Chapter 10 - Breakers

Chapter 10 - Chapter 2: Alliance

There were many species in the Demon World.

There were the draconians who inherited the essence of the great dragon species, the succubi and incubi, the vampires who lusted after blood and souls, the sura who could be called the strongest combat species and the fallen fairies that were called dark elves.

There would be no end if they were listed one by one.

Even though there were as many species as grains of sand, some of them had specifically demonstrated their strength.

The lycanthropes were a tough species. They were born with strong vitality and showed remarkable ability to resist time. Additionally, those with the blood of the wild were ruthless, persistent and excellent hunters.

The lycanthropes were breathing harshly.

Their appearances varied and they could pass off as wolves, tigers, and so on.

They weren’t breathing hard because they were exhausted. It was to control the wild blood that had awakened.

The smell of the Red Lightning tribe’s blood stimulated the lycanthropes. Some lost control and bit the bodies of the orcs.

Among the lycanthropes, there was one who was different.

It was a female with dark blue hair tied up and bloodied black leather armour.

Caitlin Moonlight.

The eighth princess and lycanthrope was controlling her breathing with closed eyes.

As a half lycanthrope and half sura, she was unlike the other lycanthropes. However, none of the lycanthropes dared to ignore her.

After breathing for a long time, Caitlin finally opened her eyes. She sniffed as she looked around and frowned.

'I missed him.’

She succeeded in smashing Kaichin’s army but she missed killing Kaichin and Kaidum.

'It can't be helped.’

It was a melee and they were cowards who didn’t fight properly.

'Yes, it can’t be helped.’

She tried to convince herself but it didn’t work. In the end, Caitlin kicked furiously at the ground.


Caitlin turned around as someone called out to her.


Caitlin’s direct subordinate, the lycanthrope Seira, bowed. As a leopard lycanthrope, her golden hair was dyed red with the blood of enemies. Regardless, she was a stable subordinate.

"Are you hurt anywhere?”

Caitlin asked with a gentle smile.

"I’m fine, thank you for worrying. I have an urgent matter to report.”

“Huh? Report?”

The battle was already over, so Caitlin didn’t know what needed to be reported. Seira took one step closer to Caitlin.

"Kaichin is dead. Kaidum, who was with him, also died.”

It was good news but Caitlin used raised an eyebrow instead of feeling jubilant.

“Who caught him?”

They had run away just after the battle started. Were there soldiers tracking them after they left the battlefield?

In response to Caitlin’s question, Seira coughed with an uncomfortable expression and replied,

“Prince Shutra.”


Caitlin let out a sound reflexively. Shutra’s name had suddenly come out.

Seira understood Caitlin’s heart, so she continued with an awkward smile.

"Prince Shutra caught Kaichin and Kaidum. He personally took down Kaidum.”

Caitlin just stared blankly instead of replying. Seira understood her master’s confusion.

'I thought the same.’

However, it was true.

The Ninth Prince Shutra Ignus.

The weakest prince had caught Kaichin and Kaidum and he achieved the best merits in today’s battle.


He received rewards for catching the enemy.

He had gained three levels and learnt the new skill, Telekinesis.

It was obviously a good thing. However, In-gong couldn’t be comforted easily.

'What is it?’

That white woman he saw during the battle.

She wore white clothes and had a golden crown on her head. One of her eyes was red and the other blue. The woman had been unrealistically beautiful.

‘No, rather than being beautiful...she felt different?’

Anyway, it was clear that she wasn’t an ordinary person.

But who was she? She was someone who hadn’t appear in Knight Saga.

‘Is she an important person who normally appears in moments of crisis?’

Maybe she was the one who had brought In-gong into this world.

'Punishment, obedience, governance.’

The words he’d heard from the woman surfaced in his head again.

In-gong activated both the status window and skills window. Both of them surfaced in front of him.

[Secondary Occupation: Conquest Knight Lv1]

[Conquer Lv1]

[Below the King’s Flag Lv1)

The deactivated skill Conquest became Lv1 but like Protagonist Correction, he wasn’t able to raise the level with skill points.

‘Conquest. Conquest Knight.’

It was a skill and occupation that hadn’t existed in Knight Saga.

'Below the King’s Flag is a buff skill... The power of conquest is the power of a king? Is that why the white woman is wearing a crown?’

In-gong worried about it for a while before sighing, then concluded it neatly.

‘Ah, I don’t know. If she is really important, I’ll see her again later.’

He wouldn’t get any answers, so there was no point struggling alone. The information he had was too lacking in the first place.

‘If I go to the library, there might be stories related to this.’

The library in the Demon King’s Palace was managed by an elder lich. It contained a lot of information, so there might be something related to a Conquest Knight there.

‘In order to take advantage of that, I need to be strong.’

It was a ridiculous rule in the Demon King’s Palace and the Demon World.

Those who didn’t reach a certain level of strength couldn’t use some facilities in the palace and in the towns. A few more levels were required to use the magic laboratories or the blacksmiths.

The library needed a very high level. Even Zephyr hadn’t been able to use the library in the early parts of the game.

‘It is good for now.’

He was already level eight. It wasn’t even half of Carack’s level but it was significant since he had just barely stepped into this world.

‘Come to think of it.’

In-gong had killed an orc with his own hands. However, he didn’t feel any surge of emotions.

'Uh, shouldn’t I have a trauma by now?’

Was In-gong a psychopath? No, there was no way. Anyway, it was in a battle and if he didn’t kill the orc, his allies would have died.

'And it was an orc.’

He felt sorry towards Carack but he couldn’t think of orcs as people yet. Their appearance was too different.



In-gong raised his head after hearing Carack’s call. Carack looked at In-gong like he was crazy and pointed down the hill.

"Someone is coming.”


He asked but there was no reply. In-gong checked to see who was coming from the bottom of the hill.


He didn’t have time to observe more closely. Caitlin quickly climbed the hill and moved next to In-gong.

“Are you okay? Are you injured anywhere?”

Caitlin asked while looking at In-gong’s bloody clothes. Her voice was full of worry.

“You... No, is Noona okay?”

In-gong was more concerned about Caitlin. In-gong only had a little bit of blood on his clothes but Caitlin seemed like she had bathed in blood. Her blue hair was dyed dark from the blood.

Caitlin shrugged at In-gong’s question and said,

“It isn’t my blood.”

‘Wah, I never thought I would actually hear that line.’

Caitlin took one step closer to In-gong while he was admiring her. She stared straight at In-gong and asked,

"What happened?”

“I will explain what happened.”

In-gong summarised his experiences, making it as short as possible. During the reconnaissance, he had found a small path and an entrance to a cave. As he moved along the cave, he had arrived at the exit and encountered Kaichin’s party.

‘I will leave out the part about finding dwarf weapons.’

In-gong glanced nervously at his inventory button before looking back at Caitlin.

‘How will she respond?'

Caitlin had been the confident one in yesterday’s meeting. Maybe she had been kind to him because Shutra was too weak to be a threat.

However, now, Shutra, In-gong, had gotten the highest merit. He had also taken down one of the enemies with his own hands.

How would Caitlin respond?

Would she be wary? Would she treat him unkindly like Zephyr?



“It is really amazing. You have made yourself distinguished!”

It wasn’t what he’d expected. Caitlin laughed brightly. Her face was so pretty that it was the first time In-gong understood the phrase, ‘flower bud blooming’. He completely forgot that Caitlin was bloody.

Caitlin was different from yesterday. It was like she was truly delighted that her little brother had gotten some merits.

‘Kuk, I should be purified.’

In-gong felt bad for thinking dark thoughts.

‘Zephyr aimed for someone like this? Indeed, Zephyr.’

It was Zephyr who removed all threats by killing his siblings. It would be harder to be friendly to someone like that.

Anyway, In-gong had a question answered when he saw Caitlin laughing. She was similar but different from the white woman. They were both pretty, but Caitlin seemed like a person while the white woman hadn’t.

"You are much stronger than I thought. Cool, you’re trustworthy.”

Caitlin patted In-gong’s shoulder. At that light touch, In-gong had another thought.

‘Didn’t I awaken Telekinesis after being hit by it?’

Unfortunately, In-gong didn’t have any priests who knew how to use divine power. Neither did he have magicians who knew mana or aura users around.

However, now, Caitlin was in front of him.

"Noona, I have a request.”

“Huh? A request? What is it?”

She grinned like she was pleased to receive the request. In-gong said as naturally as possible.

"Please hit me with a little bit of your aura.”

It didn’t take long for Caitlin’s expression to change.

Author’s Note: the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

White Knight of Conquest/ Red Knight of War/ Blue Knight of Death/ Black Knight of Famine.

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