Chapter 8 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

008. Black-hearted Parents 1

When they arrived at the hospital, Ding Wan and Wang Chun surrounded Ding Yuan’s hospital bed.

Wang Chun’s entire body was covered in jewelry, gold, and silver, but it still couldn’t hide the vulgar temperament of a village woman. Her face was full of fierce flesh, but she had painted gorgeous red lips, giving her the temperament of a modern madam.

At this moment, Wang Chun stretched out her fat hands, bared her fangs, and brandished her claws in the ward. She wore five or six gold rings on them, looking like a nouveau riche, beside Ding Yuan. She cried and wiped away her tears. “My daughter, what kind of sin did she commit? How could she lose her virginity? Is CEO Jin responsible for this or not? ”

Ding Wan scolded Wang Chun in disgust. “Hurry up and shut up! Why is CEO Jin responsible for this? He’s such a big boss. Be careful not to provoke him, or you won’t get any benefits!”

Ding Yuan opened her eyes in despair. She heard her parents’ blunt words and felt the gazes of the people around her. She couldn’t take it anymore, she cried in a hoarse voice, “Mom! Stop talking. Am I still alive?”

Wang Chun quickly shut up and sobbed, “Then, what did CEO Jin say? Where’s that little b*stard Ding Shan? If she hadn’t disappeared, my daughter wouldn’t have had to suffer. When I see her, I’ll tear her apart!”

Ding Yuan lay on the hospital bed without any feelings. She wasn’t in any danger, but she had been tormented by CEO Jin and had been provoked. Now, she only wanted to see Ding Shan and let her explain what was going on!

Ding Shan listened for a while outside the door before slowly walking in.

When Wang Chun saw Ding Shan, she rushed up to greet her and shouted, “Where the hell have you been? Do you know how much your sister has suffered for you?”

Ding Shan dodged and avoided Wang Chun’s actions. “Mom, what are you talking about? What do you mean by suffering for me?”

Ding Wan came over and slapped Wang Chun. “What are you doing? How can you participate in the event if you’ve broken her face?”

Ding Shan sneered. Indeed, only this face could receive some “Love” in front of them.

Wang Chun still looked at Ding Shan fiercely. “Yesterday, we agreed to arrange for you to accompany CEO Jin, but in the end, your sister was bullied by him. What are you, the elder sister, doing?”

Ding Wan, however, was thinking about something important. “Where did you go last night? Do you know that if CEO Jin finds out that it was a new person, something big will happen? Do you still want to film?”

Ding Yuan gritted her teeth when she saw Ding Shan enter. She was so angry that she wanted to get out of bed. At this moment, she could not hold it in anymore when she heard her parents say a few irrelevant words.

Ding Yuan did not care about her hand that was getting an IV drip. She picked up the paper box next to her and threw it at Ding Shan. “It’s you! You knocked me out! You caused me to lose consciousness!”

Ding Shan picked up the paper box that had been knocked out at a leisurely pace, she walked around Ding Wan and Wang Chun and walked towards Ding Yuan. “Little Yuan, did something happen to you? I drank too much yesterday and lost consciousness. Fortunately, Xiao Zhao was worried about me and stayed nearby to pick me up.”

Ding Yuan stared at Ding Shan like she was crazy. She could not believe that she had done it flawlessly. Ding Shan couldn’t discover it in advance. Could it be a coincidence?

Ding Yuan was unwilling to give up and continued to argue, “Impossible. Xiao Zhao couldn’t find you last night! You were clearly at the hotel!”

Ding Shan laughed instead. “Oh? Xiao Zhao knew about my schedule. As my assistant, why couldn’t she pick me up? Could it be… that someone would deliberately lock me up so that she wouldn’t be able to contact me?”

Ding Yuan realized that she had almost let the cat out of the bag and was at a loss for words.

Ding Shan continued to ask, “Xiao Yuan, how can you be so sure? Besides, there should be surveillance cameras in the hotel. We’ll find out after we check.”

Ding Yuan gritted her teeth. To set up a trap last night, she had already bribed the waiter to shut down the surveillance system. Now, not only did she not send Ding Shan to CEO Jin’s bed, but she could not find any evidence!

Ding Yuan could only look at Wang Chun with a wronged expression. “Mom! She did this to me!”

The people around them whispered to each other. Just a few words were enough for people to guess the cause of this good show, and they were even more surprised.

Some people began to whisper and guess Ding Shan’s real identity. After all, Ding Shan was wearing a big hat and a mask in the ward. It was very strange. Some people also noticed that the woman’s figure and voice were very familiar.

Some people even took out their phones and started to secretly take pictures.