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According to the book, Jiang Yu’s self esteem was then torn up by the two girls. She was so ashamed of herself that she could not even raise her head. She held back tears as she ran to her class.

In the future, she would travel to school on her own. She didn’t even want to ride the bus with Jiang Wan, afraid others might see them together. She did not even want to admit that she was the eldest daughter of the Jiang family.

In Jiang Yu’s heart, she knew that Jiang Wan would always stick up for her. Even when her two best friends looked down on Jiang Yu, Jiang Wan would naturally defend her sister.

Jiang Yu was just an ordinary person who got dragged into the upper class circle by force but no matter how she looked at it, she was still worlds apart from them.

However, at this moment, Jiang Yu stared at the three people with a steely expression and asked coldly, “Are you done?”

The girl’s voice was cold and her expression was so icy that it froze them to the spot. The way she looked at them, you’d think she was looking at a bunch of idiots.

Ni Man Man was stunned. Why did the girl in front of her suddenly look so scary?

Jiang Yu was not someone who liked to cause trouble but if someone bullied her, she would not take it just lying down.

“So what if I’m just in Class 7?” Jiang Yu tilted her head. “In my eyes, your Special Class 1 is not that special.”

Her statement angered Ni Man Mna and Chen Miao Yi. Chen Miao Yi retaliated, “You’re just trash in the normal Class 7. How dare you try to belittle us? Since you look down on us, do you dare bet against us?”

The school had started to fill up with more and more people. Jiang Wan was the school Belle, this naturally attracted a lot of attention.

Most of them didn’t dare to look at her directly, only glancing at her through the corner of their eyes. They had heard quite a lot about her. When Chen Miao Yi started shouting about a bet, all of them stopped and stared at them unabashed.

Chen Miao Yi was pleased that she had attracted the attention of the crowd. The more people looked, the more she hoped that Jiang Yu would lower her ego.

Jiang Yu asked, “What kind of bet do you want to make?”

Fool, she had fallen into a trap.

Chen Miao Yi scoffed at her.

Chen Miao Yi looked down at her. “As students, of course we have to compete with our test results. How about this? Let’s see who gets the highest score in the next monthly test. If I get higher than you, you run three laps around the field and say that you were wrong. If you’re higher than me, then I will run and admit my mistake. Deal?”

“Miao Yi, you’re ranked 20th in our grade and my sister is only in Class 7. It’s just two weeks away from the next monthly test. If you are asking my sister to surpass your test results, wouldn’t that be too troublesome?” Jiang Wan tried to persuade her. “Besides, isn’t that unfair?”

As expected of a good sister. She kept saying that she was just looking out for her but she was also announcing that her sister’s scores were no good and everyone could hear it.

“Wan Wan, she was the one who claimed that Special Class 1 was not a big deal. Why are you afraid of competing with her?” Chen Miao Yi asked mockingly. “It’s too late for you to back down now. If you bow down and apologize to me now, we can stop this bet.”

Ni Man Man said, “Miao Yi is a forgiving person. Will you consider it, loser?”

She emphasized the word ‘loser’.

Jiang Yu looked up. “I accept your terms, but…”

Chen Miao Yi tried to suppress the snarl on her lips and said impatiently, “But? But what? You dare to bargain?”

Jiang Yu glanced at her. “This bet is too simple. Let’s change it up.”

“You want to change the bet?” Chen Miao Yi raised her voice. “If you don’t dare to accept the bet, just say it! Why would you want to change the bet? After your outrageous accusations, you still won’t back down and just apologize? You still dare try to take advantage of the situation and try to change the outcome? Then what’s the point of the bet?”

“I just said that the bet was too light.” Jiang Yu lifted her gaze to met Chen Miao Yi’s and said, “Whoever loses shall voluntarily drop out of school.”

“How about it? Do you want to make a bet?”

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