Chapter 5 - A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

Finding Family

The Ning family members who were trapped in Xin Prefecture were prepared to think of a way to escape to other places. In the end, they were scattered on Mount Heimu

Ning Yue recalled these thoughts and could not help but sigh.

Seeing that the sky was brightening, she entered the space and used a kettle to boil water and let it cool down. Then she found two water bags for the water. She took a few steamed buns to steam and put them in a carry-on bag.

She made milk for the children. When Ning Guang woke up, Ning Yue entered the cave and handed him two hot buns. “Father, let’s set off after eating.”

“White steamed buns!” Ning Guang was hungry again after a night of sleep. When he saw the white steamed buns, he clapped happily.

“Okay, eat quickly.” Ning Yue actually quite liked Ning Guang’s childish personality. He had always lived a simple and innocent life.

Ning Guang took the steamed bun and actually wanted to feed Xiaobao and Xiaobei. He was worried that the children were hungry.

“Father, eat it. I’ll feed them.” Ning Yue quickly stopped him. The two children were malnourished to begin with, so their stomachs were definitely not good. If they ate steamed buns directly, they might choke or it might be difficult to digest. It was better to drink milk.

If it was the original owner of the body, she really had no choice but to give the child some food to survive. That was fine, but now that Ning Yue had transmigrated and brought along endless supplies, she could not let the children suffer.

Ning Guang looked at Ning Yue and was extremely worried. “Yueyue, are you hungry? Don’t feed me if you’re hungry…”

These words really shocked Ning Yue. Looking at those eyes that were as clear as a child’s, she was deeply touched. Ning Guang was more worried about her body. He was afraid that her body would not be well if she breastfed them.

“It’s fine. I’m full.” Ning Yue stuffed another bun into Ning Guang’s hands. “Father, go out and eat.”

Ning Guang nodded. He also knew to avoid arousing suspicion.

Ning Yue fed the children as quickly as possible and changed their diapers. She felt that the children seemed to be uncomfortable. She took out a bathtub from her space and filled it with warm water. She added some baby medicine to ward off mosquitoes and insects and gave the two children a quick shower. She didn’t change their clothes. Otherwise, a child who was dressed beautifully and cleanly would attract attention.

The two children were obviously much more comfortable after showering. They kept smiling at Ning Yue and learning to call her “Mother” in their childish voices. They were really adorable.

Ning Yue carried the children out of the cave and said to Ning Guang, “Father, alright, let’s continue.”

Ning Guang was already full and energetic. He took the initiative to take the electric baton and volunteered, “I’ll protect Yueyue and not let the bad guys get close!”

Ning Yue smiled and nodded. The father and daughter resumed their journey.

Ning Yue was a person with a strong sense of direction and had undergone professional training. She sorted out the route she had taken after being separated from the group. Although she had been kidnapped by the two robbers for a while, she was not in the wrong direction.

When the Ning family fled together, they had made an agreement that if any of their family members were separated, they would wait for three days to reunite.

This was the third day. They had to get to Mount Heimu today.

The Ning family was exceptionally united. Back then, Old Master Ning was the leader of the escort agency. The escort agency was similar to a modern security company. It helped people transport some valuable items. It was also him who picked up Ning Yue and gave her to Ning Guang, who had just gotten married and had no children at that time.

As for Grandma Yang, she knew a little about medicine and would occasionally treat patients.

Their children had been taught well by them and would never bully the silly Ning Guang. Instead, everyone loved him and treated him very well.

However, Second Uncle was now a soldier at the border while Third Uncle was ill.

Thinking of these family members, Ning Yue quickened her pace, wishing she could fly.

“Yueyue, there are people! Are they bad people?” Ning Guang was very vigilant as other escapees gradually appeared on the road.

He was frightened by the two robbers.

“Father, don’t be afraid. We’ll find Grandpa and Grandma soon.” Ning Yue comforted Ning Guang.

“Let’s find Father and Mother!” When Ning Guang mentioned his parents, he immediately felt motivated and was no longer afraid.

Ning Yue looked up at the sun. It was simply a big steamer. The water in her body was flowing out rapidly, and she would suffer from heatstroke and dehydration if she stayed too long.

Thinking of this, Ning Yue took out two medicinal waters from her space and handed one to Ning Guang. She whispered, “Father, drink it quickly.”

She finished it in one gulp herself. It was medicine to prevent heatstroke, but any movement to eat or drink now would attract the attention of others. They had to be careful.

Ning Guang quickly drank it too. It was so spicy!

He stuck out his tongue and handed the vial back to Ning Yue.