Chapter 4 - 100m Yuan Wife: Buy One Get One

Chapter 4: Third Young Master Ye’s Hundred-Yuan Prostitution Earnings

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A confusing, but passionate, night passed.

Cheng Anya cursed Ye Chen a million times in her heart viciously when she woke up to a sore body in the morning.

Damn it, this man is simply a beast through and through!

Be it pinch marks or love bites, her whole body was imprinted with countless traces of bruises courtesy of him. While cursing Ye Chen’s eighteen generations of ancestors, Cheng Anya deliberately ignored the glaring scratch marks she left on his back.

She spent a Herculean effort to release her little body from the man’s tight embrace. As the sky brightened by the minute, she hurriedly put on her clothes. Cheng Anya could not help but cursed Ye Chen a few more times when she felt the pulling pain on her lower body. With great difficulty, she was finally dressed. Stuffing her hands into her pocket, Cheng Anya found out she only had a hundred yuan.

Using a hundred yuan to buy ten million yuan’s worth of joss paper should suffice, right?

Who cares! He was the one who took full advantage of her, whereas she was the one at a disadvantage. His advance payment was insufficient.

After spending a hundred yuan, her heart ached extremely. She must have been out of her mind to have spent money to inflict pain on herself.

According to Cheng Anya’s calculations, Third Young Master Ye’s worth only amounted to a hundred yuan; it was pretty cheap. If Third Young Master Ye knew of her thoughts, he would probably have vomited blood.

With this thought in mind, Cheng Anya placed the money on the table to keep a clear conscience. She tore a piece of white paper and jotted down a few words.

‘Damn beast, here is the money for your prostitution service! Bye!’

Cheng Anya left the room surreptitiously like an escapee and fled!

She needed to go home and settle the scores with Lin Li. How dared she drug her! Was she tired of living?!

In case he really wanted to demand ten million yuan from her, she would not be able to procure such a sum even if a hundred of her were sold.

When Third Young Master Ye woke up, the sky was already bright. He pulled a pillow into his arms, hugging it comfortably for a moment. His eyes opened abruptly when he felt something was not right—that he was the only person left in the room!

His eyes squinted slightly upon realization. His enchanting facial features were instantly dyed with ominous colors, looking lazy but deadly under the morning light.

Damned bitch who deserves to die.

She actually escaped?

Escape, then. No one has ever escaped from his, Ye Chen’s, palms before. This naughty girl’s taste wasn’t bad.

He was quite intrigued. Third Young Master Ye was now the typical greedy sort who wanted more after tasting.

As he caught a glimpse of an eye-catching hundred-dollar pink note on the table, a bad premonition arose. Ye Chen’s eyes narrowed into slits. It had better not be what he was thinking of.

Obviously, he underestimated Cheng Anya’s demonic nature.

When he read the gracefully written words, Ye Chen’s eyes sank. A murderous aura akin to the King of Hades’ surged from head to toe.


A hundred yuan?

Prostitution money?

Good, very good!

As he balled up the paper with one hand, Third Young Master Ye smiled crookedly.