Chapter 5 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

005. Taking care of Business 1

Early in the morning, Ding Shan was awakened by the bright light. She struggled to open her eyes. After adapting for a while, she finally saw where she was.

The memories in her mind gradually surfaced. Ding Shan’s face turned red. She covered herself with the blanket and slowly sat up.

All of this happened too suddenly. She had just been reborn and had already reached a critical juncture. Fortunately, she had escaped from Ding Yuan and CEO Jin’s trap.

Although some unspeakable things had still happened, Ding Shan secretly sized up the man’s exquisite face. His eyebrows were like thick ink paintings, and his eyes were slightly raised, even with his eyes closed, she could imagine how captivating his eyes would be. His nose was even higher than the clouds, and his mouth was slightly pursed. Even though he was asleep, he gave off a cold and inviolable handsomeness.

Ding Shan’s face seemed to be even redder. After all, she was the one who took the initiative last night. Fortunately, she had covered the man’s eyes, so he should not have discovered her identity.

Ding Shan did not dare to delay. She was afraid that the man would be difficult to deal with when he woke up, so she hurriedly got up and put on her clothes. Ding Shan only felt that her ears were burning hot, and her clothes were scattered all over the floor, it was clear how intense the scene last night was.

Ding Shan picked up her clothes and wished that she could crawl into the ground. Her clothes were tattered, and there were even signs of being torn. What had happened?

Ding Shan turned her head to look at the man and could not help but sigh. Last night, the man felt very young and inexperienced. Why was he so rough at the beginning?

There was no other way. Ding Shan could only pick up the man’s shirt, but she accidentally touched the man’s pants. Ding Shan was about to put the pants away, but a card fell out of the man’s pants pocket. On it was written: Nightclub, a good place to relax your body and mind. A top-class male group. Looking forward to your visit.

Ding Shan stared at the man’s sleeping face in surprise and could not help but sigh. So he was a professional. No wonder. Could it be the contrast between being rough and inexperienced? What a handsome young man, it was a pity that he had gone astray.

Although she was surprised, when Ding Shan found out the man’s identity, she was a little ashamed to leave. She secretly guessed that he did not go out to pick up business last night but was instead intercepted by her? Wouldn’t that delay his good deed?

With this thought, Ding Shan searched her body but found that she did not have any money with her. She could only take off a diamond bracelet on her wrist and leave it on the table. This bracelet was sponsored by the brand and was very expensive, before she left, the black-hearted man and woman told her that she had to wear it to show that she had a high status. They just wanted to make this “Gift” of hers look even more gorgeous.

Ding Shan sneered. They were all short-sighted little people. They were mesmerized by the glory and wealth of the entertainment industry, but they could not change their nature of being vulgar and worshiping money. They were just not presentable.

Ding Shan thought for a moment, but in the end, she still picked up her pen, found a note, left a message to the man, and explained it to him before leaving in a hurry.

Not long after Ding Shan left, the man gradually woke up.

He subconsciously groped to the side but found that there was no one around him.

The man frowned and sat up. He could not help but be a little puzzled. Last night, he had thought that it was some woman’s trick, throwing herself at him. It was too dark at night, and the woman had deliberately covered his eyes. He had thought that it was some kind of fun.., so he cooperated.

The man’s heart was disgusted by this kind of woman who came to his door. He had a reputation for not getting close to women. Usually, no one dared to provoke him. But last night, the woman gave him a different feeling, and everything happened naturally, the man had wanted to see the woman’s true face when he woke up in the morning, but he did not expect to be left alone.

The man looked around suspiciously and found a note on the table. The handwriting was delicate and elegant, but the content made the veins on his forehead throb and jump.

I’m sorry to have delayed your business last night and even wore your shirt. Thank you very much. The bracelet is considered a reward. I’m very satisfied. Five-star review!

The man glanced at the small card next to him and laughed in anger. He thought it was a romantic encounter, but the other party treated him as a person of that profession.

The man picked up the bracelet and looked at the sunlight. The man thought of everything that had happened last night and looked at the note in his hand. He smiled playfully, his other hand made a call. “Send me a set of clothes and help me check on someone.”