Chapter 7 - Child of Light

Volume 1: Chapter 7 – Spatial Magic

Due to Teacher Xiu’s “hands-on” teaching, in half a year my magic power level had a qualitative leap. Under the demon’s harsh training, I am now able to endure two hours of the demon’s magic assault. Every morning when I get to school I practice defense, defense and more defense. I do this until my strength is exhausted, then Teacher Xiu allows me to meditate and restore some magic power. In the afternoon, he continues attacking me with magic.

In the last six months, I have learned all of the elementary light element defense spells. I always thought that Teacher Xiu was actually a sadist while I was just a pitiful little sand bag for him to ravage.

When I arrived at the door of the classroom, I had first cast a light shield on myself then had cast a light mirror to reflect magic. (Light mirror is a spell I learned in this short period of time and is also my favorite spell. It’s a reflection type defense magic that I am very skilled at.) Carefully controlling these two magics, I opened the door. I was really scared as everyday as soon as I enter I will be suddenly bombarded with magic. I will often get covered in dirt, so right now I’m casting some good defensive spells on myself before I enter the classroom.

“Good morning Teacher Xiu.”

What greeted me was a light arrow. I hastily leaned my body to the side while using the light mirror’s plane to deflect the light arrow. So why did I deflect the spell? The reason was that although the light mirror can reflect spells, it will consume a lot of my magic power. However, deflecting it can greatly decrease the power of the incoming spell and the effect is really good. Currently, my control over these elementary spells was very strong. So, I fused the light shield and light mirror to create a new basin-sized shield on my left. For now I’m calling it the light prism shield. Although it isn’t an omnidirectional defense, due to the compression of light element, the defense power was enhanced greatly. Moreover, it can reflect magic so it’s really effective. Teacher Xiu used an intermediate class spell to attack me but within this short period of time, it was unable to break my light prism shield.

“It reflects very quickly! Defensive magic will now temporarily come to an end and starting today, you will learn spatial magic. This is my major magic, so hopefully you can learn it well.”

“Wow, spatial magic! That’s good too. In the future I can use it to flee.” In the future I won’t have to fear this ruthless old man anymore as long as I learn this properly. If he abuses me, then I can just use spatial magic to go home. Haha. (Is it really that simple?)

“Now I will tell you the fundamental principles of spatial magic. Spatial magic is split into movement magic and attack magic. Spatial movement magic relies heavily on skill, where magic power determines the distance you can teleport and spiritual power determines how accurate your teleport is. The shorter the distance you teleport, the more accurate the teleport will be. The technique to use spatial movement magic is to use your spiritual power to designate the location you want to go to, then with a simple incantation you teleport you there. It is divided into short range teleportation, long distance teleportation and large-scale long range teleportation. Short range teleportation is generally used to dodge enemy attacks. However, large-scale long range teleportation and long range teleportation are rarely used, mainly due to the the requirement of high spiritual power, low accuracy and could potentially teleport several hundred kilometers off the target. Large-scale long range teleportation also needs magic support in order to cast.”

“Teacher, teacher, then you were deceiving me when you said that you would teleport back from the capital to inspect my studies?”

Having accidentally leaking that out, Teacher Xiu had an awkward expression on his face. “You go study magic properly and don’t ask so many questions. Today you’ll start learning short range teleportation of the spatial movement magic. If you have the magic power and spiritual power of a Great Mage, you will be able to teleport anywhere within 500 meters with this magic.”

Having said this, Teacher Xiu suddenly disappeared right in front of me and there was a clap from behind me. It turns out that Teacher Xiu used teleportation magic to move behind me. Wow, so mystical.

“Teacher, how come I didn’t hear an incantation?”

“This is what I was going to tell you next. The short range teleportation incantation is very short, just a single word. All you need to do is control the magic power, designate a place you want to go in your mind then mouth the word silently.”

“What’s the word?”


“It’s this simple?”

“You try it then.”


I begin to focus my spirit, setting the target as the corner of the classroom. Silently I thought “Move.” I felt a whoosh, then I moved to a different area.

How come there’s nothing under my feet. Ouch! Thump. I teleported to the small pond outside the classroom.

From the pond, I awkwardly climbed out and spit out water. What? This is not good at all, the mistake was too big. I returned to the classroom. Teacher Xiu seeing my embarrassed look, couldn’t help but reveal a smiling expression on his serious face.

“Know that movement magic requires a high amount of spiritual power and during the transfer, your spirit must be focused. The slightest bit of carelessness can cause a huge difference. Today you will practice here. Try to teleport as far as possible.”

“Yes, Teacher Xiu.”

Seeing that Teacher Xiu had left, I sat my butt on the floor. This is better than the last few days, I don’t have to suffer the demon’s training anymore. Because of my motto of ‘safety first’ (fleeing career), I must practice properly. In my mind, I secretly became determined.

“Move.” The place I transfer to is 3 meters in front of me. Ah, not bad. This time it was really a success.

“Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.” “Move.”

I kept practicing short range teleportation until I ran out of magic power to sustain the spell.

The result is not bad. I’m becoming more and more skilled. In the range of this thirty square meter house, I am basically able to move to anywhere I think of. No more practice, it’s time to rest. Tomorrow I will give the old demon a pleasant surprise. While I was thinking, I gradually entered the meditation (sleep) state.

Since that day, I began to continuously practice short range teleportation. The thought of escaping the demon’s training quickly left me; every morning I’m abused for 1 hour. Afterwards I practice short range teleportation. Gradually, the range I could teleport expanded. From a radius of thirty meters to fifty meters, one hundred meters, two hundred meters and within a year I could already reach the limit of short range teleportation. I can casually teleport to anywhere within five hundred meters with a very high accuracy.

“Zhang Gong, come. I’m taking you to a new training ground.

I followed Teacher Xiu to the the rear courtyard. The whole area had an area of three hundred square meters with five meter tall wood stands installed and on every stand is a thick rope attached to a big sack.

“Teacher, what is this used for?”

“It’s for letting you practice short range teleportation! Watch.” Teacher Xiu all of the over a hundred sacks down from the stand. All of the sacks interweaved together, continuously swinging. “Watch carefully.” Having said this, Teacher Xiu teleported to the sacks, and continuously teleported. The sack from beginning to end didn’t touch him. After a minute, Teacher Xiu left the circle.

“You go try. From now on, you’ll practice within the swinging sacks. I’ll have light tiger help you push the sacks.”

“Teacher, please spare me.”

“Be at ease, there’s no problem. Teacher’s recovery magic is not bad. Or do you want to switch the sacks with iron balls.”

“Of course the sacks are good. The sacks are great.” Hearing this such terrifying words, I didn’t dare to complain. I immediately entered the waves of sacks. I dodged. I dodged. Not even three times and I was hit outside by the sacks. It really hurts. Teacher Xiu immediately cast elementary recovery magic on me, then put me back in. I continually dodged and dodged. Quickly I got hit and came flying out. My young body is being ruthlessly destroyed by this demon.

Another strange thing is that by enduring this inhuman torture, my body has really gotten more and more sturdy. Teacher Xiu told me that one cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations. Only by first protecting yourself will you be able survive. But the best way to protect yourself is to flee. (This matches with my ideology.)

Every week Monday, Wednesday and Friday I study magic. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday is the sacks array. The sack array also gradually increases in difficulty according to my ability. (This so-called difficulty was nothing after Teacher Xiu gave me an omni-directional intermediate magic – That of Lightning.)