Chapter 10 - Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 10: Undead Knight Commander

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The dark creatures on this floor didn’t stop Link and his party for too long.

About three minutes later, they headed to the fifth floor. The fifth floor was also this teaching building’s highest level.

Yuna’s beautiful face suddenly became serious. “Master, there’s a very strong dark aura nearby!”

Eh? Link frowned. To be able to make the powerful Yuna take this seriously, it seems that an incredible dark creature has appeared in this conference room.


The sound of chaos could be heard from the stairwell.

It was as if the wall was collapsing, and continuous screams could be heard.

The moment they stepped onto the fifth floor, they could smell an unprecedented strong scent of blood as the wind blew toward them. They couldn’t help but frown.

The doorway was full of corpses, and there was a sticky spot under their feet. There was nowhere for them to stand.

“Ah!” Yang Xuerou suddenly exclaimed.

Link followed her gaze. The conference room’s broken door couldn’t block his view.

Corpses were all over the floor, and not one of them was a complete, whole body.

The ground was stained red and was turning black. Blood and mangled internal organs could be seen everywhere. The stench was repulsive.

In the spacious conference room, more than 200 people were barely breathing.

There were a large number of Skeleton Swordsmen and Skeleton Soldiers in the conference room’s corner, especially near the door, preventing the people inside from escaping.

On the other side, Undead Knights riding skeleton horses were neatly lined up and were ready to charge towards the remaining people.


Undead Knights came and went like the wind. The survivors—who were already exhausted—couldn’t dodge at all, and more than a dozen lives were quickly lost.

Before they could take a breather, the Undead Knights turned around and charged at them again.

“Quick... quick dodge!”

“Save me! My leg is cramping up...”

“Give me a hand!”

“Principal, go quickly!” Among the crowd, a middle-aged man with his hair combed back helped another middle-aged man with a receding hairline to dodge quickly.

The middle-aged man with a receding hairline was Lin Jian—the principal of Dragon City No. 1 Middle School.

The middle-aged man whose hair was combed back was Dragon City No. 1 Middle School’s security supervisor.

Lin Jian was old and weak; he had long lost his strength. He was only alive thanks to the security supervisor, who had been protecting him. However... the security supervisor could do nothing more.

It was likely they wouldn’t be able to dodge the Undead Knights this time.

Lin Jian’s pupils dilated sharply. At the critical moment, he grabbed the security supervisor’s arm and pushed him out with unknown strength.

“Principal, you... Ah!” The security supervisor never thought that the principal, who he had been so loyal toward, would actually push him out at this critical moment.

“Zhang Yuan... I will remember your kindness. When these creatures are gone, I will take good care of your family!” With the death of the security supervisor, Lin Jian got a pocket of time in exchange. Lin Jian clenched his teeth and rolled on the ground in a rather embarrassing manner. He managed to stay alive as he avoided the hooves of the Undead Knight’s skeletal horse!

“Ah, this old fogey... is still the same!”

Link and Yang Xuerou stood outside the door and saw everything clearly.

In the memories of his past life, Lin Jian had committed countless wrongdoings to others just before Doomsday came..

Relying on the fact that he was the principal and had many henchmen around him, he took over Dragon City No. 1 Middle School’s various resource allocations and did all the things that he didn’t dare to do before or didn’t have time to do.

Some prettier girls were unable to escape his clutches.

He was one of the culprits behind Yang Xuerou’s death. This was also just one of the disgusting things he had done.

“Shameless!” Yang Xuerou frowned and angrily scolded, “As the principal of Dragon City No. 1 Middle School, he actually exchanged the lives of the people around him for his own. What a brute!”

“Calling him a brute is being too easy on him...” Link looked away from Lin Jian. He had already given him the death sentence in his heart.

Glancing at the Skeleton Swordsman who had already noticed them, Yuna immediately greeted it with comprehension. She swung her scepter, and light poured out from her [Holy Light Purification]. Almost instantly, the dark creatures disappeared without a trace.

“Fireball!” The lights in the conference room were already damaged. It was dark inside, but a dazzling flame suddenly lit up and attacked one of the Undead Knights.

Link squinted his eyes as he looked for the person who released the [Fireball].

It was a young man in black formal attire. He was well-dressed and handsome. He looked like the standard portrayal of a tall, rich, and handsome man.

“Yan Lanxi, [Fire Sorcerer], Gold-grade [Warlock] Hidden Profession!” Link slowly remembered this person.

Yan Lanxi was from a distinguished family. His father was a major shareholder of a listed company, and his mother was an official. He was born with a silver spoon. The most annoying thing was that he was very smart and had a very high IQ. Before [Doomsday Online] started, he had been recruited by a famous foreign university. He could be described as a man who was both brilliant and wise.

Countless men hated him. However, he currently appeared battered and exhausted. His clothes were covered with dust, and he didn’t have his usual calm look. He wasn’t very high-leveled. His [Fireball] skill was at its lowest level. Every time he used this skill, he would need to rest for quite a while, but he had no problem fighting against Skeleton Soldiers and a handful of Skeleton Swordsmen.

Earlier on, his seemingly gorgeous spells had even earned him a lot of applause. Everyone treated him like a hero and flattered him, but everything changed when the Undead Knights appeared. Even though fire spells had a certain restraining effect on dark creatures, his flames were too weak.


The Undead Knight, who was targeted by Yan Lanxi, flicked its spear. The [Fireball] broke up and turned into sparks.

With a low growl, all the Undead Knights locked onto Yan Lanxi and charged forward together.

“Damn it!” Yan Lanxi immediately turned pale. He tried to dodge, but his weak physique as a [Warlock] made him unable to avoid the Undead Knights’ lock-on.

Seeing that he was about to fall into a hopeless situation, an ice-blue figure flashed by and swept him away.

“[Extreme Ice Combat Maiden] Xue Linglong, Diamond-grade [Fighter] Hidden Profession!” Link’s eyes lit up, and then he muttered, “I remember that Xue Linglong only has one arm!”

In his past life, he had never been to this conference room, or perhaps he never had a chance to do so.

Only now did he realize that these two had once been the guardians of Dragon City No. 1 Middle School’s remaining personnel and that they were both in the conference room at this time.

According to history, no more than ten of the nearly 500 people in this conference room would escape alive. Most of them were also crippled. They died outside without getting timely medical attention. They were almost all wiped out.

If I guessed correctly, Xue Linglong should have lost her arm here. Stage-two Undead Knights are not something [Doomsday Online] players can challenge at their current levels. Moreover... Link’s pupils dilated as he stared at the tallest Undead Knight in the middle.

Stage-two Undead Knight Commander, Level 7 Elite Leader.

It was almost a stage-three monster! It was so strong it drove people to desperation.

“No wonder they are so organized and disciplined...” Link suddenly comprehended the situation. “It turns out they were training soldiers!”

With the Undead Knights’ strength, the dark creatures could quickly kill all these people even if they fought separately. However, the Undead Knights charged at them repeatedly, taking their time every time. It seemed like they had started to play a game with them.

As a leader-level dark creature, the Undead Knight Commander retained some intellect. Under its commands, the other dark creatures used this group of humans to practice their charging.


Xue Linglong saved Yan Lanxi in the nick of time. Before they could catch their breath, they realized that the group of Undead Knights had locked onto their position again.

They were charging toward them at a faster speed.

“Jump out the window!” yelled Yan Lanxi. “Below is the indoor gymnasium’s viewing room. With our physical attributes, we will only be slightly hurt!”

Xue Linglong’s heart skipped a beat, and she hesitated. At this moment, the rest would be doomed if the only two people who were capable of fighting left. They wouldn’t be able to escape death.

“What are you waiting for?” Yan Lanxi roared as he turned around and jumped out the window.


The sound of glass breaking could be heard outside the window.