Chapter 2 - Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 2: He… He… He Had Turned Into a Cat!

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Pei Zhen– a superstar with more than 50 million Weibo fans– had been abandoned by his own manager in the parking lot.

As a thoughtful gesture to protect the privacy of the actors, the organizer of the awards ceremony made sure that the secret underground passage between the event and the parking lot was available for use.

When Pei Zhen was driving towards the exit of the parking lot, most guests were still celebrating at the awards ceremony.

He made a call to his personal assistant, asking him to pick him up. He didn’t forget to complain about his manager at the same time. “He’s so grim and cruel… Xiao Nian is way too temperamental. He’s definitely going to age quickly if this goes on. I’ll sue him for workplace harassment!”

The personal assistant felt immense pressure from being caught between both sides– the manager and the artiste. “Eh… But Brother Pei Zhen…”

“It’s not like I’m jealous or anything. Your Brother Pei Zhen is actually a pretty generous person. It’s just that…”

It’s just that Pei Zhen really hated being defeated by Fu Sichen.

“Watch out!”

The sound of screeching tires came from behind him. The blinding headlights cast the long shadow of Pei Zhen onto the ground. A pure white Persian cat jumped out of the murky darkness, and they locked with each other. Pei Zhen noticed that the cat’s eyes were clear blue, just like the color of the sky.

Crystal blue. Just like the color of a lake.


“He’s not in danger for now, but he’s sustained a serious brain injury. If he’s lucky, he’ll regain consciousness soon; if not, he might end up in a permanently vegetative state. I’m sorry.”

Pei Zhen could hear people talking around him. When he heard the phrase “vegetative state,” he panicked, and struggled to open his eyes.

He was too handsome to have his life turn out this way!

“How could this have happened?” Through the slits of his eyes, Pei Zhen could see Xiao Nian sobbing uncontrollably. “It’s all my fault… I shouldn’t have left him there by himself.”

Pei Zhen grunted, and continued struggling to open his eyes. He wanted to chide Xiao Nian, “Why are you only admitting your mistakes now?” However, he began to realize that something was terribly wrong– the silhouettes around him started to look strangely large.

When did his effeminate manager become this tall? No… this was beyond tall. This was huge.

“Pei Zhen, I’m sorry… so very sorry. Please wake up. I’ll let you do anything you want– whether that be yelling at the media, or even reprimanding your evil fans… Please just wake up, Pei Zhen!”

“Shush.” A low voice boomed, “Get out if you can’t be quiet.”

The voice sounded familiar.

Pei Zhen recognized it right away.

Fu Sichen!

Pei Zhen suddenly opened his eyes wide, staring angrily at the man while cursing under his breath. But, all that came out was a meow.


He tried speaking again, “Meow.”

Meow, meow, meow?

Unconsciously, Pei Zhen reached out to touch his throat. Instead of an Adam’s apple, there was only fur. Even his hands seemed to feel strange.

Pei Zhen froze and looked down. His tiny hands were covered with short white fur. He turned them over to only to see fleshy pink paw pads that looked like plum blossoms.

Not only his hands, but even his body felt strange now. Pei Zhen looked further down, only to see a swinging tail.

Holy cow!

He… he… he had turned into a cat!

Someone exclaimed, “The cat is awake!” This reaffirmed what his instinct had already told him. Xiao Nian reached out to hold Pei Zhen up, before crying out, “Oh… oh… Did you know that he was hit by a car because he wanted to save your life?”

Superstar Pei Zhen felt humiliated being held in the air so easily. It really made him just want to go find a place to die!


He finally remembered how the accident had occurred.