Chapter 6 - A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

Returning In Disappointment

In a forest on Mount Heimu, the Ning family was waiting. This was the third day. They wondered if Ning Guang, Ning Yue, and the others could return safely.

Madam He woke up early in the morning. In fact, she could not sleep well at night. She was worried about her husband, daughter, and the safety of her grandchildren.

The entire Ning family was hidden in the forest. Although many trees had already withered, this place had just experienced a riot, so it would be relatively safe for a few days. Moreover, this was the place where they had separated from Ning Yue and the others. If they wanted to find the missing people, they had to wait here for three days. This was also their agreement.

The eldest son of the Ning family had two sons. According to seniority, he was called Ning Dalang. He was eighteen years old, and the second son, Ning Erlang, was fourteen years old.

Second Brother’s family had two sons and a daughter. Ning Sanlang was thirteen years old this year, Ning Silang was twelve, and Ning Wumei was eleven.

The third family also had two sons, Ning Liulang and Ning Qilang who were eleven and ten respectively.

Finally, there was Ning Guang’s family. As Ning Yue was adopted, she was the oldest. She was eighteen years old and had three younger brothers, Ning Balang, Ning Jiulang, and Ning Shilang.

It was already a miracle for so many children to reach Xin Prefecture safely. He did not expect to lose Ning Yue and the others.

The men were on duty at night. At dawn, they slept for the time being, while those who woke up were responsible for finding people and various supplies.

“Father, I’ll bring Dalang and Erlang to look for Yueyue and the rest today,” Eldest Brother Ning said to Old Master Ning.

He waited and searched for three days. Every day he returned disappointed.

Behind him stood Ning Dalang and Ning Erlang. They were both a little thin, but they were already tall and burly. They had done a lot for the family along the way like the adults.

Third Brother Ning also dragged his weak body out. “I’ll bring Sanlang and Liulang to find food.”

Master Ning looked at his two sons and his grandsons. His old face was solemn. Thinking of his missing youngest son and granddaughter, he was also worried.

“Alright, be careful.” Old Master Ning nodded.

Today was already the third day. If they still could not find Ning Yue and the others, they would have to leave. This was because they were not the only ones who had stopped here. There were also the other villagers of the Ning Family Village. Everyone was waiting for them.

Madam He watched as Eldest Brother Ning and the others left. Her heart ached. She had to find her child and husband!

Thinking of the tragic situation they had seen along the way, Madam He felt her blood run cold. She did not dare to imagine what would happen to Ning Guang and the others if they were also captured.

Natural and man-made disasters, and the evils of human nature all laid bare. People ate people everywhere.

As she thought about it, She started to cry. She wiped her tears with a handkerchief and choked.

At this moment, the three children surrounded them. The eldest, Ning Jialang, sensibly wiped his mother’s tears and comforted her. “Mother, don’t cry. Sister and Father will definitely be lucky. They will be fine.”

“They will definitely come back. Uncle and Brother will find them!” Ning Shilang’s young voice was also very firm.

Ning Jiulang nodded. “Yes, Mother, don’t cry.”

Madam He looked at her three obedient sons with relief and sadness. She reached out and hugged them, unable to stop the tears.

The eldest, Balang, wanted to follow his uncle to find them, but his uncle had refused and told them to stay here with his mother.

Madam He was already very sad about Ning Yue’s disappearance. If anything happened to her three sons, she would probably go crazy.

Moreover, the world was in chaos now. There were too many people who were neither human nor ghost. Eldest Brother Ning was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to take care of so many children and would be in danger.

Madam He and her three sons waited eagerly. When the hot sun set again, the people who had gone out finally returned.

The first to return were the food-seekers. After a day of searching, they had found a few wild herbs, but they were already dead.

Looking at the withered wild vegetables, Old Master Ning and Old Madam Ning fell silent. The others also lowered their heads and did not speak. Everyone was shrouded in dark clouds.

The Ning family had a lot of mouths to feed. Although they had brought a lot of food when they fled, a lot of it had been snatched away and eaten. Two days ago, a portion of it had been taken away during the riot. Now, they were almost unable to feed themselves.

With so many mouths waiting to eat, even if they didn’t get lost, they might starve to death.

Silang, who had gone out to find food, was pale. He sat there alone, still trembling uncontrollably.