Chapter 4 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

004. Antidote 1

As expected, the surveillance cameras in the corridor were not lit up. This was convenient for Ding Shan. Otherwise, it would be hard to explain why the popular actress appeared in the hotel at night in ragged clothes.

Ding Shan walked quickly and looked for the exit. However, she heard the flattering voice of a waiter not far away, “CEO Jin, this way please.”

Another greasy voice sounded, “Can your hotel be soundproofed? I might be having fun in a while, but not necessarily… hahaha!”

The waiter smiled apologetically, “Don’t worry, this floor is not a place where anyone without status can come. I definitely won’t disturb you!”

Ding Shan froze on the spot. She did not expect them to come so quickly. If they ran into each other, she would die. However, hearing the voice getting closer and closer, there was no way to escape.

In the panic, Ding Shan kept looking for a place to hide. She only saw a guest room in the corner with the door slightly ajar.

Ding Shan tiptoed and ran into the room. She gently closed the door and quietly waited for the people outside to pass by.

CEO Jin walked around the corner with heavy steps and went straight to the guest room where Ding Yuan was. One could sense his fat and sweaty body just by listening to the sound. CEO Jin walked to the door of the room and walked in with a Humph and a smile.

Ding Shan carefully observed from the peephole. When she saw CEO Jin enter the room, two bodyguards quietly stood guard not far from the door.

After waiting for a few more minutes, there was no more sound. Ding Shan finally lost her strength and sat on the ground, panting softly.

The momentary clarity that she had obtained from the cut on her palm also gradually disappeared. The effects of the aphrodisiac gradually corroded Ding Shan’s body and mind.

Ding Shan only felt as if her entire body had been set on fire, making her mouth dry and thirsty. She subconsciously used her hands to randomly pull at the clothes on her body. She desperately needed a solution.

At this moment, the door was pushed open with a “Di” sound, and a tall and handsome man walked in.

The room was dark. The man had just taken a step when he was startled by Ding Shan, who was sitting on the floor. The man was stunned for a moment, frowned, and was about to turn around and call for help.

Ding Shan hurriedly grabbed the man’s trouser leg and pulled it gently.

The man turned his head around as if wanting to see through the darkness carefully. Ding Shan mustered up her courage and stood up. She closed the door and covered the man’s mouth before he could speak, she pleaded softly, “Please, help me. They drugged me and want to take me away.”

The man paused and used some strength to move Ding Shan’s hand away.

Ding Shan felt uneasy. If this man did not help her, the bodyguards at CEO Jin’s door would be suspicious and she would not be able to escape.

However, the man only said faintly, “You have blood on your hands? Don’t get it on my face.”

Ding Shan then remembered that she had cut her hand and said awkwardly, “I’m sorry…”

Ding Shan had used up the last bit of her strength to struggle up from the ground to stop the man. The Aphrodisiac’s effect was getting more and more severe. Ding Shan’s limbs were weak, and she leaned against the man’s body, panting heavily.

The clear fragrance of this man’s body made Ding Shan, whose mind was already muddled, vaguely feel that it was so familiar. It was like an iceberg snow lotus glowing in a sea of fire. Ding Shan completely let down her guard and reservations. Her body was itchy and hot, and she did not know what to do. However, this man was so refreshing, the refreshing fragrance attracted Ding Shan to keep her face close to him. The small piece of skin that was exposed on her chest was also ice-cold, which made Ding Shan feel extremely comfortable.

The man was still indifferent. “I don’t care what happened. Now please come out… Hmm…”

Before the man finished speaking, Ding Shan stood on her tiptoes and used her mouth to block the man’s words.

Ding Shan felt more and more like she had smelled the fragrance on the man’s body before. However, it was chaotic now. Ding Shan could not stand it anymore. She could only rely on her instincts to get closer to the man and continue to absorb it from his mouth, it was as if she had found an antidote for herself.

The man began to struggle, but under the effect of the drug, Ding Shan felt an unknown amount of strength. She hugged the man’s arm tightly and muttered, “Don’t move… help me.”

Ding Shan pushed the man back continuously and walked towards the soft bed. She pushed the man onto the bed. The man seemed to be stunned and subconsciously wanted to get up to see Ding Shan’s face.

Ding Shan felt that she was about to be burned. In her eyes, the man was like a big ice cube that was emitting a cold and refreshing fragrance. She could not wait to lean down and cover the man’s eyes, she sucked on the man’s soft lips. “Be good. Cooperate a little.”

The man smiled in the darkness. He relaxed his body and slowly hugged Ding Shan with his hand.