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He Xun looked at Chen Wei’er. His eyes were dark and gloomy. “Really?”

“I will prove it with time!” Chen Wei’er also knew what she had done, so it was understandable that no one would believe her. She turned around and left the ward, but just as she reached the door, she heard Chen Anhe whispering to He Xun, “You keep an eye on her for the next two days. I’m afraid she’s planning something big!”

When Chen Wei’er heard this, she staggered and almost hit the door. This was truly something her biological mother would say.


Chen Wei’er was sitting in He Xun’s car while looking at the scenery outside. She turned her head and said, “This isn’t the way back to the Dongting Lake Villa, is it?”

He Xun, who had been sitting silently at the side, spoke up. “I’m going back to the He family for dinner today. ”

Chen Wei’er’s face was full of shock. She subconsciously looked down at what she was wearing. A fiery red dress. This wasn’t appropriate. She had just done something like that, and now she was wearing this to the He family’s house for dinner. It was too ostentatious.

“I’ve always helped you to stop them when you didn’t want to go in the past. But today is my dad’s birthday.” Seeing her unsightly expression, He Xun thought that she didn’t want to see the He family as usual. His voice couldn’t help but turn colder. “I’ve forgotten that you’ve never cared about the He family.”

“I…” Chen Wei’er wanted to explain.

“Chen Wei’er! I’m warning you, if you dare to cause trouble in the He family, I’ll kill Nie Suijing!” He Xun’s gaze was like a cold arrow, interrupting Chen Wei’er’s words. He didn’t want to listen to her words of resistance.

Chen Wei’er clenched her fist and said with a trembling voice, “I… I just feel that what I’m wearing isn’t very suitable. Can I change my clothes…”

“You want to take the chance to run again?” He Xun didn’t give her the chance at all. “Finish your meal in peace. We’ll go back tomorrow morning.”

Hearing this, Chen Wei’er stopped talking. After all, she had indeed gone to the mall and ran out of the bathroom to go on a date with Nie Suijing, but she was quickly caught by He Xun.

However, wait… If she returned to Dongting Lake Villa tomorrow morning, would she be sleeping at the He family’s house tonight? This news immediately cheered Chen Wei’er up. This time, she would be a qualified Mrs. He, but today was Old Master He’s birthday. Chen Wei’er thought of something, and her smile froze on her face. In other words, on this day in her previous life, she had made a fuss to see Nie Suijing, causing He Xun to end up injured. It was precisely Old Master He’s birthday banquet.

Chen Wei’er looked at the man beside her and saw that the man was also looking at her. However, there was coldness in his eyes that she had never seen before.

Even in her previous life, when she had tormented him with all her might, his gaze had never been so cold. The two of them looked at each other for a while, and He Xun was the first to turn his head away from her.

Chen Wei’er wanted to say something, but she shut her mouth in the end. She had hurt him so deeply in the past, so it was no wonder that He Xun didn’t believe her. Thinking of what she had done, Chen Wei’er wanted to beat herself to death.

Soon, when the car stopped in front of the He family’s old house, Chen Wei’er saw a girl walking over with a gift box.

Very good! The heavens had given her a chance to start over from today. A “formidable enemy” had been arranged for her on the very first day!

He Xun was the third son in the family. His mother was an elderly woman when she gave birth to him. She died during labor. When He Xun was one year old, Old Master He hurriedly married a young woman who gave birth to a daughter, He Yeli.

The woman who was walking over was He Xun’s stepmother’s niece. She was also He Xun’s sister, Luo Xinrui, who had no blood relationship with him.

This seemingly sweet and obedient girl had framed her in the He family. She had cruelly rolled down the stairs and took the opportunity to throw herself into He Xun’s arms and cry aggrievedly. Her small face made people feel even more pitiful.

Initially, Chen Wei’er didn’t have any feelings for He Xun and had always wanted a divorce. She didn’t care about Luo Xinrui’s blatant seduction and didn’t have any excuses. But it was different now. Chen Wei’er wanted to live a good life with He Xun. When facing a woman who wanted to seduce her husband, she was naturally aggressive and acted like she was He Xun’s wife!

With this in mind, Chen Wei’er put on an elegant look, opened the car door, and walked out. Just as she was about to reach out to hold He Xun, she saw that He Xun, this cold man, had already started to chat with Luo Xinrui. He didn’t even look at her!

Chen Wei’er took a deep breath. Sooner or later, she would make this cold man submit to her. She made up her mind. Her face didn’t change as she gently wrapped her arms around He Xun’s arm. Her body even seemed to inadvertently rub against He Xun’s arm twice.

He Xun was taken aback. He lowered his head and looked at Chen Wei’er. His cold gaze almost made Chen Wei’er withdraw her hand, but she had to remain calm. She smiled sweetly and said, “Hubby, Sister Xinrui is still watching. I’ll let you take a good look when we get home!”

Chen Wei’er had never talked to anyone before. She couldn’t help but tremble a little. She didn’t know if it was her imagination, but she felt that He Xun was also trembling a little.

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