Chapter 6 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

006. CEO Jin was very satisfied

On the other side, Ding Yuan woke up.

Ding Yuan felt CEO Jin’s turbid breathing behind her, and her heart was filled with nausea. She could not help but move her body as if she had fallen apart.

Ding Yuan’s eyes were red from the breakdown, but she did not dare to cry out, afraid that she would wake up CEO Jin behind her.

If he found out that it was not that B*tch Ding Shan but herself last night, he would probably not let it go.

After all, it was because of Ding Shan’s status as a top female celebrity that she seduced CEO Jin in the first place. She wanted to persuade CEO Jin to invest the money when the time was right.

If CEO Jin found out that it was not Ding Shan, he would probably be angry out of embarrassment.

Ding Yuan was tortured badly last night. At first, she did not know why she fainted. When she woke up and saw a fat man lying on top of her, she was scared out of her wits. She was extremely terrified and wanted to resist.

However, for some reason, her body suddenly went out of control. She was unable to struggle even though she was ignited by the fire. She could only let CEO Jin do whatever he wanted to her.

Ding Yuan lay on her side in anger. Her stomach was filled with questions. Where was Ding Shan? She had prepared her perfectly. Where did that B*tch go?

Ding Yuan had been violated the entire night. Now, she could only bite off her teeth and swallow her blood. She did not dare to make a sound.

Just when Ding Yuan was feeling bitter and could not say anything, CEO Jin woke up.

CEO Jin touched Ding Yuan’s smooth back contentedly. When he felt her trembling body, he thought that she was a shy female celebrity.

CEO Jin could not help but sneer in his heart. What kind of Bullsh*t female celebrity was she? Wasn’t she being played by him? She could not be a whore and still have her pride. However, CEO Jin was still satisfied with last night, so he did not force Ding Yuan to turn around.

CEO Jin grinned and got up to put on his clothes. “Your performance is not bad. There will be a drama next month that will appoint you as the female lead. The investment of 200 million is just for fun. There will be other benefits in the future.”

After saying that, CEO Jin looked longingly at the woman and left with satisfaction.

Ding Yuan gritted her teeth in hatred. She had lost her virginity and was tortured for a whole night. In the end, it was that B*tch Ding Shan who benefited!

Ding Yuan wanted to get up, but she found that the pain was unbearable. She could no longer hold back the tears that she had been holding back and cried out loud. She quickly called her father, Ding Wan. “Dad! Come and take me to the hospital. I was… I was raped by CEO Jin. where is that B*tch Ding Shan?”

Ding Wan asked anxiously on the other end, “What? Didn’t you send Ding Shan to attend to CEO Jin last night? Why are you there? Did CEO Jin find out?”

Ding Yuan was breathing heavily. This gold digger father loved his daughter even more than Ding Shan, but when it came to people with more power and influence, he did not care about her innocence and safety.

Ding Yuan did not doubt that if CEO Jin had taken a liking to her last night, Ding Wan would also send her to CEO Jin’s bed without hesitation.

Ding Yuan cried and complained, “Dad! Aren’t you worried that something happened to me? CEO Jin didn’t find out! Alright! Hurry up and find Ding Shan!”

Ding wan then replied, “Alright, Alright, Alright. It’s good that he didn’t find out. Wait for me. I’ll ask her what happened and I’ll go pick you up right away.”

Ding Yuan hung up the phone fiercely. She felt disgusted with Ding Wan in her heart. This father was just as she had imagined. If CEO Jin had slept with Ding Shan last night.., Ding Wan would take advantage of Ding Shan’s body to gain more benefits.

Unfortunately, he failed. Where did Ding Shan run off to?

Ding Yuan endured the pain and put on her close-fitting clothes. However, she discovered that one of the aphrodisiac drugs that she had kept close to her body had been used. This time, Ding Yuan finally understood. She could not help but shout frantically, “Ding Shan! It must be Ding Shan who harmed me!”

After saying that, her body could no longer hold on. Her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

At this time, Ding Shan had already left the hotel and contacted her only assistant, Xiao Zhao.

Ding Shan’s schedule was controlled by Ding Wan and that so-called mother, Wang Chun. There was no professional company, only a half-baked manager, Yang Hua. She relied on her relationship with Wang Chun’s best friend, she and her two black-hearted parents leaned on Ding Shan to suck her blood.

It was only later when Ding Shan’s schedule became busier and busier, and her status became higher and higher, that she hired Xiao Zhao as her assistant.

In her new life, Ding Shan understood that Xiao Zhao was an innocent and kind girl.

In her previous life, Xiao Zhao had always advised Ding Shan not to believe the words of her family members too easily. She often reminded her that her family members were not good people, but unfortunately, Ding Shan was confused by the so-called kinship and did not listen to Xiao Zhao.

Therefore, when Ding Shan came out of the hotel this time, the first thing she did was to contact Xiao Zhao and ask her to help her. This was the only person that Ding Shan could trust at the moment.