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“Hmph! How was it different? Shameless woman! Third Brother, what are you thinking? Why haven’t you divorced her yet?” He Zui sneered.

“Divorce is very troublesome. Besides, it’s hard to explain to the old master.” When He Xun spoke, there was an unreadable expression in his eyes.

“Alright, let’s get together and talk about something fun.” As He Song said this, his eyes sent a signal to He Zui to stop talking.


He Zui was helpless, but his face was still sullen!

The main hall was bustling with noise and excitement. Most of the guests were the Luo family’s close friends and family. Chen Wei’er did not bother to greet them and left immediately. After all, she did not even have the mood to wish He Qiu Shan a happy birthday.

In the past, to balance the three sons left behind by his late wife, He Qiu Shan had forced Chen Anhe to marry Chen Wei’er into his company through a business marriage. In the end, when Chen Anhe’s company indeed got into trouble, He Qiu Shan did not care at all.

Except for He Xun’s brothers, Chen Wei’er didn’t care about anyone else. It was just that when she was going up the stairs with her head lowered, she didn’t notice that she had fallen into a trap. She only felt that her foot had been tripped by someone. When she looked up, she saw a cake rolling down with her.

“Hiss!” Chen Wei’er felt a sharp pain in her ankle. She looked up and saw Luo Xinrui standing on the stairs with a panicked expression. Of course, she also saw the smug look on her face!


“Xinrui, I know you don’t like me, but you can’t throw a cake at me! I did accidentally trip you last time, but I’ve already apologized. Even if you’re still angry, you can’t be so unreasonable at my father-in-law’s birthday party!” Seeing that the other party was about to speak, Chen Wei’er quickly stopped her. Otherwise, the other party would precisely act aggrieved and pitiful again. That was Luo Xinrui’s specialty!

She, Chen Wei’er, was not a good-tempered person. In the past, she didn’t care about He Xun, so she naturally didn’t care about anything around him. But now, it was different. She was full of guilt for He Xun, and she also felt a trace of love. She would never give others a chance.

At this time, the people in the living room surrounded her. Chen Wei’er instantly choked up and said, “I know you like He Xun. Even if you seduced him openly, I didn’t say anything because of your status. But how could you hurt me so badly?”

“You!” Luo Xinrui was speechless. According to her plan, Chen Wei’er should have deliberately caused trouble at He Qiu Shan’s birthday banquet and pushed her on purpose. In the end, she had fallen. When she saw that Chen Wei’er was preparing to go upstairs, she was already prepared. According to Chen Wei’er’s previous lazy-to-explain personality, she would distinctly admit it this time, right?

In the end, by the time Luo Xinrui reacted, she had already missed the best time to argue. He Xun and his two brothers had also walked over. Someone in the hall also reached out to help up Chen Wei’er, who had fallen to the ground and was covered in cake and cream.

Luo Xinrui looked at Chen Wei’er’s aggrieved face as the latter stretched out her red and swollen ankle. She complained to He Xun in a sweet voice, “Hubby, your sister, Xinrui, threw a cake at me and even pushed me.”

“What’s going on?” He Xun reached out to support Chen Wei’er. A pair of calm eyes looked at Luo Xinrui, but it seemed to be mixed with anger.

“No… I was carrying the cake downstairs, but for some reason, Sister-in-law Wei’er suddenly bumped into me. My hand trembled, and she rolled down with the cake!” Luo Xinrui’s expression was still filled with panic and shock. She hurriedly ran down and grabbed Chen Wei’er’s hand. “Sister-in-law Wei’er, why are you doing this?”

Chen Wei’er saw how she handled the situation with ease and sighed in her heart. With such good acting skills, it was a pity that she didn’t become an actress.

“That’s right, Third Sister-in-law, why did you hit Sister Xinrui!” A familiar yet youthful female voice was heard. It was He Qiu Shan’s favorite daughter, He Yeli.

Chen Wei’er squinted her eyes slightly. “Ye Li, you weren’t here just now. Why are you so sure that I hit Xinrui?” Or, is it that the two of you have joined forces to frame me? Why did you follow an outsider to frame me?” After saying that, Chen Wei’er leaned slightly into He Xun’s arms, but He Xun seemed to dislike the cream and directly retreated?! Chen Wei’er stretched out her hand and pulled him back. This cake fell on her because of his rotten luck in romance, so why should he dodge?

He Xun was stunned by her actions, but he didn’t do anything else.

“Besides, my foot is so swollen. Who doesn’t know that I’ll get hurt if I fight on the stairs? Why would I do such a thing? Your third brother and I are already preparing for pregnancy. We might even be pregnant now. How could I joke about my child?” Chen Wei’er leaned into He Xun’s arms and touched her belly as if she was careful.

Everyone was stunned. Didn’t they say that Chen Wei’er liked someone else? She had caused a lot of trouble for He Xun, but now the two of them were quickly preparing for pregnancy?

It wasn’t just the others, even He Xun couldn’t help but be stunned. He lowered his head and looked at Chen Wei’er. His expression was unreadable.

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