Chapter 5 - 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 5: Fated to Brush Past Each Other

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City A’s outmoded slum.

The outmoded and dilapidated houses, dirty and stinky streets, the clustered crowd of people—all corners portrayed the hardship of living in the lowest level of city life. The surrounding high buildings stood in contrast against this run-down area.

Pulling her small luggage, Cheng Anya got out of the crowded street.

“Anya, have a good time with your aunt in England and study well. Don’t worry about dad. I have let you down.” After crying for a night, Daddy Cheng’s eyes were red and swollen. Ever since he married Lin Li’s mom, he was ashamed of himself when facing Anya. “Dad is incompetent. I have been mediocre my whole life and could not do anything for you. Luckily, your aunt could send you abroad so you don’t have to suffer with me. This way, I can also answer your mom.”

“Dad, don’t say that.” Cheng Anya hugged her dad, “Although I am going to England, it is not as if I am not coming back. Rest assured, Dad. I will return and let you lead an enjoyable life.”

“Brother-in-law, you can rest assured. I will take good care of Anya,” said Gu Meiling lovingly.

“Dad, Lin Li has got her hands dirty outside, owing people a lot of money. Please don’t get involved and live well. She is now a grown-up who could handle her own business. Remember that you have no obligation to do anything for her.” This was Cheng Anya’s greatest worry.

Daddy Cheng nodded.

After she returned home that day, Cheng Anya gave Lin Li a round of beating directly. Although she looked pure in appearance, she had an extreme temperament deep inside. Lin Li had no choice but to confess everything. She had not given up, however, and was still thinking of ways to sell Anya to the underground market. Fortunately, her aunt was sending her to England for further studies. Otherwise, she would not have been able to escape. Deep down in her heart, she was very worried about her dad.

Looking at her dad’s slightly bent figure, Cheng Anya’s tears flowed down as the taxi drifted away.

Dad, wait for me to return. I will give you a good life.

A silver sports stopped at the traffic light. Third Young Master Ye’s temper had been very bad recently. He was returning to the United States soon, yet he still could not locate the damned girl.

She would definitely be skinned alive if she was caught. Nobody had ever dared to make a fool out of him, Ye Chen. He would make sure to find her even if she ran to the ends of the earth and make her pay for the price.

The girl’s pair of bright and beautiful eyes were so charming!

Her taste was also very charming, making people addicted.

Damned naughty girl!

That night was not the first time they met. He had already seen her before at the beach and was deeply captivated by her. Yet, she humiliated him at the bar. He would never forgive her!

Third Young Master Ye could not take it lying down that that was the end for the both of them. There was a constant voice in his heart shouting out incessantly that it must be her, but he did not reject that kind of special feeling which made his heart palpitate.

His slender eyebrows rose slightly in surprise. Was that the naughty girl?

Inside the taxi, Cheng Anya did not notice Third Young Master Ye’s gaze; she was staring at the amulet her father gave her.

The cars started to move when the traffic light changed color. It was the peak hour with terrific traffic flow. Ye Chen followed closely in fear that he would lose her.

Driving in this way was very dangerous.

As the taxi turned around the corner, Ye Chen became anxious. He cut across lanes without care and turned at a high speed. That was when tragedy struck. A speeding truck collided severely with his sports car from the back. Ye Chen overturned together with his car several times…

Naughty girl, don’t leave…

That was the only thought Ye Chen strongly persisted on before slipping into a coma.

In the car, Cheng Anya’s thought process halted as her heart stung. Distracted, she turned her head around to look back. Was someone calling for her?

“An accident took place on the highway,” said the driver.

Cheng Anya felt uneasy, and it took her a long time before she finally calmed down.

While Ye Chen was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, Cheng Anya boarded the flight to England.

The young lady smiled brightly and shouted, “Great motherland, wait for my return to honor you!”