Chapter 4 - Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Chapter 4: Pei Zhen is Dead

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Lin Yousu hadn’t owned the Persian cat for very long. As a result, she hadn’t gotten very attached. However, she knew that she’d have to play along if she wanted things to move forward in a certain way.

Of course, Lin Yousu wasn’t after monetary gains. She asked cleverly, “Bringing money into this would only serve to sour our relationship. If Best Actor Fu likes Jerry that much, then I can just gift him to you. I just have one request. Would it be possible for me to visit him in the future?”

Under these circumstances, this was really a difficult request to reject. Even so, Fu Sichen didn’t immediately agree. Instead, he simply insisted that his manager write Lin Yousu a check.

Pei Zhen was furious.

It was pathetic enough to have turned into a cat in the first place. Who would’ve thought that he would end up being sold to his sworn enemy!

Pei Zhen wriggled until he was exhausted, all the while yowling here and there. He even scratched Fu Sichen three times. But, even all of his protests couldn’t shake Fu Sichen’s determination to adopt him.

Xiao Nian couldn’t bear to watch this go on any longer. “Best Actor Fu, um… Surely, you can’t be thinking about getting revenge for Pei Zhen, right? I know that he was hit by a car because he was trying to save this cat. But, a cat’s life is a life all the same.”

“What are you talking about?” Fu Sichen squinted at Xiao Nian indifferently before turning to rest his gaze on Pei Zhen, who was lying on a bed. “He saved this cat’s life.”

“So, I’ll look after this cat well.”

“This cat is a hero for putting this fool into a half-dead state.”

Fool? Hero?

Don’t go overboard, Fu Sichen!

Pei Zhen was absolutely livid after he finished listening to all of this. He jumped up and broke free of the hands that were pinning him down. Then, he leaned up to bite Fu Sichen on his chin with a lot of force.


In the end, Pei Zhen still ended up being taken away by Fu Sichen.

Fu Sichen’s residence was located in a vibrant area of the city center.

However, the exorbitant price of the high-rise building couldn’t make up for how cold the house felt.

Besides the cool-toned furniture, the only other form of decoration was a television set, and the wine that was displayed on top of the bar in his spacious living room.

Even though Pei Zhen felt pleased with himself for successfully biting Fu Sichen, he still ended up being poked and prodded by the veterinarian.

One of the injections had a tranquilizing effect. Pei Zhen was now shut in a cage. His body was limp, and he couldn’t muster a bit of strength.

Fu Sichen walked towards the sofa while speaking on the phone with his manager. “Delay the work assignment… at least for three days. Yes, I’m now the owner of a pet cat. You don’t need to worry about it. I’ll make it up somewhere in my work schedule.”

Then, like he had just thought of something, Fu Sichen turned on the television. News about Pei Zhen could be seen everywhere. The coverage was overwhelming.

“Pei Zhen’s Accident– Was It Because He Was Disheartened After Losing the Best Actor Award?”

“The Night of the Film Awards, Pei Zhen Left in a Huff.”

“Pei Zhen in Accident After Trying to Save Cat.”

The media was mainly hoping to write news reports that could go viral. With regards to this accident, many ill-intentioned reporters had even claimed that Pei Zhen had died.

What were all of these people even talking about!

They’re the ones who should be dead, not him!

He had just been about to succumb to the effects of the tranquilizer, but Pei Zhen stubbornly willed himself to stay awake. Pulling at the edge of the cage, he stared at the television. He prepared himself to go up against these ill-intentioned reporters after he had recovered.

“Pei Zhen…” The look on Fu Sichen’s face was not pleasant at all as he interrupted his manager’s tirade. “Please sort out the news reports about Pei Zhen. Give the reporters a lesson on what they can and can’t write about.”

The caged-up Pei Zhen was stunned for a moment, before starting to feel agitated all over again. He angrily yelled at Fu Sichen, “Hey! Fu Sichen! Are you trying to get all the reporters to say that I’m dead? You’re destroying my career, you evil man!”

The cat in the cage wouldn’t stop meowing. Fu Sichen assumed that he was hungry so he got up to prepare some cat food. “Keep this from Pei Zhen’s parents. Don’t let them worry about this”.