Chapter 3 - Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

003. Rebirth 1

“Hurry up and contact CEO Jin. Just come over now. Don’t worry about anything else. I’ve given her enough doses. CEO Jin arrived just in time,” Ding Yuan said with a hint of pride in her voice, this time, she could finally pull her good sister down from her pedestal.

Ding Shan lay on the bed half-asleep. Her head hurt so much that it felt like it was about to split open. Her entire body was limp and powerless. She could only hear a voice from not far away as if Ding Yuan was talking in the bathroom.

Ding Yuan? Ding Shan forced herself to be alert. How could she still hear her? Could it be that she had been imprisoned by her again before she died?

Ding Shan forced herself to stand up and listened quietly.

Ding Yuan continued to say on the other end of the phone, “I’ve taken care of the surveillance cameras. I guarantee that she won’t be able to complain when she wakes up tomorrow. It’s not a glorious matter. She doesn’t dare to say anything and won’t implicate CEO Jin.”

Ding Shan’s heart trembled. CEO Jin? Surveillance cameras? Drugging? Wasn’t this the first time she had been tainted by a rich businessman two years ago?

Two years ago, Ding Shan was brought to her room to rest while attending a party. She lost consciousness and when she woke up, she realized that she had lost her virginity. She wanted to call the police but was stopped by her black-hearted parents for fear of damaging her reputation.

Right, before Ding Shan died, Ding Yuan admitted that she had plotted all of this.

Ding Shan was completely awake. She lowered her head to check her body vigilantly. Sure enough, she was fine. There were no knife wounds and no blood stains.

So… She was reborn? Did she go back to two years ago?

Ding Shan could not believe it. Could it be that even the heavens could not stand it and gave her another chance? She just happened to return to this night that destroyed her fate?

It was too shocking. Ding Shan’s mind was still in a daze. However, she knew that the situation was urgent. If she did not do something, CEO Jin would come over in a while. The nightmare of her life would begin.

Therefore, Ding Shan quickly adjusted her thoughts and pretended to continue lying on the bed, waiting for Ding Yuan to come over.

Soon, Ding Yuan gently came out of the bathroom, she walked in front of Ding Shan and said, “Sister, do you like the present I gave you? When you wake up tomorrow morning, you won’t be that high and mighty female celebrity anymore. Guess what mom and Dad will do? I’m looking forward to it.”

Ding Shan sneered in her heart. Ding Yuan was indeed the biological daughter of those two animals. She was so vicious at such a young age. She never knew when she began to hate herself.

Ding Yuan snorted coldly after saying that and turned to leave.

Taking advantage of the moment when Ding Yuan was completely unprepared, Ding Shan quickly grabbed the decoration on the table and smashed it at the back of Ding Yuan’s neck.

Before Ding Yuan could react, she felt a pain in the back of her neck and collapsed weakly into unconsciousness.

Ding Shan had been drugged by the aphrodisiac and was completely exhausted after a moment of eruption.

After taking a few deep breaths, Ding Shan finally dared to believe that it was not a dream. She had been reborn.

Ding Shan could not help but reveal a smile as if she had survived a disaster. It was as if she was in hell but had the hope of returning to the human world. There was still a chance for everything to happen again!

In her previous life, she had taken one wrong step, and every step had been wrong. She had endured all kinds of pain, and all she had gotten in return was a betrayal. Then in this life, she would never be merciful again. She would not let these beasts destroy her. This was a chance given to her by the heavens.., there should be revenge for injustice, revenge for hatred.

In the past, Ding Shan had been squeezed by that black-hearted man and woman, and she had won the three Best Actress awards by herself. In this life, Ding Shan was also confident that she would be reborn and regain her dazzling life!

Ding Shan’s heart hardened. She used the sharp corner of the table to cut her palm. The pain allowed Ding Shan to regain her consciousness for a short while.

Ding Shan dragged the unconscious Ding Yuan onto the bed and decided to return the favor. She found the unused aphrodisiac injection on Ding Yuan’s body and slowly injected it into her body.

Ding Shan looked at Ding Yuan, her eyes were ice-cold. “In the past, I truly loved you as a sister. However, our friendship as sisters was broken by you. I won’t be soft-hearted anymore. If you want to deal with me, then you will suffer first.”

After saying that, Ding Shan felt relieved. The nightmare from her previous life had broken her heart. At this moment, she felt that she had grasped the opportunity to do it all over again. Those who harmed her, those who did not treat her as human, would all go to hell.

Ding Shan did not dare to stay any longer and quickly left the room.