Chapter 5 - 100 Billion Doted On ( Machine Translation )

Chapter 5: Chapter 005 was now over

Author: DawnMachine Translation

"Zuo Aiai, what's wrong? Did something happen?"

Zuo Aiai didn't answer her question. Instead, she shook her wine glass and shouted at the handsome man with long hair sitting at the bar, "Husband Leiting, have another glass!" ​​

Hearing this, Leiting glanced at her and snapped back rudely, "Drunkard, I don't want a wife like you!"

Leiting was a well-known figure in the circle. Not only was he handsome, but he was also the boss of the biggest gang in Binhai City.

He'd opened the most prosperous nightclub in the city center. For ten years, business had been booming. No one in the black and white circles had dared to make trouble with him.

In Binhai City, and indeed the whole country, the two only people who would have dared to talk to Leiting like that were Lei Xiaoxiao and Zuo Aiai.

"Don't be like that, husband Leiting...come and comfort my hurt heart. I want to drink whiskey this time. You can open a bottle of hard liquor that I wouldn't have dreamed of drinking before today!"

"Isn't he just a man? Is he worth getting drunk like this over? Chen Ziyi is nothing. If he dares to hurt you today, I'll have his arm broken tomorrow!"

"LEITING! Don't! Don't hurt Ziyi!" Knowing that Leiting had always been a man of his word, Zuo Aiai shouted without thinking.

Lei Xiaoxiao shook her head and sighed "Zuo Aiai, sometimes I really don't know how to say that it's good to be cold and infatuated. If you love him, why did you spend so many years apart? I've already told you about Chen Ziyi's promiscuous behavior. But you just endure it and even prepare some anniversary gift for him And this is how he treats you in return! He's a scumbag. He wants to marry you and sleep with your sister. Who does he think he is? Even if you were a little arrogant in the past, you shouldn't have made it up to him by letting him treat you like this."

"Xiaoxiao, don't talk about him like that. Forget it, forget it... it's over now. I owed him back then, and now I've paid him back. From now on, let's go our separate ways," she said in a muffled voice as she took another sip of whiskey.

Leiting, who was sitting on her other side, couldn’t stand it anymore. He snatched her wineglass away. “Why should we go our separate ways? You’ve kept your virginity for him for so many years. You even swallowed your anger when you knew that he was fooling around with other women. Now that he wants to break off the engagement with you, you’re just going to let it go? Are you out of your mind? Even when he treats you like this, you still want to protect him. Do you even know how much better you are to him than he deserves?”

"Forget it. I'm going to the washroom." Even though she had been acting calm around her friends, her heart was filled with pain.

Leiting looked at her swaying body and frowned. "This is Zuo Aiai's first time drinking such strong alcohol. She wouldn't have taken the wrong way to get to the washroom, would she?"

"It's just a cup of should be fine, right?"


"Our Mr. Chen just ordered the stage for Mr. Jin. Why isn't she here yet?" A fat man in a suit standing in the corridor wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"Yes, she just arrived the day before yesterday. Her stage name is The Number One Jewel."

"Where is she now? Mr. Jin is here, but this girl hasn't arrived yet. She's ruined Mr. Chen's business. Can you guys afford to pay for it?"

"She should be on her way..." the waiter began to apologize, but the fat man kept scolding him arrogantly.

But just at that moment, a woman who had been leaning against the wall stumbled over.