Chapter 8 - Child of Light

Volume 1: Chapter 8 – Magic Evaluation

Time passed by very quickly and in the blink of an eye, I was already nine and a half years old. Although I suffered “inhumane torture” every day, it hadn’t affected my regular development, with the height of one and a half meters and weighing forty kilograms and a head of pale blue hair reaching the shoulders. Although my features weren’t very pretty, they were gentle and adorable. (The villagers, my classmates and the teachers said this.) Father always said if you looked at my features separately, they’re not that good, but together they’re not bad. Every time, mother would glance at my mouth and sarcastically say this is due to my father’s genes. However, mother is a great beauty and though she is in her 30’s, you won’t find a single sign of aging on her face.

In the past few years, although my ideals conflicts with the old demon’s teachings, I had no choice but to acknowledge them as I learned a lot of magic from him. The rate at which my ability increased surprised mother and father.

Now in front of the sacks, I could almost dodge all of the attacks of the swinging sacks. Should I begin teleporting in the array, you would only be able to see a faint shadow. Teacher Xiu couldn’t grasp my teleportation route and his direct magic attacks are completely unable to hit me. The me right now could already treat the array of sacks as a game, to the point that while practicing, Teacher Xiu would make a grimace. I annoyed him to the point where he thought about using advanced magic quite a few times to attack me. (Teacher Xiu is only able to use up to rank 7 spatial magic.) However, because his spatial magic is too powerful, he’s afraid it will destroy the whole site. So due to my indignant behavior, he would summon the light tiger to chase me in the array. Anyways, my control of short range teleportation has already been brought to the point of perfection. Even Teacher Xiu had become unable to catch me.

My magic power and spiritual power improvement speed is especially amazing. Now I can simultaneously use light prism shield and and teleportation and persist for more than 3 hours.

Within these two years or so I learned a few spells. (The following list has relatively unique magics that I like) Elementary light defense magic:

Light Shield – Comprehensive light element defense magic. (Now due to the more useful light prism shield I don’t use this anymore.)

Light Mirror – Light element reflection magic. Due to my enhanced spiritual power, I can already at will reflect magic at any angle.

Light Prism Shield – The light element defense magic I created myself. A small area where the defensive power is close to the rank of advanced magic. The serious Teacher Xiu ceaselessly praised my magic, however he is unable to use it. Haha.

Divine Guard – It can defend against poisonous gases and elementary darkness spirit magic. (A type of darkness magic that can confuse the enemy and make them crazy.) Because it can isolate harmful gasses (gas masks?), I use it whenever Teacher Xiu farts. The result is quite good. (Teacher Xiu doesn’t know this, or else….)

Elementary light attack magic:

Light Arrow – Within the whole elementary and intermediate class light spells, there is only one attack magic. The light elements would condense into an arrow.

Shaped attacks. Their power is small.

Elementary light recovery magic:

Restoration technique – Elementary class recovery magic. It will generally heal minor injuries very well as well as treat fevers and colds. I really regret learning this magic, because ever since I learned this magic, mother has brought me to the village to help treat people. (I’m also not getting paid. Sigh)

Spirit Healing technique – Used to treat a variety of chaotic conditions.

Elementary spatial magic:

Short range teleportation – I’m very good at this. Within a 500 meter range I don’t think that a unidirectional magic is able to hit me.

Long range teleportation – I learned the theory of it, but I’ve never used it. I might accidentally teleport to the territory of the demon race. Then I would be truly miserable.

Small Dimensional Slash – Spatial attack magic. The most powerful attack magic I know. It’s able to tear space and everything within its range will be devoured. (Including magic.) For now, Teacher Xiu has prohibited me from using it because I had once devoured his beloved cup. I can now cast a one meter long dimensional slash. It’s no problem to swallow an elementary class spell, but Teacher Xiu said its devouring power is very high so if your magic power can’t sustain it, it might devour you. (Of course the one I’m able to cast right now is unable to devour me. It would require a huge dimensional slash to devour me.) He told me not to use it carelessly.

These are the spells I know right now. Teacher Xiu evaluation of me is: First-class escaping ability, second-rate defense, third rate recovery magic and bottom-tier attack. (In fact, within Teacher Xi’s heart he was satisfied with me, especially in my talent in defense and movement magic. The degree of control I have over my teleportation magic is even better than his, even though his is a Great Mage. I also created a new defensive magic. Generally speaking, if you didn’t take into account my attack magic, my strength would be close to the level of an advanced mage’s.) Hey, I didn’t do it intentionally. It was just that short range teleportation was to my liking. Haha, if I can’t beat it then I can just flee. Hehe.

In less than six months I will be graduating from here. Haha, I’ll finally be able to escape this demon’s grasp. (Despite the fact that the sack array is unable to torment me anymore, Teacher Xiu would often display his full range of intermediate magic attacks or I would often get exhausted.) I thought of my better future. Hehe.

What made me even happier is that, in the morning when I got to the classroom, Teacher Xiu said he had to go to the capital. He said he would be gone for a long period of time, but would be back for my graduation exam. He instructed me to meditate properly at school and increase my magic power. (If I don’t then he will conduct his demon’s training.) The beautiful me straightened and blew out a snot bubble.

For the following period of time, I can go back to sleeping every day.