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At that time, Chen Wei’er’s heart didn’t ache for He Xun at all. Instead, she went to He Xun’s bed every day to ask for a divorce. She didn’t even hesitate to use her death to force him. The weak He Xun looked at her for a long time and said faintly, “I agree to the divorce and give you your freedom.”

At that time, Chen Wei’er was so happy that she almost cried. As a result, she welcomed the most unbearable and embarrassing life.

Chen Wei’er’s heart was filled with unspeakable guilt, but she also couldn’t help but rejoice. Fortunately, she could start over again! After sorting out her emotions, Chen Wei’er walked out of the bathroom and met He Xun’s and Chen Anhe’s suspicious eyes. She smiled embarrassedly. “Um… Maybe my brain is truly fried…”


Chen Anhe didn’t expect her daughter to have such a reaction. It was rare for her daughter to stop making a fuss, and she was still a little unused to it.

A look of surprise flashed across He Xun’s face, but his tone was calm. “Since you’re fine, let’s go home.”

“Yes.” Chen Wei’er nodded obediently. When she passed by He Xun, she suddenly stopped in her tracks. She thought of something and suddenly lifted He Xun’s shirt that was tucked into his suit pants, revealing his eight-pack abs. “Fortunately, there’s no knife scar.”

“What are you doing!” He Xun’s breathing stopped as he stiffly pinched her wrist. His voice was a little hoarse. “You still want to make trouble?”

“I didn’t.” Chen Wei’er was a little innocent. She just wanted to confirm whether He Xun had been stabbed so that she could confirm the exact time to start over. However, this man’s sudden stern words made her a little embarrassed. She was only looking at his stomach, not his backside. What was he doing…

“Wei’er, you two can flirt when you get home. This is a hospital, and there are many people,” Chen Anhe winked and hinted at Chen Wei’er.

Chen Wei’er went along with Chen Anhe’s words, “I’m sorry. I have a fever, and my brain isn’t very clear. I’ll help you sort it out.” After saying that, she reached out and was about to tuck He Xun’s shirt into his belt.

“I’ll do it myself.” He Xun took a few steps back stiffly, shook off her hand, and turned around to rush into the bathroom.

“Chen Wei’er! What are you trying to do now?” Chen Anhe was so angry that she directly called out her full name. She pulled her daughter to her side and warned her in a low voice. “I’m telling you, He Xun can’t possibly indulge you all the time. You’ve been married for two years, and you’ve caused so many scandals. How much did He Xun spend to suppress it? It’s not like you don’t know about this. If you continue to make a fuss and truly divorce him, you’ll regret giving up on such a good man like He Xun!”

“Mom, I understand. I’ve thought it through. I’ll live a good life with He Xun in the future.” Chen Wei’er’s voice was muffled. In her previous life, she had already jumped into Nie Suijing’s fire pit. Since she had to start over again, she wouldn’t be muddled.

“Really?” Chen Anhe didn’t dare to believe it. Chen Wei’er genuinely agreed so readily? Whatever the case was, Chen Anhe still patted her daughter’s head in relief. “It’s great that you can think this way. What kind of people have I not seen? Nie Suijing doesn’t have you in his eyes. He’s not a good person.”

“Thank you, Mom!” Chen Wei’er threw herself into Chen Anhe’s arms and held back her tears.

“Are you done packing?” He Xun had already tidied up his clothes as if nothing had happened.

“There’s no need to pack up. We don’t need anything here.” Chen Wei’er leaned into Chen Anhe’s arms. Nie Suijing had touched all the clothes she had brought. She felt disgusted just thinking about it.

“You don’t want it?” He Xun closed his palms slightly. The clothes he had packed for her were her favorite ones. Was she going to throw them away because he had packed them? Had she already hated him to this extent?

“Well, throw it away. I still have money on my card. I don’t want the clothes at home. And this hair, it’s too long. I’ll cut it tomorrow.” Chen Wei’er looked at her waist-length hair in disgust. She felt disgusted when she thought of how Nie Suijing had held her long hair and lowered his head to kiss her when they had eloped. At this moment, Chen Wei’er’s nerves suddenly jolted. Why did she give up on this tall and handsome husband in front of her and fall for a greasy man like Nie Suijing? She would rather bear a bad reputation, abandon her mother, and elope with someone else?

Chen Wei’er was still wondering if there was something wrong with her brain. She looked up and saw two shocked faces. “What’s wrong?”

“Wei er, you want a short haircut? Don’t you treasure your hair the most?” As Chen Anhe spoke, she raised her hand to touch her daughter’s forehead and whispered, “You’re right, you’re not running a fever anymore. Did the fever make you stupid? No wonder you’re so well-behaved today.”

Chen Wei’er helplessly cleared her throat. “Cough, cough! I know I’ve done a lot of wrong things in the past. Just think of it as me being stupid! But I’ve thought it through now. I want to be a brand new Chen Wei’er! I can start by cutting my hair. ”

After Chen Wei’er finished speaking, she found that her mother and He Xun both had looks of disbelief on their faces. She turned around and saw her cell phone. She rushed over and took out her cell phone card without saying a word. She broke it and deleted all the contact information that she had. She blocked Nie Suijing in front of the two. “I truly don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. He Xun, I want to live a good life with you!”

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