Chapter 1 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

001. Money-Making Tool 1

“Tick Tock… Tick Tock…”

Ding Shan lay on the ground, quietly listening to the sound of her blood dropping. She revealed a smile of despair.

That’s right, Ding Shan had committed suicide and was quietly waiting for death.

The wound was emitting intense pain. The extreme pain made Ding Shan somewhat numb. After all, no matter how painful it was, it could not be compared to the tsunami-like despair in her heart.

Just now, Ding Shan’s younger sister, Ding Yuan, who she once treated as a treasure, stood arrogantly in front of Ding Shan and revealed the dark truth that she had hidden for many years. She was a completely different person from the weak and innocent image that Ding Shan had in her mind.

Before Ding Yuan left, she even injected drugs into Ding Shan, leaving her in the room to wait for the so-called “Big client” to come and pamper her.

Ding Shan’s last bit of faith collapsed. All of this was so ironic. Even living simply seemed to be an extravagant hope. While no one was paying attention, Ding Shan used a knife and resolutely ended her life.

At least, it was better to die now than to be ruined by someone later.

Ding Shan’s consciousness was a little blurry. The corners of her mouth twitched, and her mind was like a movie. She recalled the short twenty years of her life. It was really stupid and pitiful.

Ding Shan was a female star.

When she was three years old, Ding Shan made her debut as a child star with her doll-like appearance. Since then, she has done numerous advertisements and quickly became a well-known national actress.

As Ding Shan continued to grow up, people had a particularly good impression of her. It was needless to say that she had loyal fans. Her popularity with passers-by was so good that it made people envious. It started the precedent of fans who were “Fans of the nurturing system.”.

No matter what Ding Shan did or filmed, she could quickly lead a wave of people. For more than a decade, she was the top trending topic.

Just like that, Ding Shan enjoyed flowers and applause in the entertainment industry. On the day of her 18-year-old Bar Mitzvah, she received the most prestigious award in the entertainment industry, the Triple Best Actress award.

The fans’ proud eyes were filled with tears as they sent Ding Shan onto the podium to receive the award. Everyone’s attention was on her, and the stars were shining brightly.

However, only Ding Shan herself knew that behind this gorgeous starlight, it had long been rotten to the core.

Ever since she debuted, all of Ding Shan’s schedule had been decided by her parents. She had never signed with a company before. To outsiders, it was her parents who felt sorry for their child and were unwilling to let Ding Shan be squeezed by the entertainment company.

However, who would have known that Ding Shan’s parents were not afraid of other people squeezing Ding Shan, but they were afraid that they would not squeeze her hard enough and that the pay they received would be discounted.

At that time, Ding Shan was only three years old. In their eyes, the innocent and naive Ding Shan was a shining golden money tree. So, they controlled all of Ding Shan with one hand, crazily reducing her rest time, they even deprived Ding Shan of her desire to go to school.

Ding Shan was like a marionette, sent from one set to another. She smiled when she should, cried when she should, and sometimes she was so tired that she accidentally fell asleep on the way to the set and was even woken up by the camera. She would use the trivial time to shoot a few carry-on advertisements.

Ding Shan had never had a normal life among her peers. She did not even receive the tiniest respect.

It was not that Ding Shan had never resisted, but she was always severely criticized by her parents. They scolded her for being young and not knowing anything. As long as she was obedient, it would be fine. The whole family had to rely on Ding Shan to support them.

Ding Shan originally thought that it would be fine if things went on like this. Even when she wasn’t happy, the smile on her parent’s faces became brighter and brighter.

However, after winning the award at the age of 18, things became even worse.

With the honor of being the best actress, Ding Shan’s status in the entertainment industry rose even higher. For a time, she was in the limelight.

However, faced with the huge amount of pay, her parents kept giving Ding Shan bad movies. Ding Shan’s reputation quickly plummeted, and her fans were gradually unwilling to buy it.

Therefore, Ding Shan began to be arranged by her parents to attend various drinking parties and clubs.

Those rich businessmen all had a hobby of playing with famous female stars. In their eyes, Ding Shan, who had won an award for Best Actress, was an even more interesting toy.

Ding Shan was like a fresh toy, being sent to those rich businessmen with a belly full of oil time and time again, for them to enjoy and tease.

The exposure to the wine parties time and time again shocked the nation. They said that Ding Shan had lost her mind because of the awards and was willing to fall.

People’s love for Ding Shan had completely rebounded. Ding Shan’s Weibo was full of abuse from fans and passersby. The headlines with “Ding Shan’s character collapsed, deceiving the feelings of the nation” were all over the major websites.

Countless late nights, Ding Shan looked at the comments and bit her lips in pain. She wanted to shout, “It’s not like that! I’m not that kind of person!”

However, Ding Shan could not say anything. These accounts were never in her hands. Her parents would never give her a chance to speak on the platform.

How could Ding Shan not understand that the two so-called parents just needed a beautiful puppet?

They used to be able to make money from movie contracts, but now they were not satisfied.

During a drinking party, Ding Shan was defiled by a notorious rich businessman. After that, the rich businessman calmly took out a check to seal her mouth.

The parents ignored Ding Shan’s hysteria and accepted the check with a smile. Since then, they had another way to make money. They let Ding Shan accompany these rich businessmen. The money came quickly and there would be more investments for Ding Shan to make some bad films.

Ding Shan knew that they only cared about money and did not care about whether or not they would destroy her.

Therefore, Ding Shan tried to escape… But what she got in return was endless beatings, imprisonment, and drugging. In the end, they used Ding Yuan as a bargaining chip.