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Mu Sheng sat on the couch and turned on the air conditioning before she waved Li Hanchen over. “Come over. Take off your shirt and sit down.”

Li Hanchen glanced at Mu Sheng. She was dressed in a white woolen sweater which softened her usual coldness while she concentrated on preparing the silver needles.


Li Hanchen stood up and sat in front of Mu Sheng like she asked.

Since the woman was behaving strangely, Li Hanchen wanted to figure out what she was up to.

After Mu Sheng finished disinfecting the needles, she raised her head to see Li Hanchen had already taken off his shirt.

Mu Sheng was stunned by Li Hanchen’s figure after seeing it up close.

Despite his terminal illness, he had a good figure, and his abdominal muscles could be vaguely seen. Mu Sheng’s eyes glinted automatically.

“What else do I need to do?” Li Hanchen’s deep voice rang.

“Just don’t move.” Mu Sheng collected her thoughts before she started to massage Li Hanchen.

Although Mu Sheng’s hands were cold, Li Hanchen’s body was even chillier and felt like a dark ice cellar as coldness kept emanating from him.

Mu Sheng’s fingertips felt cold just by massaging him. She had seen plenty of patients before, but she was honestly impressed by Li Hanchen’s level of tolerance.

Mu Sheng massaged Li Hanchen carefully. Li Hanchen could see her collar bone when he looked down. Since they were very close to each other, he could even smell a faint scent coming from Mu Sheng.

“Okay. I’m going to apply the needles, so bear with it.” After some time, Mu Sheng stopped massaging him and picked up a needle. The fine pointy needle glinted coldly under the light.

Li Hanchen adjusted his posture and nodded. “Okay.”

Mu Sheng held a needle and pierced it right into Li Hanchen’s body. “It will hurt a little at first.”

The moment the needle entered Li Hanchen’s body, it set a fire in his icy body. It felt like an intense fire ripping through him.

Li Hanchen frowned. His right hand felt for the button on the couch.

Mu Sheng kept applying needles on Li Hanchen one after another. The fires combined to form a huge blaze, and his icy body started to feel warm.

Li Hanchen was half a doctor after being ill for so long, so he knew his condition well. He was clearly in a lot less pain now.

He glanced at Mu Sheng as she performed acupuncture on him with her eyes lowered and pulled his hand away from the button.

Time passed bit by bit until it turned dark outside. Mu Sheng finally prepared to remove the needles. “Does it feel better?”

Li Hanchen nodded. “Uh huh.” He felt much better in comparison to last night. It had been a long time since he last felt so relaxed and was not racked with pain.

“Good.” Mu Sheng removed the needles and sat on the couch. “Now, can we discuss the terms?”

Li Hanchen raised his brow slightly before he looked at Mu Sheng’s bright eyes. “Go on.”

“How much money does the Li family give you monthly?”

Even though Li Hanchen did not know why Mu Sheng asked, he replied candidly, “$20,000.”

“I will treat you for $10,000 a month. Not a bad deal, right?” Although $10,000 was a pathetic amount of cash for Mu Sheng who used to have billions, it could not be helped since she had no money.

If she was careful with the money, $10,000 was enough for her to survive.

“Can my illness be cured?” asked Li Hanchen as he slowly buttoned his shirt. His flawless hand contrasted his black shirt and made him give off a manly aura.

“There isn’t anything that I can’t treat.”

Mu Sheng looked straight into Li Hanchen’s eyes and smiled with her cool eyes gleaming brightly and confidence brimming from her core.

Li Hanchen’s hands paused as he made brief eye contact with Mu Sheng. A flood of emotions surged through his eyes, but they looked calm and profound. “Okay.”

Now that she had this allowance, Mu Sheng was in a good mood and her eyes were smiley. “You will get to sleep well today. Can you pay me for this month’s treatment first?”

After all, she was penniless now.

Li Hanchen took out his phone. “What is your WeChat ID?”

Mu Sheng gave Li Hanchen her WeChat ID. After he added her to his account, he transferred her $10,000.

Mu Sheng’s eyes looked smiley when she heard the notification for the transfer. “Alright then. Let me know if you don’t feel well.”

After Mu Sheng left the room, Li Hanchen put on his shirt slowly. He had not felt better in such a long time.

Li Hanchen recalled the confident look in Mu Sheng’s eyes earlier. Even though her words clearly sounded cocky, it sounded matter of fact when she said she could cure anything. Li Hanchen had lost count of the number of times when he felt that things were out of his control today.

He made a call. “Get my medical team to come here in three days and give me another examination.”

“Yes, Mr. Li.”

The room reverted to silence.

Li Hanchen went to bed at 10:00 pm that night. In ten years, it was the first time he went to bed like a normal man.

Mu Sheng lay in bed in a good mood as she read the news. After all, she was new to Greater China, so she had to learn more about the country.

However, the first news that popped up when she turned on a popular social media application in the country—Weibo—was Ruan Yingying.

The moment Mu Sheng saw the headline, she found it funny.

It read: A provincial skier makes a comeback. Tune in to “Every Day Is an Inspiration” tomorrow to see the pure and innocent Ruan Yingying’s performance on the ski track.

It came with pictures of Ruan Yingying during her days in the provincial ski team. She looked smooth and graceful gliding down the ski track.

Most of the celebrities in the entertainment industry were able to sing, dance, or play instruments.

However, a sporty ski athlete surprisingly popped up in the entertainment news. Also, Ruan Yingying always had a pure and innocent image, so this contrast made her stand out and drew a lot of online attention.

[Oh my god! She looks so cool! My girl is so cool! I didn’t know Ruan Yingying could ski so well!]

[She certainly lives up to her name as the band leader! She could sing and dance so well, and she can ski too! I hope the show airs soon! I can’t wait to see Ruan Yingying ski. She’s awesome!]

[To be honest, it is very rare that girls ski, let alone a female celebrity. I am now a fan. She’s super cool.]

Mu Sheng swiped down the page and saw a lot of similar topics about Ruan Yingying. The talent agency was clearly behind the marketing and all the comments were about how impressive Ruan Yingying was.

The talent agent from Talent Scout Entertainment, Yang Tao, was furious to see the online marketing. “Who told you to do it?”

If Mu Sheng did not end up skiing so well during the program, it was fine to do such marketing. Sadly, she was excellent at skiing. Now the internet was filled with news promoting Ruan Yingying’s skiing skills, so it would probably blow back when the program was aired.

The staff trembled. “Isn’t it normal to do marketing before a program is aired? We already prepared the pictures and decided on the marketing in advance.”

“…” Yang Tao sighed. “Never mind. I will come up with something.”

Yang Tao swiftly made a decision between Ruan Yingying and Mu Sheng and called the program’s production team.

“Hello? I’m from Talent Scout Entertainment. We want you to remove all of Mu Sheng’s shots. She doesn’t need to appear on the program.”

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