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Jiang Yu frowned.

For some reason, she felt like the man seemed to be looking at her. She could not imagine that anyone would find her here. Could he actually detect her presence?

The man then looked away and coughed. The night air was chilly. He turned his wheelchair around and decided to return to his room.


There was a great rustling of leaves and sounds of rushing wind!

A gang of men, dressed in black, rushed out of the darkness and darted towards the man!

The man seemed unaware of their arrival. The speed at which he pushed his wheelchair did not change. As he reached the door and was about to open it, the men in black was right on his heels.

In a few short seconds, the man turned his wheelchair around.

The voice that came out of his lips was akin to a fine red wine, deep and refined. “Thank you.”

As he turned, he saw Jiang Yu chopping down one of the men. She then kicked another, sending him flying. Turning around, she threw a stone she was wielding at the head of the next person. As the person fell to the ground, she said calmly, “You’re welcome.”

This person’s voice was hoarse and crude but there was no mistaking it, it was a voice belonging to a female.

Feng Lin Bai was stunned. The person who had single-handedly dealt with the assassins that were trying to ambush him, was just a girl?

“You… Which family are you from?”

Jiang Yu kept quiet.

“You saved me, I have to thank you.”

“You knew they were coming, you should have been more prepared.” Jiang Yu spoke with certainty. “There’s not need to thank me. I was just passing by.”

This girl’s voice was not as crisp or clear as other girls. Even her choice of words was interesting. Feng Lin Bai’s lips curled into a small smile as he lowered his eyes in disappointment.

It was a pity he could not see her face.

Jiang Yu was also gripped with a sense of disappointment. What a pity, such a beautiful pair of eyes but the other party… Was actually blind.

Her eyes roamed over the man and her gaze fell to his legs.

The man had his legs crossed and he leaned back lazily. He had changed his posture from before so he was not crippled. That would have been even more tragic.

Jiang yu stated, “You can walk.”

“Yes, it is only my eyes that are an inconvenience. That’s why I am in this wheelchair.”

“But if you continue to sit like that, you will be crippled eventually,” Jiang Yu blurted out.

Feng Lin Bai laughed heartily. This girl had a real vicious way with words.

He smiled as he said, “I understand. I will abide by the kindness of the one who saved me…”

Before he could finish his sentence though, a cry of surprise came from inside his villa, “Where’s the Fifth Young Master?”

He turned his head around and coughed to signal the voice of his whereabouts but when he turned back, he no longer sensed Jiang Yu’s presence.

The little lady has vanished.

Feng Lin Bai felt an uncharacteristic sense of loss.

He did not manage to find out the identity of the little lady.

He did not know which family had such a cute little girl. This was the capital’s upper class district, not just anyone could come walking in but he could not discount that she could have just been passing by on her evening stroll.

After all, the girl had amazing skills. How would anyone stop her?

“Fifth Brother, why are you outside alone?” Someone came running out of the villa in a panic. “You can’t see so you had better… Oh my God! What happened here? Why are there bodies everywhere?”

It was quite a gruesome sight, seeing all those bodies strewn on the ground in front of the villa.

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