Chapter 5 - Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 5: If You Meow for Me, I’ll Give You Some Food

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Pei Zhen had to admit that Fu Sichen was a really filial child.

Fu Sichen was adopted. But, he had always been more attentive than Pei Zhen when it came to family. When it came to remembering their parents’ birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrating holidays, he had always been better at it than Pei Zhen. Even Pei Zhen’s own mother had said that Pei Zhen had probably been picked up from the trash somewhere.

They were really going too far.

After the phone call, Fu Sichen poured a packet of cat food into a bowl.

The man stood at an impressive height of 190 centimeters. At this point and time, the sleeve of his blazer had been rolled halfway up his arm which exposed his wristbone. It was quite sexy.

If you looked up, you could see Fu Sichen’s rather firm jawline, slightly pursed lips, and an expression of intense concentration.

Pei Zhen coughed twice.

Pei Zhen looked away uncomfortably, before lowering his head and shifting his gaze towards the marble floor. He realized that he had been staring. For the first time in his life, he acknowledged that Fu Sichen was really good-looking.

Hmmm. I really do have good taste. Even my sworn rival is outstanding.

“Hungry?” Completely unaware of the cat’s thoughts, Best Actor Fu walked over with a bowl of cat food. He knelt down and said, “If you meow for me, I’ll give you some food.”

Saying this reminded him of Pei Zhen’s earlier provocation. He laughed while saying, “Call me Daddy.”


Pei Zhen looked up in disbelief, glaring at Fu Sichen with his huge round eyes. He really wished that he could give that man a proper kick.

The anger on the cat’s face was unmistakable.

Fu Sichen was stunned by this angry stare. For some reason, it reminded him of Pei Zhen.

The cat that Pei Zhen rescued even had a similar personality to him.

Of course, Fu Sichen quickly brushed off this notion. He dismissed it as simply an illusion caused by the recent fluctuations in his own emotions.

In the end, Fu Sichen decided not to tease the cat anymore. Instead, he placed the bowl of food in the cage.

Afraid that the cat wouldn’t be able to adjust, not only did Fu Sichen buy high-quality cat food, but he had even purchased a variety of cat treats.

However, after Fu Sichen had placed the bowl into the cage, the cat reacted in an irritable manner. With a swipe of his paw, he overturned the bowl!

I don’t eat cat food, you piece of scum!

The cat lowered his head after overturning the dish. He was now completely ignoring Fu Sichen.

He was in a bad mood.

He was tired.

Not only was he a human being that had turned into a cat, but he had even been adopted by his enemy. How humiliating!

It might get better after he slept.

Maybe after he woke up, he would find out that everything had been a dream.

The white Persian cat turned himself around so that his butt pointed straight at Best Actor Fu. Then, he lied down, curled himself into a ball, and closed his eyes as though nobody else was around him.

Fu Sichen was feeling a little annoyed.

Best Actor Fu never had to lift a finger to do his own chores, but here he was, serving a cat that even didn’t appreciate his hard work!

“Hmph.” Fu Sichen got up, looking at the ball of fur, “If you don’t want to eat, then don’t eat.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that Pei Zhen had put his life in jeopardy to save this cat, then he really couldn’t be bothered doing all of this.

Cats. They were irritating creatures.

Rather than focusing on the moody cat, Fu Sichen was more worried about Pei Zhen’s condition. He changed his clothes, grabbed his car keys, and left.

The main door shut with a soft thud, waking up Pei Zhen.

This anesthesia did nothing to numb the sharp senses of an animal.

It was now dark. The blinds of the French windows hadn’t been fully drawn shut. The ambient light that came through formed a soft glowing circle on the floor.


Pei Zhen’s stomach was growling, reminding him that it was time to eat. Despite the tempting smell of the cat food, he simply couldn’t bring himself to eat it.

Rubbing his empty stomach, Pei Zhen looked up, studying the cage.

Thanks to the sharp night vision of a cat, he quickly found an opening in the cage.