yu stirred. He looked at Song Bi and said in a low voice, “Do you have a death wish?”

Oh no, oh no! How could he forget about how temperamental Brother Yu could be when he just woke up!

Song Bi forced himself to smile and said, “Sorry, Brother Yu. Please forgive me and let me off the hook this time, okay?”

Jiang Ze Yu snorted in contempt. He covered his face and yawned lazily. “What happened?”

Song Bi told Jiang Ze Yu about what had transpired. He even sounded like he was in awe. “Brother Yu, your sister is a feisty one. She even dared to accept such a risky bet. If it were me, I definitely would not have accepted.”

“That’s the only thing that you can do,” Jiang Ze Yu rolled his eyes as he said that. Just then, Jiang Yu walked into the classroom. When she arrived, the room instantly fell silent.

Jiang Yu walked to her seat. Everyone watched as she pulled out a book from under her desk and opened it on the table. Then…

She laid her head down on the book and proceeded to take a nap.

She slept through the entire lesson. She was not even aware when the teacher came and left.

When Jiang Ze Yu woke up from his own nap, Jiang Yu was still face down on the table. She has not even changed position. She was as still as a rock and it was almost the end of the second period.

Jiang Ze Yu was puzzled. How was his sister sleeping even better than him?

“Brother Yu, was it really your sister who accepted the bet against Chen Miao Yi?” Song Bi was starting to doubt the rumours. She had slept so soundly after entering the classroom.

He tried to reason, “Could it be that she’s too stressed and is just trying to get her nerves under control? Could that be it?”

“That’s a load of bull.”

This was Class 7. It was just a class filled with students with bad grades. In the eyes of all the teachers, they were just useless trash. The teachers only treated the task of teaching them as a job, they couldn’t care less if the students were paying attention or not.

This was the reason why Jiang Yu had been allowed to sleep so peacefully without being woken up.

Jiang Ze Yu leaning back against his chair. He didn’t know why he felt so tired. He thought of Jiang Yu’s performance from yesterday up till today.

This sister of his was really… Interesting.

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