Chapter 10 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

010. Ignited His Ambition

When Wang Chun heard Ding Wan’s words, she did not mind. “So what if I scold her? She still has to listen to us obediently. This time, Little Yuan has suffered for her. In the future, I’ll make her pay back everything to me!”

Ding Wan shook his head in disgust. However, he was also confident that Ding Shan would not dare to resist, so he did not say anything else.

Ding Yuan also secretly calculated that it did not matter if she did not succeed this time. Ding Shan was like a canary whose feet were tied. No matter how beautiful she looked on the outside, everything was under the control of her family. Take it slowly.., next time, she must make her cry and admit everything. She must return the pain she had suffered thousands of times over!

Ding Shan left the ward and returned to the car. She let out a long sigh of exhaustion.

Xiao Zhao stared at Ding Shan’s expression and asked, “Sister Shan, did they bully you again?”

Ding Shan shook her head and looked at Xiao Zhao. “Last night, Ding Yuan tried to trick me into selling myself to CEO Jin. It was just a fluke. They just received 200 million in investment and want me to continue fawning over CEO Jin on behalf of Ding Yuan.”

Little Zhao wanted to curse out loud, “What? Do they still have humanity? Sister Shan! Let’s call the police!”

Ding Shan patted Xiao Zhao placatingly, “There’s no evidence, and CEO Jin is too powerful. We can’t even call the police. Besides, my job is still in their hands. It’s too passive to make a fuss now.”

Xiao Zhao was furious, “Then what should we do? Let these worms continue to destroy you?”

Ding Shan looked into Xiao Zhao’s eyes seriously and instructed, “Remember, you were the one who picked me up last night. You don’t know anything. Now, the only person I can trust is you. Can you help me fight my way out of this predicament?”

Xiao Zhao was overwhelmed by the favor and nodded blankly. “Sister Shan, I understand. I won’t speak nonsense… can I help you fight your way out of this predicament?”

Ding Shan smiled. “Of course. When everything is better, you will be my ace manager. Do you believe me?”

Xiao Zhao nodded vigorously. “I believe you!” Now, Xiao Zhao was extremely excited. Her heart’s career was fiercely ignited by Ding Shan. As expected of Sister Shan. Even in life, she was like a female lead.

Her background was tragic, but she was self-reliant. She cut through all obstacles along the way and eventually returned to the peak of her career. Wasn’t this the script for the big female lead?

Xiao Zhao suddenly felt that she was particularly important. She started the car and drove Ding Shan to the event venue. It was like driving a war horse to the battlefield.

Ding Shan relaxed slightly and leaned back in her chair. She looked at Xiao Zhao’s excited state and laughed out loud. However, she quickly fell into deep thought.

Everything had just begun. There was still a long way to go. She had lost too much initiative over the years, she needed to plan carefully if she wanted to get rid of Ding Wan and Wang Chun’s manipulation, be on guard against Ding Yuan’s constant attempts to frame her, and regain her reputation and status in the entertainment industry.

Just as she was thinking, Xiao Zhao’s phone rang. As soon as the call connected, her manager, Yang Hua’s sharp voice sounded, “Where the hell have you been? Hurry up and bring Ding Shan over. She’s such a big shot. Do you want everyone to wait for her?”

Xiao Zhao could not help but retort, “It’s still early! Why did you say that so harshly? When has sister Shan ever been late?”

Yang Hua scolded, “You still dare to talk back, right? Do you believe that I can fire you right away and make you go back to where you came from?”

Ding Shan interrupted faintly, “We’re already on our way. It won’t take long.”

When Yang Hua heard Ding Shan’s words, she did not scold her anymore. However, her attitude was not any better. She said perfunctorily, “Alright, Alright. Stop dawdling. If the brand gets angry, I’ll see what you’ll do!” After saying that she did not care about Ding Shan, she hung up the phone herself.

Xiao Zhao slammed the steering wheel angrily. “It’s fine if she says that to me, but how dare she treat you with such an attitude? Who gave her the courage?”

Ding Shan smiled helplessly. Of course, it was Ding Wan who gave her the courage. She was a celebrity, but she was still being bullied by her manager despite her salary. This was not the first time.

Yang Hua was Wang Chun’s best friend, but she knew Ding Wan in secret.

Wang Chun was greedy and evil, but she wasn’t very smart. Ding Wan, on the other hand, was a restless and flexible person. He got together with Yang Hua and kept Wang Chun in the dark.

Yang Hua only treated Ding Shan as an obedient puppet. When she was young, she thought that Ding Shan didn’t know anything. Occasionally, she would flirt with Ding Wan, but she wouldn’t cheat around Ding Shan. When Ding Shan grew up, she would listen to Ding Wan’s every word, and even looked down on Ding Shan.