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Jiang He continued to follow the route based on his memory. During the journey, nothing unexpected happened.

Soon, he arrived at a relatively empty plain.

There was a familiar feeling.

‘This should be the place where “I” sprayed the Windstorm Wolf’s scent.’

The plain was a boundary line between the inside and outside of Rose Forest. Human civilization should not be too far away.


Ziyue, who had been lying on top of Jiang He’s head, let out an excited snort.

“Is there something at the front?”

Jiang He, who was telepathically connected to the Moonlight Elf, also became excited.

They could finally leave this primitive forest!

Jiang He quickly ran in the direction where Ziyue was pointing.


Of course, he did not forget to be vigilant. There were two people in the distance. He was prepared to observe them from a distance before progressing any further.

When Jiang He got a closer look at them, he was stunned. They were actually his parents!

Their appearances were much younger than he remembered.

“Dad! Mom!”

Jiang He hastily ran to their side.

“Jiang He, is it really you?”

Jiang He’s mother could not believe her eyes. She thought that it was just an illusion.

Jiang He had been missing for almost a month. Even the Wind-chasing Dogs and Wind-wing Falcons from the rescue team could not find any trace of him.

Although the chances of Jiang He surviving were slim, his parents did not give up on the search.

The rescue team’s staff told them this was the area where their son’s scent dissipated. Hence, they had been looking for him here ever since.

It was as if they were in a dream when their son suddenly showed up in front of them.

Jiang He noticed that his parents looked quite haggard and tears almost flowed out of his eyes.

In his previous life, when he was still in university, his parents died in a car accident. He did not expect to meet them again in this parallel world.

Jiang He’s parents thought that he had suffered a lot in the wild and they were extremely aggrieved.

They could not bring themselves to scold him.

“I’m so glad that you’re back.”

“Dad, mom, this is my companion. It’s a Moonlight Elf. I named it Ziyue.”


Ziyue was a little afraid of strangers. So, it greeted them in a shy manner.

“You little brat! If you wanted a familiar, why didn’t you just tell your family? If you do this again, I’m going to disown you.”

Jiang He’s mother said angrily.

“Mom, I know it’s my fault. It won’t happen again!”

If it was still the original host, he would probably talk back at least a little.

On the other hand, Jiang He was aware this would cause his parents to nag more and more. Things might even escalate to a conflict.

The best solution was to admit his mistake and remain silent.

As for his actions in the future, he would think about it later.

“Since you’ve already subdued a beast, I’ll make a trip to the Cultivation Center and cancel the Lightning Lizard’s order. You can take the money and buy some nutrients for Ziyue. If it’s not enough, just tell me!”

Jiang He’s father was afraid that his son would do something funny again, so he tried his best to satisfy the latter.

“Thank you, dad!”

Now, Jiang He could buy a Moonstone!

Having funds was very important!

“Alright, let’s talk while we walk. We have to go to the Forestry Bureau and inform Captain Liu that you’ve returned safely. He had dispatched many people to look for you. We’ll have to thank them properly.”

“Of course, but can we go to a nearby hotel first?”

Jiang He had been stuck in the wild for almost a month. He felt like he was about to turn primitive.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang He’s parents finally felt relieved.

The main management department of Rose Forest was located in Rose Town’s Forestry Bureau. They were responsible for the conservation and development of Rose Forest. This forest was discovered fifty-two years ago.

After many years, the dangers in the outer areas had mostly been eliminated.

The area had also evolved into a small town. There were clinics and hotels everywhere. Some areas had even been converted into breeding bases.

Last year, in order to promote Rose Town’s tourism industry, the Forestry Bureau opened up a part of the area for tourists.

This allowed “Jiang He” to take advantage of the situation.

Due to this incident, the management would likely become stricter in the future.

“You found your way back by yourself?”

Ranger Liu Tiejun looked at Jiang He with an unfriendly gaze. This kid had made him lose sleep well for several weeks. As he had disappeared while sightseeing, the responsibility fell on the management department.

After all, if a tourist had suddenly disappeared, things would look extremely bad for them.

Ranger Liu Tiejun had already sent two experienced rescue teams to look for him but to no avail.

Rose Forest was way too big and it was very difficult to search in the depths.

Just as they were about to give up, this kid somehow returned on his own.

“Sorry for the trouble.”

Jiang He understood Ranger Liu Tiejun’s position, so he sincerely apologized.

“It’s good that he has returned safely. Notify the Wind-chasing Dogs and Wind-wing Falcons to retreat!” said the square-faced Ranger Liu Tiejun to a rather handsome falcon beside him.

It was a Wind-wing Falcon, a subspecies of the Wind God Falcon.

In this world, all electronic devices were disabled. Thus, the Wind-wing Falcons were the best messengers.

They were brave and loyal, making them perfect companions for forest rangers.

The Wind-wing Falcon flapped its wings and soared into the sky. In a blink of an eye, it disappeared.

Ranger Liu Tiejun turned around and asked, “How did your scent disappear halfway through?”

“Umm… I sprayed the Windstorm Wolf’s scent all over my body.”

Jiang He was honest and told them everything that had happened.

“Did you really subdue a beast?”

Ranger Liu Tiejun asked doubtfully.

This kid was too lucky. His experience could even be written into a novel!

Rose Forest was filled with danger. Even a professional beastmaster like him dared not venture too deep.

Not only did Jiang He escape unscathed, but he also somehow got himself a Moonlight Elf?

“That’s right…”

Looking at the square-faced uncle’s serious expression, Jiang He became a little anxious.

‘Is he going to confiscate my subdued beast?’

Although he knew that it was unlikely, it was also not impossible.

Every New World had its own rules regarding contracts and capturing beasts.

Rose Town’s rules were relatively lax.

Beastmasters who subdued a beast in Rose Forest at the non-breeding area would not be punished at all as long as they paid a certain amount of taxes.

In some new worlds, one did not even need to pay taxes because they were just discovered and needed to be explored urgently. Researchers would also be willing to buy some undiscovered subdued beasts from beastmasters at a high price.

Meanwhile, new worlds that had been developed for a long time mostly did not allow any form of contract or hunting.

“Don’t worry! We won’t confiscate your subdued beast.”

Ranger Liu Tiejun said calmly as if he had seen through Jiang He’s thoughts.

Rose Town’s Forestry Bureau was under the Beastmaster Supervision Bureau of Haiping City.

Naturally, having another talented beastmaster was a good thing.

When it came to the Beastmaster Supervision Bureau, all related departments could manage it.

Furthermore, he admired Jiang He’s spirit. Being a beastmaster was not a stable career. If an individual wanted to climb to the top, they would have to fight for it.

“Anyway, remember to bring him to the hospital for a medical check-up before leaving. Also, don’t forget to go to the Beastmaster Regulatory Bureau to complete the registration,” reminded Ranger Liu Tiejun.

“I really caused you guys a lot of trouble. If reporters were to interview me, I would definitely tell them that your team found me!”

Jiang He bowed in gratitude.

“Sure thing!”

Ranger Liu Tiejun was even more pleased with Jiang He. This kid really knew how to get around.

Usually, there would be a hospital and Supervision Bureau near the exit of a town. Rose Town was no exception.

If a subdued beast were to be brought into the human world, it had to undergo a medical examination first.

This was because the beast might carry some kind of virus.

Secondly, it was a great way for beastmasters to gain a general understanding of their subdued beasts.

As for the Supervision Bureau, it was just meant for making a record.

“Ziyue, here’s your ID card.”

Jiang He handed an ID card to the Moonlight Elf. There was a photo of it on the front.

As long as there was a record, the subdued beast was equivalent to a legal citizen. It could enjoy all kinds of benefits and rights.

If it got lost, its master could also be quickly identified.


Pleasure points: 76%

A three percent increase.

Ziyue fiddled with her ID indifferently. Deep down, it felt really happy.

Once everything was done, Jiang He followed his parents and they prepared to leave.

They arrived at the easternmost part of the town where the exit was located.

Just then, Jiang He saw a shocking scene.

There was a huge screen of light that stretched between heaven and earth, emitting a transparent but colorful reflection. It was like a bubble under the sun.

This was the bridge that connected the New World to the real world known as the Star Screen.

After passing through the Star Screen, one would be able to return to the real world.

“Don’t stay too long. The time and space here are distorted.”

A staff member warned.

Jiang He listened to his advice and quickly moved on. He passed through the Star Screen and once he opened his eyes again, there was a different scene in front of him.

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