Chapter 6 - Child of Light

Volume 1: Chapter 6 – Once Again Meeting the Demon

Ow, that hurts. The meditating (sleeping) me didn’t know what suddenly attacked me.

Drowsily opening my eyes, a solemn face appeared in front of me.

“Old Demon!!” I couldn’t help but shout.

“What? What did you just say?” Teacher Xiu just came back and is looking at me with some gruesome eyes.

“Ah, no it’s nothing. I wasn’t thinking of you just as you came back Teacher Xiu!”

“Really now? Then what’s this about an Old Demon~?”

My head became soaked with cold sweat. “Oh, I just now had a nightmare where lots of demons attacked me. It definitely wasn’t about you! How could such a kind teacher possibly be called a demon?”

“Oh, is it now?” said Teacher Xiu while giving me a doubtful look.

“I told you to come here to meditate but instead you came here to sleep. My name is Xi Yu Xiu, obey my call, come forth my servant, Light Tiger! Zhang Gong, go for a run right now.”

“There’s no need teacher. I’ve been meditating really hard lately. I was just a bit tired just now, so I took a small nap.” I can’t possibly tell him I was doing lying meditation, who would believe that I could practice while sleeping.

“Really? Then I’m going examine you. Come over here.”

“Oh!” I walked to Teacher Xiu.

Teacher Xiu took out a magic stone (A magic crystal type. Specialized for detecting and measuring a mage’s magic power) for magic appraisal from his dimensional space (A space that can store things. Only intermediate and above mages can use and the space is proportional to the mage’s magic power) and gave it to me.

“Repeat after me. Hear my name, light elements, obey my call, and gather in front of me!”

“Hear my name, light elements, obey my call, and gather in front of me!”

Following the incantation, both the light elements in my Upper Dantian and my internal light elements energies surged towards the magic stone in the palms of my hands. The magic stone emitted a faint glow. The faint glow gradually increased. I let my internal magic power continually flow into the magic stone, knowing that the magic power has reached equilibrium with the magic power flowing from my Upper Dantian. The light emitted by the magic stone lit up the whole house, enabling one to see all the details. Unexpectedly, my illumination spell is good enough now.

Teacher Xiu was stunned. “You really didn’t slack off ah. I really didn’t expect that in three months’ time, your magic power as reached the level of an elementary mage. You must have meditated for at least 18 hours a day, wait, that’s not right. Even 24 hours of meditation a day couldn’t possibly achieve such a good effect.”

On this continent, even with diligent cultivation it takes one year from not knowing any magic to becoming an elementary mage.

“It seems you really are a genius at light magic!”

“Of course I am, after all, I am extremely smart! Hahaha~~” I can’t help but be proud of myself.

“What are you pleased about, this is nothing. I still need to see your future performance. What use is light magic power if it’s not applied properly?” Seeing how proud of myself I was, Teacher Xiu immediately poured cold water on me.

Teacher Xiu dismissed the light tiger so I secretly wiped my sweat. This event can be considered over; looks like I won’t be having a funeral, haha. (These days I already regard lying meditation as sleeping. It’s a lot more comfortable than the way I slept before.)

“It’s very late now, hurry up and go home. Tomorrow you will start learning light magic. Remember to bring that book on light magic that I gave you.”

“Okay, goodbye Teacher Xiu.” I ran out of the classroom as fast as the wind.

Looking at the figure of my back as I’m leaving, Teacher Xiu revealed a faint smile. ‘It seems this child is very suitable for learning light magic.’


“Morning Teacher Xiu!” Because I successfully completed the task yesterday, I thought I didn’t have to run today and was in a particularly good mood. So today I came early.

“Today you came early huh. Did you bring the book?”

“I brought it.”

“Good, today we will begin learning light magic. A lot of intermediate and advanced magic spells are derived from elementary light spells. So learning elementary spells is very important. Today, the first magic you will learn – Light Shield.”

“Light Shield?”

“Correct. After learning the basics of magic theory, you should know that elementary and intermediate light spells are basically all used for defense and recovery.”

“My name is Xi Yu Xiu, light elements obey my call, converge in front of me and block all evil!” A layer of faint, transparent light appeared in front of Teacher Xiu. “Light Shield can block all elementary magic attacks. The duration of the spell is dependent on the amount of magic power infused into it. You try it now.”

“My name is Zhang Gong Wei, oh great light elements, converge in front of me and block all evil!”

“That’s wrong. You recited it wrong. It should be ‘obey my call’. Ah, how can….”

A Light Shield thicker than Teacher Xiu’s appeared in front of me, stopping the words from coming out of his mouth.

“You recited it wrong, yet the effect is greater than the effect of the proper incantation. How can this be?”

“I don’t know. I just felt like the light elements is like my elder so I shouldn’t command them and they also speak to me so I recited it this way.”

Teacher Xiu tried using the incantation I used but it still had the same effect as the incantation he originally used. He couldn’t make heads or tails of this mystery.

In fact, it is because the light elements has already approved of me due to me respecting them more. Therefore they are more willing to help me which has caused this situation. Although Teacher Xiu is a Great Mage, he is not a major in light magic nor is he recognized by the light elements. So naturally he is unable to reach the effect of my spell.

“Good, now test the effect of your Light Shield.”

“My name is Xi Yi Xiu, gentle water, obey my call, assemble in front of me and eliminate my enemy – Water Bullet!” (When a mage reaches the rank of Great Mage, they can use any magic element as long as the spell is an elementary class spell.) The five centimeter diameter water bullet rushed towards me. I couldn’t help but close my eyes in fright. I felt the light shield I had cast vibrated once and I hadn’t feel any pain. Opening my eyes, I saw that the water bullet has already disappeared.

Haha, it seems my light shield is full of power!

Teacher Xiu seeing this situation, began attacking my light shield with various elementary class spells of various elements. When the barrage started, the light shield only convulsed a bit and nothing more. However, gradually the magic consumption of the light shield overcame my magic recovery rate. Near the critical point I shouted “Teacher, teacher, I can’t persist anymore. Please spare me.”

Teacher Xiu finally finished his magical assault.

“It seems the effect of your light shield is pretty good. It’s stronger than average. However, using the light shield also requires some technique.” After that, Teacher Xiu began teaching me techniques for using the light shield such as, as long as it’s not an area magic attack, I can dodge as much as possible and use the light shield on attacks I can’t dodge. This way, the magic consumption will be greatly reduced.

Like this, I started learning my first elementary light spell. In the next 10 days, everyday Teacher Xiu would use all kinds of elementary magic to attack me in order to let me become familiar with using the light shield. This tired out the miserable me and when I asked him to change his teaching methods, he didn’t say anything but just summoned his light tiger. I would immediately say his previous teaching methods were good. He truly deserves to be called the demon teacher. Ah, with great difficulty I solved the meditation problem and I am ready to take the next lesson. It seems that with my fate in the hands of this demon, I cannot be lazy. However, fortunately no matter how much magic power I consume during the day, I just have to do lying meditation at night and the next day I’ll be full of life. Additionally, I feel that my magic power is increasing at an even greater rate than before.

Thus, the great Child of Light began his life of endless learning.