Chapter 7 - Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 7: Holy Heart · Invigorating Spell

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Other than his basic attributes and equipment bonus, another portion of his attributes came from the [Great Void Taboo Master]’s passive skill—Godhood Ladder! This passive skill allowed Link to gain 30% of his current summoned creature’s attributes—which was Yuna—as a bonus.

After Link had killed the Undead Knight, Yuna gained quite an amount of EXP, thereby completing her level-up.


Race: The Holy Angel race—their mission is to purify the world of dark creatures.

Grade: Super God

Level: Stage One, Level 3

Strength: 147

Intelligence: 172

Constitution: 152

Agility: 167


[Holy Light Purification]: When used on friendly units, heals their injuries, cures their illnesses, and expels the negative statuses they carry. When used on the enemy, it causes [Burn] damage and increases damage dealt to dark creatures by 100%.

[Holy Light Blessing]: Yuna imposes a shield on friendly units, which can resist all damage caused by creatures lower-leveled than her. Each release can resist damage up to ten times!

Status: [Aura of the Gods] (All attributes +30%)

Yuna was a Super God-grade summoned creature. For every level she advanced, she would gain a bonus 40 points to each attribute. Just presently, it was enough to gain more than 40 bonus points to each attribute per level-up. This was already equivalent to the attribute growth of seven or eight levels for ordinary [Doomsday Online] players.

Virtually absurd!

The corner of Link’s mouth curled as he self-mockingly said, “Tsk tsk... I don’t even know whether I’m still considered a normal Summoner!”

Even when looking at his past life, he had never seen any Summoner whose personal attributes were so much stronger than that of their summoned creatures. In this way, the weakest link for Summoners was also non-existent to Link.

If someone believed that bypassing the summoned creature and directly attacking and killing Link would win them the battle in the future, then reality would teach them what was known as cruelty!

At first glance, currently, Yuna’s attributes were much lower than that of Link, but Link understood that Yuna’s attributes could grow. Once she reached Stage Two, Stage Three, or even higher... Even alone, she would be able to ward off the majority of the formidable enemies in this world for Link.

By then, the attribute bonuses that she provided to Link would also be even more plentiful.


“Link, look!” Beside him, Yang Xuerou suddenly pointed to the teaching building right ahead with an anxious look.

Link lifted his head to look over and shockingly found that an Undead Knight was leading a team of Skeleton Swordsmen to slaughter the students inside the school.

At present, the students had just received their professions’ strength. The majority of them had not even figured out their own profession. Often, only the joint efforts of four to five people could tackle a Skeleton Swordsman. Against an Undead Knight, they stood no chance at all.

Such were indeed the facts too. A charge by an Undead Knight could leave a crowd of people severely injured. With a thrust of its spear, it would reap one fresh life.

Within a mere half a minute’s time, that Undead Knight made two trips back and forth, already harvesting a dozen students’ lives.

Awful shrieks repeatedly sounded inside the teaching building, adding a few more hints of terror to this bloody scene.

Yang Xuerou looked at Link and asked, “Link, can you save them?” She had asked whether he could or not, and not directly begging Link to save them because those dark creatures that had occupied the teaching building were too frightening. An ordinary person would be as good as dead once they encountered them.

Even though Link appeared to be powerful, Yang Xuerou wasn’t confident whether he would be able to escape unscathed from the terrifying encirclement of those dark creatures.

Persuading another person to take risks for some people’s lives was very unfair itself. Yang Xuerou was very kind, but she did not lack reason. The fact she was able to maintain such thinking in such a moment where doomsday had arrived really made Link very surprised.

Link nodded and said, “I can!”

Before the joy in Yang Xuerou’s eyes emerged, Link went on coolly, “But I have no obligation to save them! Teacher, doomsday has arrived. The rules of this world have become entirely different from before! You can continue to remain kind, but you have to learn to be cold-blooded! Kindness will put you in a crisis, but cold-bloodedness can save your life in a critical moment!”

Listening to Link’s serious words, Yang Xuerou was stunned. Indeed, the present her could not completely understand Link’s words, but she did not say anything more either. She only bowed her head.

Link looked at her. The corner of his lips lifted all of a sudden, and he said, “However, they’re very lucky. I happen to need the lives of those dark creatures to strengthen myself!”

“Follow me closely. I will teach you some simple application of abilities. Try your best to get some assists to pick up some EXP...” With that, he held [Red Sky] and walked toward the teaching building step by step.

Behind him, Angel Yuna fluttered her wings and followed.

Yang Xuerou faltered for a moment before her eyes curled up into a smile, and she followed him with quick steps.


The corridor that was originally considered rather spacious was already full of bodies now.

Fresh blood started flowing down from an unknown place. Blood was everywhere—on the handrails and the stairs.

Not a single clean stepping ground could be seen.

A strong metallic scent filled the entire space, making one sick to the stomach.

In the first moment Yang Xuerou stepped into this teaching building, her pretty face had already become ghastly pale.

Link took a glance at her and said nonchalantly, “Priests have a basic skill called [Invigorating Spell]. It can rejuvenate a human body’s energy spirit in a short time and allow a sleepy, exhausted person to be full of spirit!”

“Given your profession talent, there should be a similar enhanced edition of the skill... Close your eyes and properly contemplate the ability inside your body...”

As it goes, all roads lead to Rome. Although Link was a Summoner in his previous life, he had reached a certain height and met too many powerhouses and enemies. He essentially knew the various professions’ abilities like the back of his hand.

He wasn’t all-rounded, but he would have no problem guiding a newbie like Yang Xuerou.

For the skills of each profession in [Doomsday Online], other than making use of skill books to master them directly, one could also gain them through one’s own comprehension. More often than not, the skills that came from one’s own comprehension would fit one better than the skills learned from skill books.

“I feel it... a warm force...” Yang Xuerou was indeed very talented. Under Link’s brief guidance, she very quickly learned to employ the power inside her body. A milky white ray then spread out from within her.

A warm aura enveloped the duo.

Link instantly felt much more energetic.

[Ding! You have received the blessing effect of Holy Heart · Invigorating Spell. Injuries healed, and the speed of vigor restoration is increased by 50%. Duration: 30 minutes!]

Ha, it was indeed an enhanced edition? On top of restoring vigor, it can even speed up the healing of injuries. This skill is virtually an endurance artifact in battles! Most importantly, the duration is a full 30 minutes. For ordinary Priests, the [Invigorating Spell] they cast can only last about ten minutes. The effects are also nothing close to this.

“How do you feel?” Link asked with a smile.

“Much better! It feels like I’ve slept as long as I like!” A speck of surprise flashed across Yang Xuerou’s eyes. Such an inconceivable force being employed from her own hand literally felt like a dream.