Chapter 9 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

009. Sell Little Yuan

Wang Chun’s heart ached for her daughter. She did not even notice the gazes of the people around her, but she was still unwilling to let it go. “You little ingrate, I’ve always doted on you for nothing. Your sister has suffered for you, yet you’re still trying to deny it! Even if CEO Jin wants to force his way in, it’s only against you. What does it have to do with little yuan?”

Ding Shan looked at Wang Chun in disbelief, she pretended to sob. “Mom! How can you say that? What do you mean by replacing me? Could it be that you’ve already discussed this beforehand? Now, if I’m the one lying on the hospital bed, will you be satisfied?”

Ding Wan saw that the conversation was off, so he quickly stopped her. “All of you, shut up! Isn’t it messy enough?”

He turned around and ordered the passers-by to quickly disperse and not join in the fun. Only then did he approach Wang Chun and curse in a low voice, “Shut that mouth of yours! You’re not good enough to do anything but ruin everything!”

Then, Ding Wan pretended to be distressed and tried to comfort Ding Shan, he whispered, “It’s already happened. CEO Jin just called me and agreed to give US 200 million in investment. What a great opportunity!” Your sister was in an accident this time. You have to be filial to CEO Jin in the future!”

Ding Shan sneered. It turned out that for this man, even his biological daughter could be compromised for the sake of power.

Ding Wan lowered his voice and did not want to say anything, but Ding Shan would not cooperate with him.

Ding Shan pretended to be shocked and raised her voice slightly. “Dad! Did you sell Little Yuan to CEO Jin? Why do you still want me to go?”

Ding Wan growled, “Lower your voice! What do you mean by selling? What CEO Jin wanted last night was…”

Ding Shan took over and sobbed. “I understand. You want to sell me… so now that something happened to little Yuan, you still have to blame me…”

Ding Wan quickly explained, “It’s not selling! This was all an accident, but now that CEO Jin is willing to compensate, isn’t that a good thing too!”

Ding Wan had a good plan in his heart. Although it was Ding Yuan who was tainted by CEO Jin, it was fortunate that CEO Jin did not notice it and even suggested investing in Ding Shan to compensate her.

Ding Wan was even a little happy in his heart. With the investment, he would not have to worry about not having money to spend for a long time. As long as Ding Shan could help Ding Yuan, everything would be fine.

Ding Yuan lay on the bed and listened to their conversation. She felt a wave of disgust in her heart. Although she had expected that once the matter was done, and CEO Jin’s investment was in place, her father would have other thoughts.

However, Ding Yuan did not expect that when it was her turn, her father would still choose to keep the matter quiet for the sake of benefits. He even thought of the trick of hiding the truth making her suffer a loss.

Ding Shan glanced at Ding Yuan’s expression and laughed in her heart. This time, this sister should have felt the indifference and snobbery of this father, right? After losing her innocence, she still had to endure the behavior of her relatives selling their daughters for glory. Ding Yuan finally felt it.

When Ding Shan saw that it was about time, she did not want to stay any longer. She covered her mouth and cried, “I’ll listen to Mom and Dad. Whatever you say is fine. I still have activities to do, so I’ll leave first!”

After saying that, Ding Shan pretended to be in a daze and turned to leave the ward.

Wang Chun’s brows were twisted. “This slut, is pretending to be pitiful again!”

Ding Wan could not bear it any longer and scolded, “Can you stop embarrassing yourself? What status does she have now? Why are you scolding her?”

Ding Yuan could not help but sneer. What status? That’s right. She, Ding Shan, was a big star and a movie queen. Her entire family depended on her to support them. She could also be considered to have attained fame by herself.

However, no matter what, Ding Wan and Wang Chun still acted as if they had never seen the world before. They were greedy for money.

Ding Yuan was extremely disgusted by all of this. It was as if she could only tolerate such a pair of vulgar parents and be the sister of an unknown female celebrity. On the other hand, Ding Shan, who was not their biological child.., was able to stand on the stage and accept the love of the entire nation.

The most hateful thing was that Ding Shan always pretended to be gentle and loving while looking at her. Ding Yuan wanted to tear Ding Shan’s face apart every time. She felt that Ding Shan was showing off her beauty and success.

Did she need to be praised by her every day for being a good sister?

Ding Yuan was unwilling to accept it. She was unwilling to just be the chicken and dog that ascended to heaven together. She wanted to pull Ding Shan down, watch her despair and pain, watch her be despised by thousands of people! Let her only do the most vulgar and shameful business to make money!