Chapter 5 - A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem

Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: I Want Revenge (Part 3)

“Miss, please have your meal.”

Fu Ling looked at the four dishes and soup that was place on the table and is unsure if she should be happy or sad for this Miss Qing. Since the incident onwards, the Imperial Kitchens had served exquisite cuisines for the pass continuously for the past two days. Eunuch Xu is absolutely not a virtuous type. With him being so responsive, he should be up to no good.

“I do not have much of an appetite. You eat instead.” Qing Feng;s cool clear voice was heard from within the room. Fu Ling sighed and ladled out a bowl of soup. Just as she wanted to bring it in, she saw Wu Zhi Qiu, from JingShiFang (department that take care of the Emperor affairs… Bed affairs…), entering the courtyard with two lower ranked eunuchs.

Fu Ling’s face slightly changed. She put the bowl of soup down and quickly head out to greet, “Greetings to Wu Gonggong.”

Seeing only Fu Ling coming out to receive, Wu Zhi Qiu was evidently not happy. He coldly questioned, “Why is there only you, how about that Qing Ling?”

“Miss is in the room, this servant will invite her out.” Fu Ling performed a greeting before turning to head back to the house.

Wu Zhi Qiu was even unhappy, a foreign female with such arrogance, still requires an invitation before she is willing to come out!

After a short while, a tall meagre female came out following Fu Ling. Wu Zhi Qiu snorted, “You are Qing Ling?”

Fu Ling whispered to Qing Ling’s ears, “This is the Wu Gonggon from JingShiFang.” All the various concubines, beauties, talents from the Inner Palace would never dare to offend JingShiFang. Hopefully Miss will not act up and also offend Xu Gonggong. JingShiFang is unlike the Imperial Kitchens, if the Emperor doesn’t pick a specific beauty to attend to him, they have ways to ensure that the Emperor will never see the name plates of those people.

Qing Feng’s cold eyes shimmered and bend over to give a greeting in a rare docile manner. Fu Ling was secretly relieved.

Seeing that she has the cardinal principles in mind, Wu Zhi Qiu’s expression finally warmed up a bit and he habitually examine her. Long and slender limbs, an elegant disposition, looks… The undamaged side is actually pretty good. No wonder the Empress would send someone to remind the him that the Emperor’s beauty has been sent and not keep the Emperor waiting. Without a delicate face, a beauty is no longer a beauty.

Waving his hands, Wu Zhi Qiu said with impatience, “Go prepare a bit, you will be attending at the bedchamber during Haishi (modern timing: 9 – 11pm). Someone will bring you to freshen up during Youshi (modern timing: 7 – 9pm).” After finishing, he did not gave Qing Feng another glance and walked away hurriedly.

Qing Feng stood in the courtyard with a look of utter coldness. Fu Ling reminded her softly, “Miss should rejoice instead.”

Rejoice? Hrumph , well yes, she should be happy! She finally have the opportunity to be closer to Yan Hong Tian, her long preparations and her offending so many people were all not in vain!

Perking up with a smile that is unlike a smile, Qing Feng spoke loudly, “Comb my hair later, I like my hair to be styled a little to make my face would appear more beautiful!”

Fu Ling though slightly stunned, smiled saying, “The skills that JingShiFang’s palace maid have are much better than this servant.”

“I prefer to have you comb my hair, unless… You are unwilling.” Seeing the slightly angry look in Qing Feng’s eyes, Fu Ling helplessly reply, “This servant dare not.”

Combing hair was never one of her speciality and it took a while to comb a drifting cloud styled bun. Fu Ling hesitantly asked, “Is this all right?”

Qing Feng gave a satisfied nod and smiled, “En. That’s good. Go help me to get my coat.”

“Yes.” Fu Ling turned to the cupboard behind to retrieve the coat. Qing Feng took the opportunity when Fu Ling was not paying attention and the knife that she hid in her sleeve was hidden in the hair bun. After retrieving the clothes, Fu Ling saw Qing Feng in a good mood, smilingly finish arranging her hair bun. Fu Ling did not notice that the smile on Qing Feng was not put on because she was happy.

Just as they were ready, a mama with a few young palace maid walked into the courtyard. Fu Ling supported Qing Feng out to the courtyard and said, “Gui Momo, Miss is already ready.”

That Gui Momo did not even look at Qing Feng before coldly responded, “Please go ahead.”

Qing Feng walk out the place and suddenly stop in her tracks. She faced Fu Ling, who was standing by the doors to send them off, and said, “Fu Ling, return to the place you were before. After tonight, I will not be returning here.” Today is the night that she will successfully assassinate Yan Hong Tian, after which she will commit suicide and be reunited with her family. If it was not successful, she will die in the hands of the tyrant, as such, she will not come back here again!

The palace maid naturally did not know Qing Feng’s mind and only knew that this Miss doesn’t know the complexity of things. Only base on using her appearance as a tacit, she is delusional to think that after a night of attending she will transfigure from a pheasant to a phoenix? Everyone was either view her in contempt or ridiculing her. However, Fu Ling was feeling distressed as she always felt that this aloof Miss Qing seem to appear to be indirectly implying something else. Her eyes reflected uncontrollable excitement and craze which made her restless!

What a haughty tone, Gui Zhi Yun slightly looked up at that infamous female. From where she was standing, Gui Zhi Yun could only see the damage half of her appearance, there are scars on her face but she is still so confident. This is indeed rare. After seeing so many beauties, she is curious about this disfigured female.

“Let’s go.” Qing Feng ignore everyone’s gaze and loftily walked out of the small courtyard.

Looking at the cold back disappearing behind the long palace road, then could Fu Ling slowly withdraw her line of sight. While closing the doors of the courtyard, she release a soft sigh, everyone in this palace has their individual fates!

Regarding ShuQingChi (pool use for bathing), only the Empress, the four Imperial Concubine (first-ranked palace lady), the eight Concubine (second-ranked palace lady) and twelve Jieyu (婕妤 – third-ranked palace lady) will be able to have one within their own palace compound. As for the other Beauty (fourth-ranked palace lady) and Talents (fifth-ranked palace lady), who stay at ShuYuDian, it was only when they are attending to the emperor would they be given the opportunity to come to the ShuQingChi and be served by the momo and palace maids to freshen up. The momo at ShuQingChi are good at their craft, thus the concubines often summoned them to the various palace to style and attire their clothes.

Gui Zhi Yun is an old momo in the palace. She have seen so many beauties that she is numb to it, but upon seeing the female walking out of the hot springs, she couldn’t help but be amazed. Skin as translucent and snow-white as suet white jade, body slender and well proportioned, black-inked hair spread behind her with contrast with her skin, excludes a bewitching type of beauty. And thing that differentiate her beauty from the everyone else, was her icy temperament together with her fiery intense eyes. No wonder she dared to say that after this night, she will not be returning to that small courtyard. Being this kind of stunner, no man will not be able to resist. What was pitiful was that face, else she will be able to suppress everyone else and be the most favoured in the Inner Palace!

A female picked a towel for Qing Feng to dry her body and the other two immediately started to dress Qing Feng up in a dark red gauze dress. The thin light gauze was not able to cover anything up making it faintly discernible which increase the fascination and charm. Qing Feng furrowed her brows, they wanted to let her see Yan Hong Tian like this? Her heart felt a bout of disgust and rage, but Qing Feng did not say anything and left herself in their mercy. For revenge, she, can endure anything!

“This servant will comb Miss’s hair.” As the palace maid holding the comb approached, Qing Feng reach out take it out of her hands and started to tidy up the ends of her hair. She casually said, “It is of no need. I like this hair style. Just help me to put on make up.”

The palace maid looked perplexedly at Gui Momo, who was standing behind. This simple hairstyle is indeed suitable on her. Gui Zhi Yun nodded secretly and the palace maids quietly excused themselves.

Qing Feng looked at the version of herself on the bronze mirror. In their hands, she look more like a gift to play with. That exquisite make up and the thick powder was unable to cover up the scars on her face. Her heart was bleeding and at the same time was also laughing crazily, Yan Hong Tian wanted an exceptional beauty, he shouldn’t think about it! Her arms which were at the side clenched into a tight fist, with the sharp nails digging into her palms. The more painful it is, the more she smile…