Chapter 9 - Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 9: Killed By The Sword In A Split Second

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Yuna’s [Holy Light Purification] was a calamity of epic proportions to this group of dark creatures.

After all the dark creatures in the immediate vicinity were wiped out in an instant, the rest that was further away seemed to have developed an instinctual fear and dared not come any closer. Unfortunately, Link wouldn’t let them off even if they didn’t attack.

Yuna’s wings vibrated, and she moved at a shocking speed. No dark creature could escape her pursuit.

[Ding! Your summoned Holy Angel has advanced to Level 4!]

After clearing all the dark creatures on the third floor, Yuna’s EXP bar had filled up, and she leveled up to Level 4. Her stats had increased again!

Yang Xuerou, who was with her, also gained a lot of EXP due to the buff she had cast on Link. She had gone directly from Level 1 to Level 4! Her level was now the same as Link!

Link glanced at his EXP bar subconsciously. It’s 85%! Tsk, there are at least 100 dark creatures on this level, which is worth 1,000 EXP at least. If it were someone else, they would have no problem gaining three levels at one go. However, I can’t even get to the next level!

A Taboo-grade profession is strong, but it really is a pain in the a*s to level up. However, I get ten times the benefits compared to others when I gain a level. The world is still fair!


Soon, everyone came to the fourth floor.

This floor was mostly dance classrooms and indoor sports fields. The terrain was empty.

When [Doomsday Online] started, these places happened to be unused. Hence, there were not many corpses on the ground. There were only some unlucky people who were trampled to death by the crowd.

At a glance, one could see five stage-two Undead Knights wandering around. There were also more than 20 Skeleton Swordsmen and a bunch of Skeleton Soldiers.

There was no need for further words. They would fight whatever they encountered.

Yuna was able to win against an Undead Knight easily at Level 1. Now that she was at Level 4, she could take three on at the same time with no trouble at all.

The last remaining Undead Knight led the Skeleton Swordsmen and Skeleton Soldiers under its command and charged toward Link fiercely.

The Undead Knight and the skeleton horse under it were nearly three meters tall together. Such a large and burly body charged at extreme speed, full of deterrence.

If it were an ordinary person, their limbs would probably go weak, and they might not even be able to dodge the attack.

Yang Xuerou turned pale. She instinctively wanted to grab Link’s sleeve for a sense of security, but she withdrew her palms rationally. In her heart, she said, I can’t obstruct him!

Link looked at this scene calmly and waited until the Undead Knight charged forward before taking any action.

He took a step forward, pressed his palm on the sword’s hilt, and yanked the sword out of its sheath.

The fiery-red sword glowed, and its target was the skeletal horse’s head!


In a classroom in Dragon City No.1 Middle School’s laboratory building.

A tall and beautiful girl was staring at the opposite teaching building. Her eyes were sharp and bright. She was unforgettable!

Beside her, a muscular man with a sad face asked, “How’s it going, Xingyao?”

“Not too optimistic!” Luo Xingyao shook her head, frowned, and said solemnly, “They are almost all dead!”

“Why?” The person was surprised. “There are so many people in the conference room, yet only a few have awakened abilities?”

Luo Xingyao said, “There are some, but not enough!”

“That means we can’t depend on them to rescue us after they get themselves out of trouble!” The man appeared dejected.

Both of them were Awakened and had exceptionally good abilities. If one was able to solo kill a Skeleton Swordsman, they were definitely talented. However, they couldn’t do much against the dark creatures that seemed to be appearing without end with their tiny bit of ability.

Now, they were trapped in this laboratory building and barely able to protect themselves.

They had thought that if they held on, they would be saved when the large group of people in the conference room broke free. It now appeared that the reality was much crueler.

The people they thought would be their saviors were now barely able to protect themselves.

“Unless there is someone who is stronger than the monster knight...” Luo Xingyao muttered. However, she knew that it was impossible as soon as she said this.

No matter how strong an individual was, what could they do in front of an army of dark creatures?

Her awakened talent was very strong, and she could easily kill most of the dark creatures that were ravaging the campus today. However, she had to escape once she encountered the knight that was on the skeleton horse!

It was simply too strong! Its speed and charging force were so immense that it was practically a small tank.

She had seen an Undead Knight smash through three to five concrete walls in succession, yet its power remained unabated.

It was so strong that people didn’t even harbor the thought of resisting.

Dragon City No. 1 Middle School had many such beings. There were more than ten in the conference room on the opposite building’s top floor. One was at least four meters tall. Just looking at it was enough to make one’s scalp go numb with fear.

In just a few charges, no fewer than 400 people in the conference room were already dead.

“Do we... really have to start trying to escape?” said the muscular man, depressed.

Luo Xingyao didn’t respond. She just looked straight at the other side.

At this moment, she appeared surprised. She suddenly put her hands on the window sill and leaned forward. She stared at the opposite teaching building’s fourth floor unblinkingly as her breathing sped up.

A slight figure was fighting an Undead Knight head-on!



The bones of the skeleton horse were as hard as rock; it was also powerful enough to easily kill an elephant with a high-speed charge.

Under the young man’s sword, it looked extremely weak.


Its skull cracked, and Red Sky instantly penetrated the skeleton horse’s head.

Afterward, a three-foot-long sword aura suddenly extended from the blade and pierced into the Undead Knight’s abdomen.

The Undead Knight suddenly froze, and the Soul Fire in its eyes flickered wildly as if in a final struggle to stay awake.

It opened its mouth to roar, but a flame burst out from its mouth before it could make a sound. The flame spread, swallowing its entire body.

“This... how is it possible?” In the laboratory building opposite the teaching building, Luo Xingyao trembled.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” The man behind her approached her quickly. He had never seen Luo Xingyao look so unnerved.

Luo Xingyao didn’t speak, but the intense emotional roller coaster in her eyes could not be hidden.

The man followed her gaze. He picked up a telescope and placed it in front of his eye. He couldn’t help but curse. “F*ck! I’m not dreaming right...”

He saw a tall Undead Knight shrouded in crimson flames without even the strength to struggle.

In just a breath’s time, it had completely turned into ash!

[Ding! Successfully killed Undead Knight +1. Gained EXP +100!]

[Ding! Cross-level kill detected. Gained an additional 100% EXP!]

Listening to the prompts, the corners of Link’s mouth curved up slightly.

The [Strength] attribute of a stage-two Undead Knight was much higher than that of the other stage-two [Doomsday Online] players except those of the [Fighter] profession.

It roughly ranged from 300 to 400!

For those stage-one [Doomsday Online] players who had yet to understand how [Doomsday Online] worked, it was a completely inaccessible area. After all, most players’ [Strength] attribute was less than 20 points.

Link was different. His [Strength] attribute was more than 700—which was nearly twice that of an Undead Knight.

Also, he had Red Sky—a sword—in his hand. Even if he had to clash with the enemy head-on, he would not lose out.

“I’m becoming less and less like a Summoner...” Link glanced at his right hand—which was holding the sword—and laughed at himself.