Chapter 8 - Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 8: Demon Sealing Arrow Luo Xingyao

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Angel Yuna led the way. Link and Yang Xuerou appeared extremely comfortable. If it weren’t for the broken limbs scattered all over the ground, one might have thought they were shopping.

Before Doomsday arrived, classes were taking place at Dragon City No. 1 Middle School.

The population of this teaching building was horribly dense. Perhaps that was the reason why there were more dark creatures than other emptier campuses.


There was non-stop howling. Occasionally, one could hear ear-piercing screams from upstairs and downstairs. They were mostly from the girls.

They were born with weak bodies. Coupled with indulgent lifestyles, they were unable to do anything except scream when faced with danger. They couldn’t even escape.

It was a pity they were trapped in such a situation. Unless they were trained in the Lion Roar and could stun dark creatures, they could only scream their lungs out!

Oh, no! Their screams still served some purpose. The screams could attract more dark creatures to come and tear them apart!


“Link, look!” They had come to the window of a classroom on the second floor.

They looked in through the window.

More than ten corpses were lying on the ground. One could no longer imagine how they looked when they were alive.

There was blood everywhere. It had already coagulated, and the ground was stained black. The air was also filled with a disgusting stench.

In the corner, a boy and a girl were holding each other, trembling.

“Don’t kill us, don’t kill us...”

The couple’s eyes were expressionless. It seemed they were terror-stricken. They hugged each other tightly like a drowning person clutching straw.

The Skeleton Swordsman didn’t care about their begs for mercy. It grinned widely, baring its fangs. It raised its long sword and slashed straight down.

The slash would cut off their heads cleanly.

Upon seeing this, the couple’s eyes were suddenly filled with despair and fear. They couldn’t even scream. It was as if something was strangling them.

“Link!” Yang Xuerou appeared anxious as she grabbed Link’s sleeve. She was speechless.

Link grabbed her hand and shook his head. “It’s okay!” As he said that, they could hear the wind gush.

An arrow enveloped with blue energy shot through the window at the other end of the classroom and pierced straight through the Skeleton Swordsman’s forehead.

The Skeleton Swordsman sensed danger and lifted its head immediately. However, it was too late!

The arrow was extremely fast and powerful. In the blink of an eye, it went through the Skeleton’s forehead and penetrated its [Soul Fire].


The Skeleton Swordsman fell to the ground with a thump.

The couple was shocked by the unexpected turn of events. When they recovered from their surprise, they quickly dashed for the exit.

When she saw them in the corridor, Yang Xuerou subconsciously asked, “Are you alright...”

Both of them were momentarily stunned. It seemed they didn’t expect to see their teacher here. However, this was just for a moment. Without saying a thing, they ran straight toward the staircase.


At that moment, a group of Skeleton Swordsmen appeared nearby.

They had sensed Link and his party and charged toward them, roaring. They slashed frantically with their longswords.

Without waiting for Link to say anything, Angel Yuna humphed and greeted them with her wings.

A holy light shone as she swung her cross scepter like a club.

Every swing that hit the Skeleton Swordsmen was like the blazing sun’s rays on residual frost, purifying and eroding them.

In what seemed like the time it took to take a breath, more than ten Skeleton Swordsmen turned into ashes.

The leveled-up Yuna dealt with these low-leveled dark creatures like cutting vegetables.


Seeing such a scene, Yang Xuerou calmed down. She turned around and found an amused Link staring at the scene in the classroom. “Link, what are you looking at?”

She followed his gaze but could only see a broken hole in the window at the other end of the classroom.

“Demon Sealing Arrow...” Link mumbled as the corners of his mouth curved up. “I didn’t expect to meet that haughty lass here!”

Demon Sealing Arrow Luo Xingyao, one of the top ten masters in the former Top 100 Human Alliance League.

The [Archer] profession was the well-deserved king among all professions. In that era, the [Archer] profession was closely associated with the name ‘Luo Xingyao.’ Although she was female, nobody dared to underestimate her ability.

There were countless masters in the Human Alliance. Yet, eight or nine out of ten didn’t dare to face Luo Xingyao’s arrows head-on. Her style was extraordinary, and her whereabouts were ethereal. She often wore a cold expression as if nothing could affect her.

Only Link knew that that lass was haughty but warm-hearted.


“Who?” Yang Xuerou didn’t understand.

“Nothing!” Link shook his head, turned around, and asked, “Today... Is something big going on in the school?”

Yang Xuerou paused, thought for a while, then said, “The National Mathematics Competition ended some time ago. Our school took first place. If I remember correctly, today should be the awards ceremony!”

“So, that’s why...” Link came to a sudden realization. He was utterly indifferent to these things.

“What is it?”

“Most of the dark creatures in this building are gathered upstairs. They should be attracted by the dense number of people on the top floor!”

The top floor of this teaching building was the largest conference room in Dragon City No. 1 Middle School.

It was able to accommodate 2,000 people! The whole school’s teachers and students would gather there for the first class every year.

“What?” Yang Xuerou’s expression changed. “Isn’t it very dangerous up there, then? The two students from just now went upstairs as well!”

Link pouted and said, “There are a lot of people on the top floor, and there is sufficient security. It shouldn’t be too bad... However, I can’t assure the safety of the two students who just went up!” Although he said so, Link knew that it was almost impossible for them to get to the top floor via the staircase with this number of dark creatures around.


Just as he thought that, they heard two sharp screams from above them.

Yang Xuerou turned pale. She could tell that the screams belonged to the two students. Guilt could be seen on her face. She should have stopped them. If she had, nothing would have happened then!

Link knew what she was thinking. He comforted her and said, “Everyone has their own fate. There’s not much you can do about it, nor does it have anything to do with you...”

Yang Xuerou shook her head. It was obvious she couldn’t accept what Link said.

Link sighed in his heart. It was not simple for a kind-hearted person to learn how to be cold-hearted. But after thinking carefully, if Yang Xuerou was not so compassionate, she wouldn’t stand a chance of becoming a legendary Holy Priest!

“Alright, stop thinking!” He patted her shoulder and said, “Let’s go up. I hope they can hold on until we arrive!”


The number of corpses on every level increased as they went up.

In some corners, the corpses were stacked up like mountains.

Some corpses were torn apart by dark creatures; others were trampled to death.

Everyone climbed up the staircase for their lives. In order to avoid the killing demons behind them, they forgot the demons in their hearts. This was human nature during Doomsday.

As Link had expected, the number of dark creatures upstairs was several times more.

When the dark creatures saw Link and his party, they madly charged toward them.

“Holy Light Purification!” Yuna raised her staff high, and a holy ray baptized the surrounding like the sun’s rays.

The undifferentiated ranged attack caused all the dark creatures within ten meters of the surrounding area to erode.

[Ding! Successfully killed Skeleton Soldier +1. Gained EXP +1]


[Ding! Successfully killed Skeleton Swordsman +1. Gained EXP +10]

[Ding! Successfully killed Skeleton Swordsman +1. Gained EXP +10]