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“Judging from her school uniform, she should be a student from our school.”

“The school Belle is so kind. She must have seen this person on her way here and gave her a lift.”

“That’s incorrect. Have you forgotten? The Jiang family just recognised another daughter. This girl is probably the other miss of the Jiang family.”

“That’s right! So, she’s An Yu? Oh no, we should be referring to her aas Jiang Yu now!”

“She is nothing compared to our school’s beauty!”

Jiang Wan asked gently, “Sister, which class are you in? I am in Special Class 1.”

“Class 7.”

“Ah.” Jiang Wan’s expression fell. “The normal classrooms and the special classrooms are in different directions. I can’t walk with you to class.”

The special class, as its name implies, was the class for top students. There were a total of nine classes in the third grade of High School A, including the two special classes. Each special class had a total of forty students while the normal classes had sixty. There were a total of 500 students in their grade. They were divided into classes according to their test scores.

This meant that Jiang Wan was in the Top 40 of their grade while Jiang Yu was in the bottom 60.

Saying that she was in the bottom 60 was putting it politely. Jiang Yu’s monthly test results consistently put her in third last of the grade.

Even though she knew that Jiang Wan was looking down on her, Jiang Yu’s face remained expressionless. “There’s no need. I will be leaving now.”

“Wan Wan, who is this? A new friend?”

Jiang Wan’s friends came forward and asked curiously.

“This is my sister,” Jiang Wan replied.

“Your sister?” Ni Man Man thought for a moment. “Is this that new sister of yours?”

Jiang Wan nodded and said, “Allow me to introduce you to my sister, Jiang Yu.”

Ni Man Man looked at Jiang Yu and said in disdain, “Why does your sister look so different from you? She has bangs and is so ugly. She looks so gloomy and scary…”

Jiang Wan’s face was an expression of horror. “You can’t say that about my sister. She’s just… She’s just…”

Jiang Wan repeated herself a few times but could not come up with a reasonable answer. Chen Miao Yi asked, “Then, which class is your sister in?”

“Class 7.”

“Eh…” Chen Miao Yi scorned. “Class 7? Isn’t that the worst class in the grade? Is your sister that stupid?”

“No, my sister isn’t stupid…”

“Wan Wan, you don’t have to make excuses for her. If your sister was smart, she would not be in Class 7.”

Chen Miao Yi interjected, “We know you are just trying to defend your sister but the facts are right there. You can’t fight facts. Don’t you hate lying?”

Jiang Wan’s face turned red as she stammered. “But my sister, she…”

“Wan Wan, we know you have a good heart. Even though you have just met your sister, you feel obligated to protect her. Have you stopped to think of us though? If you bring her along to hangout with us, wouldn’t she just be an embarrassment?”

Ni Man Man stated matter-of-factly, “Your sister’s grades are bad and she is ugly. I don’t want to hangout with her. People will think that birds of a feather flock together and I do not want others to think we’re garbage.”

Chen Miao Yi said, “I don’t want your sister to join us either.”

Jiang Wan still hesitated. “But…”

Chen Miao Yi tried to reason with her. “Your sister must have friends in Class 7 which have grades similar to her own. The three of us are in Special Class 1, our class is a different direction from hers. It’s not convenient for us to visit her or vice versa.”

“That’s right. Don’t lower your standards. Even the teachers wouldn’t let us associate with the poorer students.”

They continued to list their reasons, all the while ignoring Jiang Yu who was standing right next to them.

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