Chapter 9 - Breakers

Chapter 9 - Chapter 1: Entry #8

‘Telekinesis? Is it really Telekinesis? No, did I really learn it?’

Knight Saga had several powers.

There were those who, like warriors, acquired aura power to fight directly with their bodies.

Magicians used the power of nature to cast magic.

Unlike theoretical magic, mental power and psychic power were close to instinctual.

The gods gave divine powers to their believers.

People were born with the powers but it was rare for someone to have psychic powers.

‘Did I wake up a psychic power? Then can I wake up another power like aura? If I have divine power, can I awaken it?’

If it was as he thought, then it was truly a scam. Even Zephyr and Locke couldn’t master all four powers.

In-gong impulsively opened his skill window. Then he thought again because he didn’t want to distribute his skill points too impulsively.

'No, I have to. Right now, it will be a big help if I put points into Telekinesis. I must live!’

He was currently in battle. This wasn’t the time to save his points. He needed to leave here alive to learn other powers.

In-gong cleared his thoughts and looked up. The exit was much larger than the passage because it was located in a vacant lot. However, the dozens of big orcs made it seem narrow.



Among them, Carack and Kaichin were facing each other. The other orcs wielded their weapons and were busy dealing with the enemies in front of them.

The orc that held a wolfbone staff and had hit In-gong with a psychic attack was fighting other orcs.

'We are being pushed.’

The mini-map showed that each side had similar numbers.

However, a fight wasn’t just about numbers. In-gong nervously swallowed his saliva and stared at Carack. He was having a tough confrontation with Kaichin, a member the Red Lightning tribe.

‘Well done! As expected of Carack! It was worth giving that weapon to him!'



Carack’s orcs and the Red Lightning orcs screamed as they were killed. In-gong felt a sense of horror as he brandished his knife at a passerby and blood gushed out.

“Pant pant.”

In-gong started breathing heavily. Due to the telekinesis strike, In-gong was now on the edge of the battle.

‘What should I do? Shouldn’t I strike if I want some experience?’

It was unreasonable for In-gong to confront an orc. Although he was 1.3 times stronger than Villager A, an orc was many times stronger. Moreover, he had just learnt swordsmanship, so a 1:1 melee confrontation was too much.

However, he couldn’t just watch. He was able to gain experience just by wielding a wooden sword. Therefore, taking part in an actual battle could make his level rise in a flash.

‘I need to hold them off. How can I hold them off?’

He couldn’t just lunge in and hit everything.

'Something else, something different.’

It had to be helpful. It wasn’t in his nature to run away or hide from a fight.

'Should I increase the level of Telekinesis?’

If he invested all his skill points, he could increase Telekinesis to level three. However, it was hard to know how much each level would cost.

‘A lot of points are required for a skill like Telekinesis. It might require more points after reaching level two.’

He would be really upset if he didn’t have enough to reach level three.

‘I can’t just throw them all away on Telekinesis.’

There was also Basic Swordsmanship. If Basic Swordsmanship reached level four, it seemed possible.

In-gong opened his skills window. However, unlike his original idea, he didn’t touch Basic Swordsmanship.

It was because he noticed something once again.

[Conquest Lv -]

An inactive skill.

Conquest Knight was listed in the uniqueness section.

He had never seen a Conquest Knight in Knight Saga before. What was a Conquest Knight? Furthermore, there was also a skill.


His heart started throbbing. He had never felt this before. It felt like something was surging in his chest.

'Punishment, obedience...governance.’

These words popped into his head. At that moment, everything before him became dark and in the darkness, he saw a woman dressed in white. A woman with one red eye, one blue eye, long white hair and the adornment of a golden crown stared at In-gong.

"Do something! Hit him!”

The orc holding a wolfbone staff shouted loudly and pointed at In-gong. All the orcs, regardless if they were friend or foe, stared at In-gong with surprise. A pure white light was surrounding In-gong.


"Hit him!”

"Watch the prince!”

Carack was the last voice. Kaichin woke up from his amazement and aimed the hammer at Carack.


This was the first time the prince didn’t listen when he was called. Carack avoided the hammer desperately and Kaichin then started running toward In-gong.

"Die! We must kill him!”

The son of the Demon King.

A prince.

Shutra wasn’t weak but Chris and Caitlin were incredibly strong. To Kaichin, who’d dealt with both of them, Shutra seemed like a terrible monster.

Carack chased after Kaichin. The orcs with opposing purposes flocked toward each other; one side to protect In-gong and the other to kill him.

In-gong didn’t notice any of the fuss. He was alone in a new world where only the woman in white could be seen.

She said something but he couldn’t hear her voice. Darkness enveloped the woman and the darkness covering In-gong’s eyes soon faded away.



Carack shouted and In-gong jumped back. Kaichin’s battle hammer struck the place where In-gong had just been standing.


Carack struck Kaichin. A struggle between the two orcs occurred in front of In-gong.

In-gong quickly grabbed the dwarf dagger. Instead of leaping forward recklessly, his instincts made him open the skill window.

[Secondary Occupation: Conquest Knight Lv1]

It was a new occupation. Additionally, it wasn’t just the occupation that was added.

‘The power of conquest is a king’s strength!’

In-gong understood it naturally. The skill Conquest had been activated.

"Below the King’s Flag!"

In-gong stabbed the dagger into the ground. At that moment, a white light scattered around the area. A white line also formed between In-gong and Carack.

It was only for a moment.

But it was enough. In-gong invoked the power of a king and Carack embraced that power as the king’s subordinate.


Carack swung his axe. It was a faster and more powerful blow than before.


Kaichin moaned with confusion as he was pushed back by Carack. Then Carack aimed his axe at Kaichin’s head. It was a continuous strike that normally wouldn’t have been possible.

The dwarf battle axe smashed through Kaichin’s head at once. As brains and blood splattered everywhere, a sensation was shared between In-gong and Carack.

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

Carack achieved some merits for his king.

In-gong stared at Carack after gaining two levels. Yet, the line between In-gong and Carack was still the same.

“Go! Carack!”

After hearing In-gong’s command, Carack took a deep breath and pulled his axe from where it was stuck in Kaichin’s head. Shaking his axe, he let out a battle cry.

“Fight, fight! That is the only way to live!”

The orc shaman, the orc with the wolfbone staff, shouted urgently. However, it was useless. The Red Lightning orcs standing near the exit were trembling as they felt like fleeing.


Carack rushed through the orcs and swung his axe in every direction. The momentum was so intense that no orc could endure Carack’s strikes.

“Run away!”

Once one of the orcs cried out, the balance collapsed completely.

The Red Lightning orcs fled toward the exit. Meanwhile, Carack rushed toward the orc shaman who cursed and brandished his staff.


There was a clanging sound as the axe and staff hit each other. However, they didn’t bounce off each other. Carack’s axe split through the staff and dug into the orc shaman’s chest.


The orc shaman gave a pained groan. However, his eyes were still alive. He pushed intensely at Carack with Telekinesis.

It was his final, desperate struggle.

The orc shaman was determined to die. In-gong reached for his dagger.

‘Just one more!’

The orc shaman’s next attack didn’t happen. A new blade had pierced the side of the orc shaman.


The orc shaman felt some excruciating pain while using Telekinesis. The orc shaman stared at In-gong who was stabbing him with poisonous eyes. The dwarf dagger was firmly embedded in him.

‘I have to kill him!’

In-gong didn’t say it out loud but it was enough. The orc shaman fell down with a final cry and In-gong took a few steps back.

“Hah, ha...”

The line connected to Carack disappeared. Despite having just levelled up, his body felt heavy like he had exhausted all his stamina.


Carack called out to In-gong, who then turned and looked at him. Carack seemed like a brutal beast due to the blood covering him but Carack just laughed and raised his axe.

“We won! I took Kaichin’s head. Prince’s victory!”



Carack’s orc subordinates cheered with pleasure at the victory.

Instead of cheering with them, In-gong sat down and breathed in deeply. Now that the battle was over, he didn’t have much spirit remaining.

Over the orcs cheers, a voice was heard in In-gong’s head.

[Your level has risen.]

Level eight.

In-gong laughed with delight.

End of Chapter 1 - Entry. Start of Chapter 2 - Alliance.

Author’s Note:

Some of you may have noticed but one of the core materials of Breakers is the ‘Four Knights of the Apocalypse.’

Joo In-gong is a Conquest Knight.

-I know that some subcultures use Pestilence but I decided on Conquest.