Chapter 6 - A Mistaken Marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem

Mysteries in the Imperial Harem: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: To Assassinate (Part 1)

Haishi (modern timing: 9 – 11pm) came and after Gui Momo gave her a satisfied look, a captivating red cloak was thrown over her. After much thoughts, Gui Momo retrieved a red veil and place it on her head. The extremely thin gauze veil did not affect Qing Feng’s vision, but to those who see her, this hazy look increase her charm and made others more curious.

When Gui Momo sent her out of ShuQingChi, a four-manned sedan was already within the courtyard. After Qing Feng sat in the sedan, the four guards lifted the sedan and proceeded towards the east. Their footsteps were extremely quick but fortunately the sedan was very stable and Qing Feng was not able to feel any bumps along the way. Her trembling hand caressed her hair and felt the knife hidden in her hair. Her heart is currently beating frantically because the man she will be facing is the overlord of the six kingdoms, Emperor of Qiong Yue, a cold blooded monarch and also for the excitement of being able to take revenge for her parents and sisters!

After half a stick of incense (modern timing: 15 mins), she was carried into a palace ground. As the night was getting deeper and separated with the thin veil, Qing Feng was unable to see the scenery clearly and could only see the bright lamps before the main hall. The four-manned sedan was brought to the right side-hall of the palace ground before it reaches the ground. A delicate hand separated the sedan drapes and helped her out of the sedan.

Qing Feng could not help but look at the owner of that pair of warm and delicate hands who was beside her. She wore a beige palace uniform with her head slightly bowed down and she has a pretty face.

The palace maid supported her as she entered the hall. In the enormous room, there were a few palace maids and eunuchs who were lighting up the lanterns. With the lighted dozens of candles, the interior can be seen clearly. There were no layers of draperies, no screen panels and some calligraphy pieces on the walls. From the style and the brush strokes, it appears that they were from the hands of one person. Within the room, there is only a large bed and two short and small table, the floor was laid with white felt. The external of the champers were equally simple, a study table, four pieces of mahogany chairs and some porcelain carving pieces.

Qing Feng coldly scoffed, she didn’t think that Yan Hong Tian personal chamber was decorated so ordinary. Yan Hong Tian was currently not in the chambers, Qing Feng was a little disappointed but also relieved. The palace maid supported her to the bed to sit before retreating quietly to the side.

There were a number of people in the room but it felt as though she was alone. Qing Feng could hear her own heartbeat as the time passes, her hands also clenched and formed a fist…

“The Emperor has arrived!”

A sharp yell was heard from a distance away, suddenly startling Qing Feng! The palace maids and eunuchs located in the palace hall, immediately line up tidily and knelt down on the floor, bowing their head as low as possible. Qing Feng secretly took a deep breath, straighten her back and sit on the bed, neither willing to get up or kneel.

Soon the doors was open from the outside and a pair of bright yellow boots stepped in. Qing Feng held her breath and starred at that tall huge figure. With the candlelight from the chambers, Qing Feng is able to see his features clearly. Yan Hong Tian is younger than she thought, his eyebrows were sharp like and with his nose, made his entire face look even colder and arrogant. Even in his own chambers, his pair of black eyes still remain as usual and his soft smooth lips displayed no trace of curvature. He did not come over, instead sat at the study table, without his dragon robes and headgear, only dressed in a black robe. That awe-inspiring domineering monarch has made her breathless!

He is Yan Hong Tian!

Yan Hong Tian took at the lady who didn’t bow, sitting on the bed.

Qing Ling, three years ago when he went to Hao Yue to do some sightseeing, was whom he saw by the side of YingYueQuan (Moon Reflection Fountain). At that time, she was burying a dead rabbit who strayed into the trap. She obviously was scared of blood, seen by her pale and colourless face, but she still persisted on carrying the bloody rabbit to its burial pit. Her stunning looks made it unforgettable for every male, to someone who has seen so much cruelty and killings, her kindness and ingeniousness made him want to acquire. At that time he has already decided, he wanted this woman.

Qiong Yue’s once in tree years celebration is approaching, Northern Qi also came for an official pilgrimage and with the bustling affairs of the nation, Yan Hong Tian almost forgotten that she has been in Qiong Yue for ten over days, if not for JingShiFang mentioning. To compensate her, he has already bestowed the title of Beauty (fourth-ranked palace lady) to her. It seems that this beauty does not appreciate it. Even with the distance and veil, Yan Hong Tian was able to clearly see a pair of blazing eyes staring at him. Yan Hong Tian waved his hands slightly and all the palace maids and eunuchs immediately bended and retreated out. In the entire room, only two of them were left. one in the room, one in the outer chamber.

“Come here.” A deep voice came from the outer chambers. Even though it was only two words, it carried an air of indefinable authority.

Qing Feng secretly took a deep breath, got up and headed towards Yan Hong Tian. Even though she was wearing an outer robe, her swaying slender body can be implicitly seen. Yan Hong Tian’s eyes lightly squinted and the once cold lips finally curved up slowly.

Under that watchful pair of black eyes, every single step requires courage. Qing Feng held her head high and walk towards Yan Hong Tian one step at a time. She does not allow herself to show any shred of weakness in front of him.

Qing Feng gradually proceeded nearer, through the thin veil, Yan Hong Tian is able to see the blazing bright eyes clearer and at the same time also saw the sinisterly damaged half of the face!

Yan Hong Tian pulled off the veil that was covering Qing Feng’s face, the originally delicate and beautify face has been covered by two deep blood red scars.

Yan Hong Tian stood up suddenly, his hand holding firmly Qing Feng’s chin and roared, “Who hurt your face?”

With the pain caused by the pinch under her chin, from his eyes Qing Feng could see fury as though someone has destroyed something of his. Her heart was laughing wildly, he really thought that in this world, everything will be as he wishes and everyone will submit to him? Qing Feng was unable to conceal the hatred and contempt, lowly chuckled to him, “Why? Is this not the face that you have make great pains to forcefully seize?! And now you despise it?”

The mocking words were not high but in the silence of the hall, each sentence was distinct. Yan Hong Tian face fell, the hands that was pinching her chin shifted down and with not a shred of pity, grabbed her neck. His hand tightened, “Who are you?” That extorting force made Qing Feng unconsciously trembled, as long as he wanted, he can strangle her any time, “Say!”

Even with her throat tightly held, Qing Feng remained stubborn, with her teeth clenched, unwilling to even say a word, let along beg for mercy! She was familiar with this feeling of suffocation, she has died once before and not afraid of dying another time. In short, she will never give in!

Yan Hong Tian knitted his eyebrows, the Qing Ling that he saw by YingYueQuan was certainly not this female! Qing Ling has a pair of tender and gentle eyes and when she smiles, it is as refreshing as the spring wind during March. But this female in front wasn’t afraid of death, especially in her cold and vengeful eyes, was as if filled with poison. She is not Qing Ling but her features resembled her eighth tenth. Who exactly is she?

A flash of colour crosses the pair of black eyes, the corner of Yan Hong Tian’s mouth curved and his other hand grasp Qing Feng’s clothes…