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“Brother and Sister-in-law are so close. Let’s go in then. Aunt and the others must have waited for a long time.” Luo Xinrui smiled.

It had to be said that Luo Xinrui was worthy of being called a formidable opponent. Chen Wei’er secretly observed her expression and found that Luo Xinrui was still as relaxed as usual.

He Xun was tall and naturally had a pair of long legs, so Chen Wei’er had to jog to keep up with his pace. She couldn’t help but mutter, “I didn’t realize you could walk so fast before! Those who don’t know better would think that you’re going to participate in a race walking competition.”


“What did you just say?” He Xun heard her say something in a low voice and turned to ask.

“I said your legs are long! They look even longer than when you’re not wearing pants!” Chen Wei’er spoke casually, but the others didn’t listen casually at all.

He Xun stopped in his tracks. Even Luo Xinrui, who had been trying her best to pretend to be generous, almost collapsed!

When Chen Wei’er saw the reaction of the two, she realized what she had said. However, Chen Wei’er’s smile became even more brilliant. She had never realized that she was so good at saying sweet nothings. It was simply a perfect score! She clapped for herself in her heart.

“Why don’t you come in?” Luo Qionglan came out to welcome the guests. When she saw He Xun and the other two, she pulled Luo Xinrui along with a loving expression and nodded politely to He Xun and Chen Wei’er.

Chen Wei’er thought to herself, ‘She’s indeed my aunt. She doesn’t even have the patience to pretend to be patient with her stepson and his wife.’

Chen Wei’er naturally returned a polite smile. After all, He Xun’s relationship with his father and his stepmother was only average. He only attended the banquet because of his reputation. The He family was noble, and any small movements would be discovered by others. No matter how the family was, they couldn’t let outsiders see them as a joke.

Now, Chen Wei’er wanted to mend her relationship with He Xun and wouldn’t let others think that they had a bad relationship. She immediately stuck to He Xun and sweetly called him “hubby”.

This charming voice made Luo Qionglan and Luo Xinrui, who were having an intimate conversation, shiver. They couldn’t believe it.

They couldn’t be blamed for being like this. After all, in the past, when Chen Wei’er came to the He family, she didn’t know how to smile, didn’t even talk, and didn’t have any interaction with He Xun. They were like two strangers, but now, they looked like they were newly married.

He Xun didn’t have any reaction, but this person had always been like this. No matter what happened, he was always calm and composed. Chen Wei’er’s confidence weakened with every step she took with him. She had already expressed her goodwill, but He Xun was still indifferent. Did he truly not like her?

In her previous life, He Xun had been alone after his divorce only because he had been clean and honest. No desire for women?

Thinking back to the two years they had been married, he had only expressed the idea of having a close conversation on the first night of their wedding, but he had never mentioned it again after she rejected him. So, he was a man without desires?

Chen Wei’er pouted. How could she repair such a relationship?

“He Xun, why are you so late?” A serious male voice interrupted Chen Wei’er’s thoughts. She looked at the person who had come, and her small face instantly turned bitter.

The person was wearing a white linen Tang suit. He was about 40 years old and had a serious expression, giving off an imposing aura. He was He Xun’s elder brother, He Zui, and also the person Chen Wei’er was most afraid of.

When He Xun was born, He Zui was already in his twenties. The two of them were more like father and son because He Zui had taken care of He Xun while he was growing up. While Old Master He, also known as He Qiu Shan, was busy getting married, He Zui had already moved out of the He family with He Xun.

He Zui could bear the pain of his mother’s death and could bear the thought of his father remarrying. However, he could not accept that his father would marry a woman who was three years younger than him after his mother’s death!

From then on, He Zui’s and He Qiu Shan’s relationship was like fire and water. Other than important festivals, He Zui would not return. As he grew older, He Zui’s influence infiltrated the He group. When He Xun came of age, he completely took over He Qiu Shan’s position and transferred the company to He Xun. He even set up his own business outside and had never married.

The scholarly-looking man standing beside He Zui was He Xun’s second brother, He Song, who was fifteen years older than He Xun. He had liked to read since he was young. However, he only looked gentle on the outside. He was extremely stubborn. When He Qiu Shan remarried, he extorted a sum of money and went abroad alone. He had also returned to He Zui’s home during the holidays. He was currently a professor at a famous school, and his wife was a professor at the same school.

“Elder Brother, Second Brother, there was a traffic jam on the road. I was delayed.” He Xun also walked up to the two of them, and Chen Wei ‘er also greeted them in a low voice.

“Hmph!” He Zui didn’t give Chen Wei’er a good look. She touched her nose awkwardly. Instead, He Song stepped forward and smiled. “Sister-in-law, you’re just in time. Your second sister-in-law is upstairs with Youyou. That child is getting more and more mischievous. You should go and help your second sister-in-law.”

“Alright,” he said. Chen Wei’er nodded, then raised her head and said to He Xun, “I’ll head over first. Call me if you need anything.”

“Yes.” He Xun was still expressionless. He Song saw that his brother’s eyes were focused on Chen Wei’er who was going upstairs. He smiled and said, “She seems a little different…”

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