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“Second Brother, don’t worry, I am fine.”

Feng Wen Shu’s eyes looked innocent and sincere. “Fifth Brother, it is fortunate that you’re fine. Otherwise I, as your older brother, would be beside myself with guilt. Why are you out here with no one by your side? Where are your servants? Where did they go?”

The said servant ran out in a panic and knelt to the ground. “Fifth Young Master, I… I fell asleep just now. It was an accident! Please be lenient with me!”

“Useless trash, what else can you do wrong?” Feng Wen Shu reprimanded.

“Get lost, now!”

“Fifth Young Master?”

“Fifth Brother, you do not have to pity him. It’s pointless to keep such useless servants.” Feng Wen Shu had the man dragged away. At the wave of a hand, the garden was cleaned up by the other servants before proceeding to push Feng Lin Bai on the wheelchair inside the house.

“It gets chilly at night, Fifth Brother. Be careful not to catch a cold. We’d better get inside quickly.”

“Thank you, Second Brother,” Feng Lin Bai said gratefully.

“But…” Feng Wen Shu said thoughtfully, “I saw that those people in the garden were all wearing black and guns littered the ground. They did not look like they would be easy to manage. How did you deal with them?”

“There’s not a scratch on you but they were all dead…”

“Second Brother, our family attracts much attention. Maybe they weren’t here for me, perhaps they were coming for you. I just happened to be passing by and that’s why I wasn’t injured… I don’t know really…”

Feng Lin Bai blinked. “After all, I am blind.”

Feng Wen Shu did not find anything amiss in his brother’s expression. Seeing as he really didn’t know anything, he felt a sense of relieve but still found it a little strange.

There were so many assassins lying in wait but they did not have time to send out a distress signal. This was enough to prove how terrifying their retaliator was.

When did such a powerful figure arrive at the capital?

Feng Wen Shu was deep in thought, while Feng Lin Bai, who was sitting in a wheelchair, had his hands on his knees. The light in his eyes was dim and diminished.

Back in the room.

The man dressed in black said disapprovingly, “Why did the master put himself in danger like that? He should have just let us deal with such matters.”

“If we don’t, they would have never made a move.”

The man in the wheelchair snorted in contempt. “The group of assassins that came tonight was completely destroyed. We’ll take a few of those corpses and throw them into my Second Brother’s room so that he may have sweet dreams. What better reminder is there of a peaceful life?”


The man had received his orders and was about to leave when Feng Lin Bai stopped him. “Wait, one more thing.”

The man bowed and said, “Please instruct me, Master.”

“Find out the identity of the young lady from tonight.”

Feng Lin Bai’s stern face softened at the thought of the young lady. “I want to know her name by daybreak.”

The next day, when Jiang Yu went downstairs, Jiang Wan right there to greet her.

“Good morning, Big Sister!”

Jiang Wan giggled and said, “Big Brother is still away on a business trip. Second Brother, Third Brother, and Fourth Brother have all moved out, so it’s just the two of us for now. Let’s go to school together later.”


It was obvious that they were going to take the Jiang family car so there was no need to refuse.

When they arrived at school, Jiang Yu and Jiang Wan got out of the car. There were already a number of people entering the school grounds and everybody noticed them immediately.

Look, it’s the Jiang family car!”

“The school Belle is just as beautiful as ever… But who’s the girl walking next to her? I’ve never seen her before.”

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