Chapter 1 - Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 1: One Day, I’ll Have You Bow Down to Me and Call Me Daddy

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Fu Sichen was the person that Pei Zhen hated most in his life.

When Fu Sichen was awarded Best Male Lead in the most recent Film Awards once again, Pei Zhen almost flipped the table. A nearby camera caught him leaving in a huff.

“As expected of the eternal runner-up.”

“Please have mercy, Best Actor Fu. Give runner-up Pei Zhen a chance.”

Pei Zhen didn’t even need to read the news to know how the media would ridicule him.

That’s right!

Pei Zhen didn’t stand a chance with Fu Sichen around.

Pei Zhen reflected upon his own acting skills and appearance. How did any of these fall short of Fu Sichen?

None of them did. Apart from being a little shorter height-wise, he was outstanding in every other way!

After some deep self-reflection, Pei Zhen was even more sure of his own abilities.

Hence, when Fu Sichen walked over to shake his hand, Pei Zhen had the urge to both slap that smiling face of his, and give his trophy a flying kick.

“Another accidental win.” Fu Sichen flashed his typical gentlemanly smile, the picture of grace and elegance. His voice was deep and charming, and his lanky body had been fitted with a smart-looking suit. Fu Sichen lowered his head slightly to meet Pei Zhen’s eyes. “I hope you won’t hate me because of this.”

“How could I?” Pei Zhen said with a smile. “I’ve seen all of Best Actor Fu’s works. You have brilliant acting skills. I admit defeat.”

After that superficial exchange, Pei Zhen pulled himself up close to Fu Sichen. While his attitude didn’t reveal any hostility, his words were arrogant to the extreme.

“Just you wait. One day, I’ll have you bow down to me and call me daddy.”

After leaving these words, Pei Zhen stepped back to give Fu Sichen a friendly punch on the shoulder. He then proclaimed in a loud voice, making sure everybody could hear him, “Oh, so dinner’s on you? You really are the Best Actor! Unfortunately, I’m busy tonight. My apologies for not being able to make it.”

The crowd broke into a cheer after hearing that the meal was going to be free.

“Thank you, Best Actor!”

“We’re in for a treat!”

“The Japanese cuisine at the Jin Cheng Hotel has always been my favorite!”

The power of free food was strong. The crowd ignored Pei Zhen and surged forward. They turned all their attention to Fu Sichen, and lavished praises on him.

Pei Zhen stepped to the side.

He gave Fu Sichen a wry smile, and said, “Sayonara.” Then, he turned and left.

“Pei Zhen!” Pei Zhen’s manager Xiao Nian yelled, “Do you have any idea of what you’ve just done? You issued a challenge to Fu Sichen’s face! You’re clearly provoking a fight! This is self-destruction!”

“Why are you so negative about your own artiste, Xiao Nian? Do you really think that I’m that bad?” Before the media could turn their attention to him, Pei Zhen quickly started to walk out of the award ceremony.

“It’s not that you’re bad, or anything like that. It’s just that Fu Sichen is too good.”

Pei Zhen was speechless.

What kind of manager puts down his own artiste by praising other people!

Worried that this was too great of a blow to Pei Zhen’s self-confidence, Xiao Nian reassured him, “Don’t be too upset, Pei Zhen. Fu Sichen has been in the industry for much longer than you have. So don’t be too discouraged. You’ll have your chance when he receives his Lifetime Achievement Award in two years’ time.”

Pei Zhen suddenly stopped, turned his head, and smiled innocently at Xiao Nian. “Do you know what I said to Fu Sichen?”

Xiao Nian’s eyelids twitched involuntarily as a bad feeling came over him. “What did you say to him?”

“That one day, I would have him bow down to me and call me daddy.”

After a moment of silence, Xiao Nian yelled at the top of his voice, “Pei Zhen! You rascal!”