Chapter 7 - A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

Cooking Human Meat

While he was looking for food, Silang accidentally entered a run-down house. He saw a couple of rats chewing on a corpse. It was bloody everywhere. The corpse looked like a small child, about his age.

The scene made him feel extremely terrified and disgusted, as if he was being eaten by the sharp teeth of a rat.

On the way back, Silang felt terrible and occasionally wanted to throw up.

“Shilang, what’s wrong?” Second Brother’s wife, Qin Shi, asked worriedly when she saw that her son looked very pale.

Ning Silang shook his head and said nothing. He didn’t want to say anything.

Perhaps he was hungry, Qin Shi thought. As there was not much food these days, the group of growing boys did not eat much. They were hungry every day and after a long time, their spirits began to wane.

At this moment, Eldest Brother Ning and the others appeared. Madam He stood up with a whoosh. When she saw that there was no one else behind Eldest Brother Ning, her legs went limp and she fell to the ground, her soul gone.

Unable to bear it any longer, Madam He began to wail. The others also wiped their tears.

“My poor child, my poor husband! How do you expect me to live… Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…” Madam He wailed in a heart-wrenching voice.

Eldest Brother Ning’s eyes were also red. He felt very guilty. “I’m sorry, Sister-in-law. I didn’t find them…”

Madam He’s eyes were already blurry from crying, and she couldn’t hear Eldest Brother Ning’s words. Beside her, Old Master Ning wiped his tears and patted his eldest son’s shoulder. He sobbed, “This isn’t your fault. You tried your best. This is the world. Your brother and niece… It’s all fated!”

Ning Guang was stupid like a three-year-old child. Ever since Ning Yue returned from the General’s residence, she often spaced out and looked distracted. The two of them brought two children who could not walk. It was almost impossible for them to survive.

Everyone knew that, but no one wanted to say it. They held onto that slim hope.


Ning Yue was sweating profusely from the heat. Carrying two children on her back was even more tiring.

Although she used to be a special forces soldier, this body was not hers now. She only had good psychological abilities, not physical form.

However, Ning Guang’s physique exceeded her expectations. He kept rushing as if he did not know what fatigue was.

Although Ning Guang was silly, he was quite tall and handsome. He held the rod in his hand and walked aggressively, looking quite intimidating.

Ning Guang and Ning Yue were also dressed in tattered clothes. With the two children being carried, it was obvious that there was nothing good. However, there were always some hungry people who would stare at the two children with greedy eyes.

Ning Yue raised her guard. No matter how tired she was, she would not put the children down.

At this moment, a fragrance wafted over. It was the fragrance of meat!

However, Ning Yue wanted to vomit when she smelled it. She had participated in some cases of perverted humans in the past, and there were scenes of them eating people. She had smelled cooked human flesh which was similar to what she smelled now.

Nearby, several men were gathered around a large iron pot that was cooking something. That was where the aroma was coming from.

Sensing Ning Yue’s gaze, the men turned their heads and stared at her. Their gazes were like hungry wolves, making her shudder.

Ning Yue didn’t think too much about it. She directly took out a large machete from behind her back. The blade glowed with a cold light, looking very terrifying.

When they saw the machete, the men looked away and continued to cook the meat.

In this day and age, force was king.

“Father, let’s walk faster.” Ning Yue quickened her pace and stuffed the knife into Ning Guang’s hands. She felt that this place was already very familiar. They must be very close to Mount Heimu.

Ning Guang was also very excited at the thought of finding his parents. He held the electric baton in one hand and the machete in the other.

Suddenly, the cries of children could be heard. “Daddy, Mommy, wake up. Boohoo…”

Ning Yue walked closer and saw a man and woman in ragged clothes lying on the ground. A boy of about five years old was crying his heart out while leaning on two people

There was no one else around. Ning Yue watched warily for a while. After confirming that there was no danger, she went forward to check the situation.

After her examination, the man and woman on the ground should be hungry and thirsty. Coupled with the fact that they had fainted from the high temperature, if this continued, it would definitely become a severe heatstroke. When that happened, it would be troublesome.

She recalled the scene of cooking human flesh just now. Once this little boy was alone, it was very likely that he would end up like that. He was still so young. He shouldn’t die miserably like this.