Chapter 2 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

002. Release 1

Ding Shan’s life had been ruined, but she liked her sister so much – Ding Yuan.

For more than ten years, Ding Shan had felt that she could not persist any longer. However, when she saw the innocent and naive Ding Yuan call her sister sweetly, Ding Shan was satisfied and thought that at least her sister was happy, she could have a wonderful childhood that she had never had.

However, if Ding Shan committed suicide, what would happen to Ding Yuan who was not an adult yet? Would she also become a tool that her parents provided for the rich businessmen to play with?

Ding Shan did not dare to think about it. She could only be sent to the front of the rich businessmen by her black-hearted parents with tears streaming down her face.

Ding Shan endured for two years, numbing herself for two years. Finally, she found evidence and sent her parents, who were worse than animals, to prison.

Ding Shan thought that it didn’t matter if her home was destroyed and she was dirty. She could still pull herself together and take good care of Ding Yuan.

But just now, Ding Yuan kidnapped Ding Shan.

Her once innocent and weak sister wore heavy makeup and walked in front of Ding Shan in exquisite high heels. “Dear sister, I still need you to do me a favor.”

Ding Shan kept struggling with the chains on her hands. She couldn’t believe everything that was happening before her eyes.

Ding Yuan smiled sweetly. “I didn’t want you to know, but I didn’t expect you to be so patient. You sent mom and dad to jail, so I had to do it.”

Ding Shan felt as if she had been struck by lightning. “What do you mean?”

Ding Yuan’s expression did not change. “You’re too stupid, my sister. Two years ago, I was the one who drugged you and contacted CEO Jin. As long as I started it, Mom and dad definitely could not resist the temptation.”

Ding Yuan did not care about Ding Shan’s broken expression, she smiled sinisterly. “You can’t think that I like you, right? You’re so stupid, but what right do you have to get everyone’s love and admiration? Why do I have to be an ordinary person under your shadow? I hate that you’re so high and mighty, so I can only remind my parents to use you for something else.”

Ding Shan’s eyes turned red with anger as she glared at Ding Yuan.

Ding Yuan slowly walked over and used her sharp nails to scratch Ding Shan’s face. “But don’t blame them. After all… they’re not your biological parents.”

After saying that, Ding Yuan pretended to let out a soft exclamation as if she had accidentally let it slip, she smiled. “I forgot. You still don’t know, right? You seem to have been picked up by my parents from the mountains. Your biological father was pushed down the mountain and fell to his death. He only brought you back because he saw that you were good-looking.”

Ding Shan felt that her mind was a complete mess. The words that Ding Yuan said were like needles stabbing into her brain.

Ding Shan’s eyes were so red that they were about to drip blood. “You guys deserve to die…”

Ding Yuan scratched Ding Shan’s face hard. “Don’t be angry, sister. What a pretty face. You should continue to earn money for me.”

After saying that, Ding Yuan took out a syringe. It was the same as the anesthetic and aphrodisiac that she had injected into Ding Shan’s body before. This time, Ding Yuan did not hide it at all, she injected it into Ding Shan’s body. “Don’t think about struggling anymore. Don’t tell me you’re still thinking of spending the night with that little boyfriend of yours. Haha, he has already sold you for ten million.”

Ding Yuan looked at Ding Shan as if she was mocking her for overestimating herself. “Look at you. You’re quite valuable. You were born to be sold. Just wait here obediently for someone to come.”

The last straw was pressed on Ding Shan’s heart. Ding Shan looked at Ding Yuan and could not help letting out a heart-wrenching sneer.

Ding Shan felt that her life was a joke. She had been used as a puppet tool for more than ten years by the person who killed her father as a money tree. She had been framed by her sister who she truly loved. She had been sold for money by the lover who had pledged his undying love.

The effects of the medicine gradually took effect. Ding Shan’s heart was entangled with despair and hatred. She forced herself to be clear-headed. “You’ve already found a good person?”

Ding Yuan sneered. “Someone will come to take you in a while. Ten million has already been transferred into my account. Don’t worry. This place is very hidden. It’s fine no matter how big the game is. Those rich second-generation children have long been impatient. Anyway, you won’t be at a disadvantage. Behave well.”

Ding Shan laughed softly again. This sister of hers was too confident. In the past, she struggled in the mud and was willing to endure because of her conviction. Now, she thought that after saying all this, she would still obediently listen to her orders?

Ding Shan nodded meaningfully. “Little Yuan, ten million is indeed not considered a loss. Later… Don’t be afraid.”

Ding Yuan frowned in disgust. “What am I afraid of? Have you lost your mind?” Then she walked out of the house.

Ding Shan struggled to break free from the chains that bound her. Ignoring her dislocated arm, she found a fruit knife in the house.

The sharp edge of the knife shone with a cold light. Ding Shan looked at the knife, and the light in her eyes was terrifyingly determined.

Her life had already been ruined. Should she continue to benefit the wicked?

Ding Shan was very clear about the morals of those rich businessmen. They only cared about pleasure and had no taboos. Now, they were probably already intoxicated. If she died, who would they use to vent their anger?

Didn’t Ding Yuan say that ten million was not a loss? Then it was time for her to experience it properly.

Ding Shan was never willing to live in vain. In the past, she only used Ding Yuan and her boyfriend as support and was willing to fight with all her might. In the end, she only realized that everything was a conspiracy. She thought that she was reborn from the Nirvana, she did not expect that she had always been in hell.

When she thought of Ding Yuan’s vicious face, Ding Shan did not even blink. She ruthlessly stabbed her body with a knife and ended her life.

In hatred, it was also a kind of relief.

Ding Shan thought that in this life, she had been loved by countless people, but she had never truly lived a sober life. If she could start over… it would be great.